2019 Keyword - Hoghouse Vehicle

HB 1083revise certain programs to support education in South Dakota. 
HB 1084provide for specific classification of affordable housing structures for purposes of taxation. 
HB 1085revise certain programs to advance health care in South Dakota. 
HB 1086revise certain programs to expand economic development in South Dakota. 
HB 1093establish legal standards applicable to petition challenges. 
HB 1094revise certain programs regarding transparency of the petition circulation process. 
HB 1095accommodate legislation regarding noxious weed seed. 
HB 1096accommodate legislation regarding noxious weeds. 
HB 1100revise certain programs regarding landowner rights. 
HB 1101revise certain programs regarding the Department of Game, Fish and Parks. 
HB 1130revise provisions regarding certain Class 2 misdemeanors. 
HB 1131revise and enhance provisions regarding state education. 
HB 1132revise certain provisions regarding the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. 
HB 1152provide for the permitting of outfitters and guides. 
HB 1167revise and promote greater efficiency with sales tax exemptions. 
HB 1168revise certain programs regarding the board of regents and promote efficiency in state government and to make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1169revise certain education programs and promote efficiency in state government and to make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1170revise certain healthcare programs and make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1179revise certain provisions regarding victims of sexual assault. 
HB 1183accommodate legislation regarding the alcohol excise tax. 
HB 1192authorize the consumption of alcohol in certain common areas. 
HB 1194revise provisions regarding reports of crime statistics. 
HB 1195revise provisions regarding juvenile justice. 
HB 1207revise provisions regarding banking. 
HB 1209revise certain provisions regarding vapor products. 
HB 1218enhance nursing home care in the state. 
HB 1219revise certain provisions regarding surplus line insurance. 
HB 1220accommodate legislation to enhance education. 
HB 1222revise and enhance certain provisions regarding certain tax rates. 
HB 1246provide for increase in participation of entrepreneurship and state economic development initiatives by the nine federally recognized tribes in South Dakota. 
HB 1248regulate online sales of tobacco products. 
HB 1249revise certain provisions regarding sales tax. 
SB 87enhance South Dakota. 
SB 88enhance education in South Dakota. 
SB 89enhance health care in South Dakota. 
SB 130create an on-sale surcharge license. 
SB 131accommodate legislation on Medicaid provider reimbursements. 
SB 132accommodate legislation on education. 
SB 133accommodate legislation to lower the state sales and use tax. 
SB 134accommodate legislation on Medicaid. 
SB 152improve civics education in South Dakota public schools. 
SB 159provide for reimbursement of certain fire and rescue services. 
SB 165revise and enhance provisions regarding the taxation of park model homes. 
SB 166revise certain provisions regarding occupational licensing. 
SB 167establish a legislative study to study offenses regarding controlled substances. 
SB 183revise certain provisions regarding buffer strips. 

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