2019 Keyword - Public Records

HB 1072correct a definition in the Uniform Unsworn Domestic Declarations Act. 
HB 1110establish a penalty for certain persons who fail to file a birth certificate or who fail to provide the notice required for the filing of a death certificate. 
HB 1135provide for the use of certain confidential information by the director of the Legislative Research Council. 
HB 1211revise provisions regarding lottery winner confidentiality. 
HB 1215revise provisions regarding the posting of county and municipality ordinances. 
HB 1244provide for the disclosure of certain documents and records of public officials. 
SB 59revise certain provisions regarding public records. 
SB 83revise provisions regarding meetings and records of rural electric cooperatives. 
SB 90revise provisions regarding certain financial interest statements filed by persons elected to state or local office. 
SB 113provide that certain information contained within applications for money lending licenses are public records. 

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