2020 Keyword - State Affairs and Government

HB 1062increase the financial empowerment of state residents. 
HB 1085provide for permanent daylight savings time. 
HB 1132create a Commission on Indian Affairs. 
HB 1193accommodate legislation enhancing health and human services. 
HB 1222accommodate legislation enhancing basic government services. 
HB 1223provide for the creation of an international business and trade office. 
HB 1238permit modification of the term of a perpetual conservation easement after the death of the grantor. 
HB 1253accommodate legislation regarding contracts with the State. 
HB 1267designate Orion as the official constellation of South Dakota. 
HB 1278create a dementia services coordinator position within the Department of Human Services. 
SB 2require the Department of Social Services to fully support a statewide centralized resource information system. 
SB 45transfer the functions of the South Dakota Value Added Finance Authority to the South Dakota Economic Development Finance Authority and the South Dakota Board of Economic Development and to abolish the South Dakota Value Added Finance Authority. 
SB 52create a state seal specialty plate emblem. 
SB 58limit gifts to directors or employees of certain government districts. 
SB 62revise the membership and responsibilities of the South Dakota Board on Geographic Names. 
SB 70authorize the use of Spanish in obtaining certain driver licenses and permits. 
SB 81establish eligibility criteria for out-of-state health institutions to receive financing from the Health and Educational Facilities Authority. 
SB 107accommodate legislation enhancing basic government services in the state. 
SB 141designate the Bobolink as the official songbird of South Dakota. 
SB 146revise provisions related to tribal identification cards. 
SB 156repeal provisions regarding the South Dakota Veterans Commission. 
SB 175accommodate legislation related to meetings and records of rural electric cooperatives. 
SB 192create the small business economic disaster relief subfund, to provide for the transfer of certain funds into the subfund, to authorize the Economic Development Finance Authority to make a grant to the subfund, to provide for the continuous appropriation of the subfund, and to declare an emergency. 

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