2020 Keyword - Public Utilities and Carriers

HB 1080revise certain provisions regarding grain buyers. 
HB 1180require certain infrastructure standards in certain annexed areas. 
HB 1229accommodate legislation related to electric service in a newly annexed area. 
HB 1234revise the definition of operator for the purposes of the one-call notification system for excavation activities. 
HB 1262revise provisions regarding electric service in annexed areas. 
HB 1271establish certain provisions regarding the rural broadband fund. 
SB 30update references to certain federal motor carrier regulations. 
SB 83establish meetings to review certain electric systems. 
SB 101prohibit internet service providers from selling certain customer data without consent. 
SB 126provide civil remedies for certain construction permits issued by the Public Utilities Commission. 
SB 165require all wind energy facilities to include an aircraft detection lighting system. 
SB 175accommodate legislation related to meetings and records of rural electric cooperatives. 
SB 184revise provisions regarding electric service in annexed areas. 

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