Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Roll Call00:01:00
Jason Dilges, Commissioner of BFM - Revised FY2015 Overview00:03:51
Ongoing Revenue Estimates00:11:10
Adopted 2015 estimate $1,391.8 billion00:12:38
Today's estimate $1,381.1 billion00:13:26
Reduction of $6.5 million in Sales and Use Tax00:13:35
Growth in Property Tax Reduction Fund00:14:45
Revenue from Unclaimed Property is down00:15:15
Investment Income/Interest is down00:15:26
One-Time Revenue Estimates00:16:35
Refinancing Gains00:16:50
2015 Bond Refunding00:17:10
Savings on Refunding of Bonds00:17:24
One-Time Revenue increase of $6.7 million00:18:35
Senator Heineman - question on Tech Ed bonds00:18:57
Ongoing receipts projected to be down - offset by one-time00:21:35
De-authorized expenses00:22:18
Reversion of Medicaid Reserve +$16.0 million00:22:50
Transfer from SD Risk Pool +$2.4 million00:24:08
Senator Parsley - question on de-authorized expenses00:25:45
One-time items are in FY15 budget - ongoing in FY16 budget00:27:54
Representative Hunhoff - question on Risk Pool 00:28:27
$2.4 million in the Risk Pool is sufficient to carry out the Risk Pool claims00:31:14
Senator Buhl O'Donnell - question on reduced expenses00:33:00
Senator Peters explained reduced expenses/revenue00:36:40
Senator Parsley - question what is in the Risk Pool Fund00:37:38
Senator Heineman - question why eliminating the Risk Pool 00:38:57
Representative Hunhoff explaination of the elimination of the Risk Pool00:39:52
Property Tax Reduction Fund Revenue00:40:54
Proposal to repeal the Property Tax Reduction Fund00:43:32
What happens to the Property Tax Reduction Fund cash00:44:41
General Revenue Replacement Fund00:44:50
Video Lottery revenue for 2015: $95.3 million00:45:44
33% Tobacco over $35M: $7.8 million00:46:08
Telecommunications Tax: $6.6 million00:46:11
Wind Energy Tax: $285,00000:46:18
Representative Partridge -question why create another reduction fund00:47:12
Senator Heineman - question why is there a Property Tax Reduction fund00:49:22
Senator White - question what is the cap on the budget reserve fund00:55:08
Unclaimed Property Total New Revenue ($6.0 million)00:56:53
Reversal of 90% Interest Proration00:59:28
Total Cash Flow Fund Interest Income $4.5 million01:00:08
Explanation of the reversal process01:03:11
Represenative Romkema - question on interest earned01:05:40
Senator Parsley - question on letting $3+ million go away01:06:55
Total Revenue Changes for FY201501:08:47
Net Change to Cash from Revenue01:09:15
$14,375,977 Total Net Change to Cash (Revenue Side)01:11:12
Summary of FY2015 One-Time Reduction of Expenditures01:13:08
FY2015 Reduced General Bill Approprations (SB 55)01:17:55
Total Reduction to FY2015 Adopted Expenses ($13,473,928)01:18:27
State Aid Revision01:19:00
Total State Aid Revision of ($6,933,797)01:19:18
A reduction only to the 2015 budget, a one time reduction01:23:53
Senator Heineman - question on LEP costs01:24:24
Jim Terwilliger explained the LEP reduction01:25:30
Senator Heineman - question on the $1.8 million local funds01:27:29
Senator White - clarification on what schools are involved in LEP01:29:26
DSS Medicaid Eligibles Revision decrease of $2.6 million in general funds and $601,422 in federal funds01:30:20
Juvenile Placement Revision decrease of $1,395,094 in general funds01:31:57
Child Care Subsidies and Psychiatric Residential Treatment Services01:32:58
Decrease of $1,296,081 in general funds and $2,156,905 in federal fund expenditure authority01:33:16
Technical Institutes Revision decrease of $1,057,341 in general funds01:34:11
Senator Omdahl - question on breakdown of students01:35:13
Correctional Healthcare Revision decrease of $143,960 general funds01:37:10
Change to Cash From Reduced Expenditures of $13,473,92801:38:24
Medicaid Reserve De-authorization (SB 51)01:39:06
Risk Pool Reserve De-authorization (SB 55)01:39:46
Change to Cash From Reduced Expenditures ($31,893,928)01:40:07
Total FY2015 One-time Funds Available for Expenses - Cash01:41:04
Total One-Time Funds Available $27,849,90501:41:19
Total FY2015 One-Time Funds Available for Expenses - Accounting01:42:12
Total One-Time Funds Available - $27,849,90501:42:29
Senator Parsley - question re: on-going expenses and revenue in 201601:44:03
Represenative Partridge - question on explaining revenue 01:48:48
FY 2015 One-Time Expenses01:52:49
Recommended Expenditures of One-Time General Funds - $27,849,90501:53:11
Emergency Special Appropriations $26,128,71501:53:50
Emgergency and Disaster Fund: SB39 estm. negative balance of $7,994,44901:54:38
Senator Parsley - question on FEMA expenditures01:56:47
Direct Care Workforce funding $4,125,000 GF and $2,874,392 federal funds01:58:10
Captive Insurance for Property and Casualty, $4 million general funds01:59:54
Captive Insurance for Authorities $2 million general funds.02:00:44
Sanford Underground Lab Ross Shaft Upgrades $3.9 million general funds02:01:47
SD Conservation Fund for Wildlife Habitat $1.5 million general funds02:02:47
Jobs for America's Graduates Start Up Funding $925,000 general funds02:03:19
River Flow Study $500,000 general funds02:04:05
Senator Tidemann - question on the length of time available to spend the funds.02:04:54
Senator Tidemann - question on performance metrics on these proposals.02:06:05
Tax Refunds for Elderly and Disabled Persons $450,000 general funds.02:07:40
Rural Healthcare Recruitment Assistance Program: HB1060 $381,766 general funds02:08:12
Rural Healthcare Facility Recruitment Assistance Program: HB1057 $302,500 general funds02:09:26
FY2015 General Bill Amendment (SB55) General Fund Increases:02:10:11
FY2015 General Bill increases $1,659,18902:10:30
DOE Dual Credit of $577,500 general funds02:11:10
Revised Utility Projections, $546,793 general funds, $105,006 federal funds and $31,695 other funds02:12:47
DENR Computer System Upgrade, $350,000 general funds02:13:54
GFP Bonding of $184,896 general funds02:14:45
FY2015 Bottom Line displayed both in cash and accounting02:15:43
Motion to Adjourn Dryden/Peters02:20:20

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