2020 Keyword - Promulgation of Rules

HB 1008legalize the growth, production, and transportation of industrial hemp in the state, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1022revise certain provisions regarding dealer licenses for motor vehicle, snowmobile, and boat sales. 
HB 1028revise certain provisions regarding pesticide registration and application. 
HB 1032revise the authority of the Board of Education Standards to promulgate rules regarding certification. 
HB 1037update the adoption of certain American Society for Testing and Materials and National Institute of Standards and Technology standards and certain federal regulations. 
HB 1038revise certain provisions regarding manufactured home construction and safety standards. 
HB 1039revise the rule-making authority of the Human Resources Commissioner regarding the drug screening program for certain state employees. 
HB 1040increase the frequency of background investigations for certain state employees. 
HB 1066revise and repeal provisions regarding aviation. 
HB 1070modify requirements regarding the installation and inspection of certain electrical wiring. 
HB 1080revise certain provisions regarding grain buyers. 
HB 1093establish a pipeline liability fund, to authorize a special fee for extraordinary expenses, and to make a continuous appropriation therefor. 
HB 1095revise requirements regarding hunting mentors. 
HB 1099authorize counties to impose a temporary voter-approved half-cent sales and use tax and to issue revenue bonds to fund certain county infrastructure construction. 
HB 1124provide for an increase in the assessment against certain treated land. 
HB 1125revise conditions for selling non-temperature-controlled baked goods without license. 
HB 1127revise provisions regarding real estate appraisers. 
HB 1136provide for the licensure and regulation of practitioners of acupuncture and Oriental medicine and to establish the Acupuncture Licensing Board and acupuncture regulation fund. 
HB 1140provide for a regular review of parenting guidelines. 
HB 1184provide limited deer and antelope licenses to landowners. 
HB 1197require testing of moisture meters and protein-measuring devices. 
HB 1200establish dates for the mowing of ditches on the state trunk highway system. 
HB 1239require the costs of nursing homes to be rebased every five years for purposes of Medicaid reimbursement. 
HB 1247create the medical reinsurance program and to make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1254require a habitat stamp for certain hunting, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and jet skiing activities. 
HB 1269prohibit the internet publication of certain land records. 
HB 1271establish certain provisions regarding the rural broadband fund. 
HB 1273provide certain provisions regarding the regulation of tattooing. 
HB 1287provide exemption of certain taxes for certain nursing home providers and community service providers. 
SB 8revise certain provisions regarding insurance holding companies. 
SB 10revise certain provisions regarding cosmetology licensees. 
SB 12revise certain provisions regarding comity licensure in the technical professions. 
SB 13revise certain educational requirements for the practice of barbering. 
SB 18revise certain provisions regarding professional counselors. 
SB 19revise certain provisions regarding marriage and family therapists. 
SB 24revise the fees for pesticide registration, private applicator licenses, commercial applicator licenses, and pesticide dealer licenses. 
SB 28repeal provisions regarding the restricted real estate broker's license for auctioneers and to revise certain provisions regarding real estate licensing. 
SB 29repeal provisions regarding manufactured and mobile home plumbing licenses and revise provisions regarding plumbing repair work. 
SB 45transfer the functions of the South Dakota Value Added Finance Authority to the South Dakota Economic Development Finance Authority and the South Dakota Board of Economic Development and to abolish the South Dakota Value Added Finance Authority. 
SB 50revise certain provisions regarding the practice of a certified registered nurse anesthetist. 
SB 53provide for a discount to senior citizens for state parks and recreation areas. 
SB 62revise the membership and responsibilities of the South Dakota Board on Geographic Names. 
SB 66provide for the creation and funding of Oceti Sakowin community-based schools. 
SB 68authorize a county gross receipts tax. 
SB 72establish the Dakota's promise scholarship program, to establish the Dakota's promise fund, to make an appropriation, and to declare an emergency. 
SB 75provide for a habitat stamp on hunting and fishing licenses. 
SB 95modify certain provisions regarding the repayment of restitution. 
SB 96prohibit the denial of benefits based solely on a controlled substance felony. 
SB 97title vehicles older than thirty years with no existing record. 
SB 122impose a severance tax on the quarrying of certain minerals. 
SB 124to revise provisions regarding group pheasant hunts for disabled veterans. 
SB 156repeal provisions regarding the South Dakota Veterans Commission. 
SB 179revise the legal notice process. 
SB 186revise certain leave policies for state employees. 

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