2008 Keyword - Insurance

HB 1013remove certain waiting periods for property casualty filings. 
HB 1038revise certain provisions regarding accident reports and insurance premium increases involving the operators of emergency snow removal equipment. 
HB 1072revise the intent of the appointments of panels for voluntary review of certain first level health care decisions. 
HB 1141prohibit the implanting of a microchip and provide a civil recovery. 
HB 1194revise certain provisions regarding group life insurance policies. 
HB 1200clarify the computation for premium tax payable for individual life insurance policies purchased by South Dakota residents. 
HB 1204allow cooperatives to engage in federal crop insurance business and to prohibit certain practices related to the insurance business. 
HB 1211revise the audit requirements for farm mutual insurers. 
HB 1212allow the marketing of group insurance for wireless telecommunications equipment under certain conditions. 
HB 1213provide a uniform standard for processing of accident and health carrier policy rate and form filings. 
HB 1318provide options for those who elect continuation of health insurance. 
SB 35establish fair claims standards and procedures for property casualty insurance claims. 
SB 36revise the discount medical plan organization's renewal period requirements. 
SB 37establish certain suitability requirements for annuities. 
SB 38revise certain provisions relating to the consideration of assets for the purpose of long-term care eligibility. 
SB 66provide for the awarding of matching grants to certain fire departments and to increase the fire insurance premium tax. 
SB 103establish certain provisions regarding the use of replacement crash parts in the repair of certain motor vehicles. 
SB 112revise eligibility requirements for continuation of health care coverage. 
SB 113exempt certain individual health benefit plans from certain premium rating requirements. 
SB 114allow for risk pool eligibility and rate flexibility for certain health insurance conversion plans. 
SB 119prohibit insurers or adjusters from knowingly underestimating the value of an insurance claim and to establish a penalty. 
SB 129revise the grounds for which continuation or conversion is not required for group health policies. 
SB 130provide for a property tax levy to fund the health insurance benefits of school district employees and to create a school district health insurance fund. 
SB 132clarify provisions regarding the continuation of coverage after an employer ceases business operations. 
SB 137identify medical expenses recoverable in personal injury actions. 
SB 138require financial assurances for certain petroleum pipeline operations for the remediation of potential environmental damage and to declare an emergency. 
SB 157revise the surety bond requirements for persons employed by mortgage brokerages. 
SB 158clarify certain provisions regarding the supervision, rehabilitation, and liquidation of insurers. 
SB 202prohibit certain military sales practices for life insurance and annuities. 

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