2020 Keyword - Criminal Procedure

HB 1047revise certain provisions regarding human trafficking. 
HB 1089provide for the discharge of certain persons who received a suspended imposition of sentence for a misdemeanor. 
SB 44authorize the use of crime victims' compensation funds to reimburse law enforcement for certain emergency expenses incurred for victims. 
SB 46revise provisions related to the restoration to competency of criminal defendants. 
SB 64prohibit capital punishment for any person suffering from a severe mental illness. 
SB 71revise the offenses for which an order for interception of communications may be granted. 
SB 89revise provisions regarding victim's rights. 
SB 95modify certain provisions regarding the repayment of restitution. 
SB 114require an incentive program to provide diversion opportunities for certain substance abuse offenses. 
SB 136authorize certain witnesses to be accompanied by a certified therapeutic dog in a criminal proceeding. 
SB 172revise provisions regarding civil forfeiture. 
SB 176provide for the seizure and holding of real property as evidence. 

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