Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Secretary Schopp, DOE, introduced presenters and made announcements about followup00:02:04
Jim Edman - Deputy Commissioner (BIT) presented Technology Services to the K12 Community00:03:35
Digital Dakota Network (DDN) Partnership Structure00:04:57
Advantages to the DDN model00:06:27
Pat Snow, Manager, Network Technologies, (BIT) presented Advantages to the DDN model00:06:27
DDN Support and K-12 Data Center Services and Support00:18:30
Senator Peters - question on (BIT) student laptop restrictions00:21:42
Senator Heineman - question about band width expansion initiatives and costs00:24:14
Senator Heineman requested breakdown of costs in expanding broad band width00:27:18
DDN Services Survey Results- Internet Access Service and DDN Video Services00:30:55
Representative Jensen - question on how many districts use video services00:32:04
Senator Tidemann - question on dip in satisfaction on DDN Services Survey in 201100:32:53
Senator White - question on funding of rural telecommunications 00:34:47
DDN Staff Survey Results - BIT Staff and Data Center Staff00:38:10
DDN Services Comments00:39:25
Amendment to FY14 DDN Budget - Total $585,00000:40:32
Senator Heineman - question on e-learning class and video conference class trends00:41:12
Senator Peters requested budget breakdown of e-learning and two way video conference classes - historical and future trends 00:43:15
Representative Hunhoff - question on district administration e-learning trends and feedback 00:44:54
Representative Cronin - question on DDN training opportunities00:45:59
Secretary Schopp, DOE, commented on accomplishments of DDN00:47:32
Tamara Darnall, DOE, presented State Aid Budget - FY201600:49:25
State Aid Budget - General Fund Increase $10,813,20600:49:36
State Aid Budget Increases and Decreases00:50:50
General State Aid Formula - FY16 Proposed PSA - $4,876.7600:52:52
General State Aid - Proposed Changes for FY1600:53:45
Why? Proposed change provides funding to increase the PSA by 2%00:54:00
Senator Van Gerpen - question about statewide assessments and local and state shared costs00:56:43
Senator Parsley - question about local cost share and sparsity00:57:57
How the 2% increase in the PSA is calculated resulting in $2.5M in savings to the State01:03:12
In Other Words - Visual Aid01:03:55
Senator Parsley - question on State and local contribution to the proposed 2% PSA increase01:07:09
Senator Van Gerpen - question on what amount will be shifted to local tax payers01:08:43
Levies Will Still Decrease - Proposed levy on owner occupied property will be .177 lower in 2016 Pay Year01:09:22
Senator Van Gerpen - question re: the $2.6M savings01:10:34
Three Steps to Funding Formula01:11:25
Step #1 - Determine Statewide Local Need01:11:56
Per Student Allocation (PSA) FY16 Calculations - 2015-2016 School Year Per Student Allocation $4,876.7601:12:06
Per Student Allocaton History - FY2003 to FY201601:13:10
Senator Parsley requested chart to incorporate inflationary index factor to school (PSA) funding 01:13:30
State Aid Fall Enrollment - Definition01:14:30
"Greater Of" Language 01:15:00
Fall Enrollment Count vs. Paid Count Chart01:15:33
Senator Heineman - question on catagories of school districts01:15:50
Fall Enrollment Growth - Trends01:16:46
Fall Enrollment - History of Fall Census Enrollment for Public Schools 01:17:10
Births in South Dakota01:17:43
Small School Adjustment (SSA) - Details01:18:00
State Aid to General Education (SSA) - Chart01:18:53
Limited English Proficient (LEP) Adjustment01:19:25
LEP Count for State Aid - FY2015 Estimate of 2,650 students01:20:33
Cost of LEP Adjustment - $1,639,501 State Share in FY1501:21:09
Calculation of Statewide Local Need - $678,086,908 Statewide Local Need01:22:29
Step #2 - Determine Local Effort Formula01:23:32
Calculation of Local Effort for FY16 - Detailed01:24:20
Cutler-Gabriel Objectives01:26:10
History of Levies Since Formula was Started01:26:55
Lost Local Effort - Districts who generate more in local effort than need01:27:38
State Aid to General Education - FY2015 Lost Local Effort Total $3,924,43701:28:10
Senator Peters - question on lost local effort01:28:29
Step #3 - Determine State Share - $360,752,858 FY16 State Aid01:31:27
