Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Jason Dilges, Commissioner of Burea of Finance & Management00:02:22
Corrections to State Aid Revision (Chart 16) from January 1400:03:37
Corrections to FY2016 Recommended Expense Overview (Chart 17) from January 1500:04:58
Summary of Medical & Inflationary Costs in FY2016 (Chart 63) from January 16 in reponse to Committee request00:05:27
South Dakota Long-Term Financial Planning Documents discussion00:06:52
Goal of South Dakota's Financial Planning Documents00:14:51
Background on Financial Plans00:18:33
Financial Plan Executive Order00:18:56
General Fund Long-Term Financial Plan00:19:20
Rolling Five-Year Capital Expenditure Plan00:21:12
Debt Limitation and Management Policy00:22:02
South Dakota Long-Term Financial Plans00:24:46
Executive Order - Financial Dashboards00:24:56
Executive Order-Financial Dashboards Graphs00:26:28
South Dakota Long-Term Financial Plans website addresses00:27:18
Representative Cronin - question on Slide 8:Debt Limitation00:28:18
Senator Parsley - question on Gross State Product00:29:47
Senator White - question on the number of AAA rated states00:30:41
Senator Tidemann - question on future plans on updating reports00:31:30
Laurie Gill, Commissioner of the Bureau of Human Resources00:36:05
Kevin Forsch - discussion on South Dakota State Workforce 00:38:03
Workforce by Location00:38:38
Workforce at a Glance00:40:10
Workforce Years of Service00:41:24
Workforce Retirement Eligibility00:42:07
Workforce Turnover00:43:25
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question on turnover00:44:20
Representative Hunhoff - question on areas of turnover00:46:10
Senator Tidemann - question on comparing turnover rates with other states00:47:56
Senator Omdahl - question on turnover rates in engineering positions00:48:40
Compensation Philosophy00:50:37
Compensation Philosophy Statement00:51:05
Compensation Philosophy Components00:53:02
Compensation Philosophy Highlights00:53:47
Total Remuneration Study00:57:21
Remuneration Study Objectives00:58:56
Remuneration Study Data01:00:30
Remuneration Study Sample Occupations01:01:51
Remuneration Study Results01:02:31
Senator Parsley - question on salary vs. benefit01:03:47
Senator Peters - comments on salary vs. benefits01:04:44
Representative Anderson - question on salary vs. benefits including the SDRS01:05:45
State Employee Compensation01:06:56
Representative Hunhoff - question on exit interviews01:07:18
State Employee Compensation01:09:41
Compensation Background01:10:11
Senator Heineman - question on PACE01:12:43
Compensation Overview01:13:30
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell - question on T/Q Structure01:14:39
Representative Romkema - question on T/Q definition01:15:35
Senator Omdahl - question on environmental scientist01:15:54
Representative Hunhoff - question on definition of career band01:16:36
Career Band Criteria01:17:30
Career Band Salary Policy Components01:18:23
Career Band Pay for Performance Distribution Results for FY1501:21:42
Senator Peters - question on pay for performance funding01:23:20
Representative Hunhoff - question on pay for performance 01:23:54
Representative Hunhoff - question on how many are still employed01:24:53
Representative Cronin - question on distribution of pay increase01:25:03
Representative Romkema - question on how many FTEs are represented by the $28 million salary increase01:26:28
Senator Parsley - question on evaluation metrics01:27:00
Career Band Statistics01:27:28
Career Band Results01:28:24
Representative Hunhoff - question on nurse turnovers01:29:56
Senator Omdahl - question on difficulty to hire nurses01:30:44
Compensation Structure Proposal01:31:55
General Pay Structure Proposal01:33:39
Representative Hunhoff - question on B & C categories01:37:18
Representative Cronin - question on how many w/20+ years of experience are behind market01:39:13
Senator Heineman - question on the cost for the proposal for FY1601:41:06
Medical Structure Proposal01:43:43
Law Enforcement Structure Proposal01:45:44
Compensation Proposal Components01:46:34
Senator Parsley - question on what happens when the market goes down01:49:37
Senator White - question on how the proposal affects salaries and performance ratings01:51:51
Salary Policy Proposal for FY1601:53:00
Senator Tidemann - question on career banding and market adjustment01:53:16
Representative Hunhoff - question on salary policy for FY1601:55:50
Senator Heineman - question on agency funds for performance pay01:57:35
Senator Heineman - question on goal for minimum salary range01:58:15
Senator Omdahl - requested a breakdown on environmental engineers01:59:28
South Dakota State Employee Health Plan02:02:00
Health Plan Overview 02:02:58
Health Plan Challenges02:04:43
Health Plan Opportunities02:09:40
Health Plan Options (deductibles)02:11:20
Health Plan Participation02:13:19
Senator Parsley - question on removing the $750 deductible option02:13:20
Senator White - question on $750 deductible components02:15:30
Health Plan Qualifications for the Lowest Deductible02:16:10
Senator Tidemann - question on tobacco users qualifying for the $750 deductible02:17:26
Representative Romkema - asked for percentages for each deductible option02:18:00
Health Plan Members by County02:21:14
Representative Cronin - question on out-of-state plan members02:21:57
Senator Peters - question on Tier 1 Program02:22:45
Representative Partridge - question on process of meeting with providers02:30:27
Senator Heineman - question on being exempt from federal mandates02:32:04
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell - question on additional Tier 1 locations02:33:05
Senator Omdahl - question on the duration of the current contracts02:34:47
Senator Peters requested a list of Tier 1 contracts02:36:20
Senator Tidemann - question on the impact of Initiative Measure 17 02:36:28
Senator Tidemann - question on Tier 1 exemptions02:38:18
Health Plan Full Accrual Basis Financial Statement02:39:40
Representative Romkema - question on reserve obligation02:52:40
Representative Partridge - question on self-administrator for the plan02:55:00
Representative Anderson - question on why there is a reserve plan02:56:49
Representative Anderson - question on re-insurance02:58:35
Senator Peters - question on the level of the reserve03:00:05
Representative Hunhoff - question on what private sectors pay03:03:39
Senator Parsley - requested information on the base for FY1403:05:38
Collin Keeler, Bureau of Finance & Management03:09:10
Adjourn: Jensen/Dryden03:11:24

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