Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Jason Dilges, Commissioner, BFM00:01:31
FY2016 Budget Presentation00:01:50
Ongoing Revenue Projections for FY201600:05:09
Total Ongoing Receipts expected to grow by $60.1 million00:08:01
Senator Tidemann- question on the Supreme Court decision on free play00:08:33
Representative Hunhoff - question on Wind Energy Tax00:10:06
Senator Peters - question on Citi Bank issue before Supreme Court on franchise tax00:10:24
Re-Classification FY2016 Revenue Growth00:12:15
Changes in Revenue Classifications for FY2016: Property Tax Reduction Fund Revenue00:13:52
Senator Parsley - question on what is included in Video Lottery00:16:43
Representatative Romkema - question on tobacco use00:17:33
Unclaimed Property00:18:34
Senator Heineman - question on the drop in unclaimed property00:20:48
Reversal of 90% Interest Proration00:23:12
Representative Anderson - question on deferral of interest 00:26:18
Senator Tidemann - question on FY2015 estimates00:27:52
Ongoing Revenue Projections00:29:06
Ongoing Revenue Growth Available to Fund Expenses00:31:01
Senator Parsley - question on last years larger revenue00:33:25
Senator Peters - question on whether the federal issues are included in the state's revenue estimates00:35:28
Senator Heineman - question on projected ongoing revenue growth00:38:15
FY2016 Recommended Budget vs. FY2015 Adopted Budget00:42:53
FY2016 Budget Theme00:47:48
FY2016 Recommended Expense Overview totaling $49,406,47400:50:59
Senator Heineman - question on CHIP breakdown00:53:36
Represenative Cronin - question on FMAP rates00:56:13
Senator White - question on Maintenance and Repair01:01:41
Items Affecting Multiple Agencies01:02:41
State Employee Compensation Plan01:04:02
Senator Tidemann - question on FY2016 Recommended Expense on Tuition By-down01:06:06
Representative Ring - question on Maintenance and Repair differences01:06:35
2% Discretionary Provider Inflation01:07:27
Senator Parsley - question on provider inflation numbers01:09:46
Senator Peters explained mandatory and discretionary spending01:10:58
Maintenance and Repair01:13:16
Representative Cronin - question on technical schools maintenance and repair01:15:12
Representative Dryden comments on maintenance and repair01:16:45
Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP)01:17:58
Juvenile Justice Reform Initiative01:18:33
Senator Peters - question on possible savings on the Juvenile Justice Reform 01:21:17
Senator Tidemann commented on report required in SB 7001:24:28
Representative Anderson - question on SB 70 and the cost to the counties01:25:03
Eligibles and Utilization Growth01:27:15
Representative Dryden - question on Provider costs01:28:29
Senator Buhl O'Donnell - question on mandatory and discretionary costs01:29:49
Utilities Increases01:30:20
Internal Service Rate Increases01:31:10
Correctional Health01:33:10
Senator Peters - question on Other Funds in Correctional Health01:34:27
FTE Recommendation01:35:41
Budgeted FTE History01:36:45
Governor's FY2016 Budget Recommendation by Agency01:38:04
Department of Social Services01:38:16
Representative Hunhoff - question re:decreases on the federal side01:39:24
Bureau of Finance & Management01:41:04
Department of Education01:42:31
Rolling Technology, Assessment & Sparsity into General Education Formula01:43:23
Representative Cronin - question on formula01:48:34
Representative Hunhoff - question on sparsity01:50:48
Senator Parsley - question on sparsity 01:52:59
Representative Anderson - question on sparsity01:57:23
Senator Heineman - question on sparsity01:58:52
Senator Buhl O'Donnell - question on sparsity02:01:20
Senator Tidemann - question on shift in costs regarding property tax02:05:50
Representative Partridge - question on the formula vs. need02:08:28
Senator Peters spoke to the formula presentation scheduled for next week02:09:25
Representative Ring - question on sparsity02:10:52
Representative Cronin - question on sparsity02:13:40
Board of Regents02:15:29
Department of Human Services02:16:18
Bureau of Administration02:16:55
Unified Judicial System02:17:25
Representative Dryden comments on LEOTF Fund02:19:25
Attorney General02:20:34
Department of Corrections02:21:56
Department of the Military02:22:56
Department of Health02:23:04
Department of Labor and Regulation02:23:53
Department of Game, Fish & Parks02:24:08
Auditor General02:24:16
Department of Revenue02:24:32
Department of Public Safety02:24:38
Department of Agriculture02:24:49
Department of Tribal Relations02:24:58
Department of Veterans Affairs02:25:12
Department of Transportation02:25:26
Governor's Office of Economic Development02:25:41
Public Utilities Commission02:25:50
Bureau of Information and Telecommunications02:26:10
Office of the Treasurer02:26:41
SD Investment Council02:26:49
Bureau of Human Resources02:27:01
SD Retirement System02:27:13
Remaining Agencies02:27:22
BY2016 Bottom Line02:27:29

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