2020 Keyword - Municipal Government

HB 1075repeal certain outdated provisions regarding annexation near airports. 
HB 1116revise provisions regarding the use of perpetual care trust funds to maintain cemeteries. 
HB 1120authorize the governing body of a second or third class municipality to act as a planning and zoning commission. 
HB 1165revise provisions regarding the acceptance of gifts by municipalities. 
HB 1180require certain infrastructure standards in certain annexed areas. 
HB 1226revise certain provisions regarding local referendums. 
HB 1262revise provisions regarding electric service in annexed areas. 
SB 61revise certain provisions regarding a municipal office nominating petition. 
SB 83establish meetings to review certain electric systems. 
SB 137revise provisions for repair, replacement, and construction of sidewalks within a municipality. 
SB 161exempt certain real property from the special maintenance fee levy. 
SB 184revise provisions regarding electric service in annexed areas. 

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