2008 Keyword - Sales Tax

HB 1017revise certain provisions related to the taxation of products transferred electronically. 
HB 1229increase sales and use taxes, to dedicate the additional revenue for the purpose of property tax relief, and to create the county property tax relief fund. 
HB 1243impose sales and use taxes on certain advertising services and products and to dedicate the increased tax revenue to the food tax relief fund for the purpose of reducing sales and use taxes on food. 
HB 1276make an appropriation to fund tax refunds for elderly persons and persons with a disability of property tax and sales tax and to revise the income eligibility requirements for property tax and sales tax refunds. 
SB 127provide for a sales tax holiday on certain tangible personal property for going back to school. 
SB 180make an appropriation to provide certain refunds of sales tax on food. 
SB 191revise certain provisions concerning a sales tax exemption provided for religious, benevolent, fraternal, youth association, or charitable activities. 
SB 198exempt from sales taxation the gross receipts received by nonprofit organizations from a shooting range or trap shooting facility. 

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