2020 Keyword - Professions and Occupations

HB 1032revise the authority of the Board of Education Standards to promulgate rules regarding certification. 
HB 1048revise certain requirements for certain advisory committees under the Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners, Board of Nursing, and Board of Social Work Examiners. 
HB 1070modify requirements regarding the installation and inspection of certain electrical wiring. 
HB 1126provide authority for real estate brokers to conduct real property evaluations. 
HB 1127revise provisions regarding real estate appraisers. 
HB 1136provide for the licensure and regulation of practitioners of acupuncture and Oriental medicine and to establish the Acupuncture Licensing Board and acupuncture regulation fund. 
HB 1276provide for a review of occupational regulation. 
SB 10revise certain provisions regarding cosmetology licensees. 
SB 12revise certain provisions regarding comity licensure in the technical professions. 
SB 13revise certain educational requirements for the practice of barbering. 
SB 18revise certain provisions regarding professional counselors. 
SB 19revise certain provisions regarding marriage and family therapists. 
SB 23repeal the high school graduation or equivalent requirement for certain licensed professionals. 
SB 28repeal provisions regarding the restricted real estate broker's license for auctioneers and to revise certain provisions regarding real estate licensing. 
SB 29repeal provisions regarding manufactured and mobile home plumbing licenses and revise provisions regarding plumbing repair work. 
SB 50revise certain provisions regarding the practice of a certified registered nurse anesthetist. 
SB 60adopt the Physical Therapist Licensure Compact. 
SB 99prohibit certain persons from practicing acupuncture. 
SB 109provide protections for health care decisions governed by conscience. 
SB 152delineate activities not constituting the corporate practice of chiropractic. 

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