2020 Keyword - Liability

HB 1056authorize video monitoring of residents in assisted living centers and nursing facilities. 
HB 1077establish certain requirements regarding funeral processions. 
HB 1092provide for an assumption of risk by any person engaged in off-road vehicle activity and to limit the liability of the renters of off-road vehicles under certain circumstances. 
HB 1109revise the Uniform Limited Liability Company Act. 
HB 1117repeal and revise certain provisions regarding riot, to establish the crime of incitement to riot, and to revise provisions regarding civil liability for riot and riot boosting. 
HB 1121establish immunity from liability for the inherent risks of camping. 
HB 1179authorize series limited liability companies. 
HB 1199revise civil liability for riot and incitement to riot. 
HB 1283revise the liability of a guarantor. 
SB 5provide immunity for qualified mental health professionals at appropriate regional facilities. 

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