Putting it All Together - FY16 General Fund Needed Less FY15 Budgeted $8,146,30401:32:05
Senator White - question on the amount of money collected for PSA from local effort01:32:10
Senator White - question on lost local effort01:33:09
Representative Ring commented on what other states are doing01:33:35
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell - question on other revenue tying into the funding formula01:33:50
Representative Romkema - question on efficiency and lost local effort 01:34:49
Senator Heineman - question on whether schools who have lost local effort could also receive sparsity payments01:35:50
Senator Peters - question if schools could benefit from both sparsity and the small school adjustment01:36:27
Representative Bordeaux requested explanation of federal funding and mill levy rates in his District01:38:19
Senator Parsley - question on funding from the federal government could exceed the PSA level set by the State01:40:30
Senator Peters - question whether different state funding programs can benefit the same school district01:41:40
State Aid Budget - Other Items to Consider01:42:18
Representative Romkema - question on SD ranking in relation to amount of reserves on per student basis01:44:35
Representative Romkema - question on the industry standard 01:45:10
Representative Romkema - question on funding teacher raises with excess reserves01:45:15
Representative Romkema commented reserves are increasing 2% per year01:47:55
Senator Heineman commented that Finance Action Network in Sioux Falls recommended a reserve level for that city01:48:24
Senator Van Gerpen - question on the date schools look at funding balances01:49:09
Senator Parsley - question about funding for education in comparison to surrounding states01:49:35
State Aid for Special Education - Similarities and Differences01:50:40
Step #1) Determine Local Need - Special Education01:52:22
Senator Peters - question on the source of funding for Summer School Program for School for the Blind01:53:11
Senator Peters requested historical funding of federal grant for Blind School Summer Program01:54:51
Representative Hunhoff - question on remaining Extraordinary Cost Funds01:55:48
Disability Levels - Different Levels01:56:32
Funding Per Disability Level01:57:03
Representative Hunhoff - question on the trends in Special Education Disability Levels01:57:35
Representative Anderson - question on whether Special Education Funding is in addition to PSA01:58:10
Senator Heineman - question on the federal funds impact and Disability Levels in Special Education01:58:52
Senator Heineman - question if federal funds are allocated on a per student basis02:00:10
Senator Parsley - question if federal funding is calculated in PSA for Special Education02:00:35
State Aid to Special Ed Child Count - Trend02:01:10
Extraordinary Cost Fund02:01:50
Putting It All Togerher: Local Need - Special Education02:02:51
Step #2) Determine Local Effort - Special Education - Local Need FY16 $137,888,15802:03:21
Step #3) Determine State Share - Special Education - Total FY16 State Aid $54,883,27802:03:43
Maintenance of Effort 02:04:21
Senator Peters - question on state and local Maintenance of Effort collections in Special Education02:05:31
Senator Omdahl - question on definition of Level One Disability and commented on trend02:07:26
Senator Omdahl - question on whether a student could qualify for both Level One and Level Two Disability02:09:10
Putting it All Together -Special Education - FY16 Increase Needed $2,666,90202:09:35
Senator Heineman - question on maximum district levies02:09:56
Sparsity Formula - Definition02:11:00
Sparsity Formula - FY15 Budget versus Actual02:11:50
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell - question on the number of school receiving sparsity 02:12:46
FY15 Sparsity-List02:13:10
Senator Peters - question on the efficiency of funding districts that have opted out02:14:04
Technology in Schools - Budget Increases & Decreases02:15:50
Technology in Schools Budget (DDN) 02:17:05
BIT Services Budget02:18:10
DSU K12 Data Center Budget02:18:27
DOE Information Systems Budget02:18:41
Senator Heineman - question on contracts02:18:59
Technology in Schools - Funding Sources02:19:59
Representative Cronin - question on the method of determining valuation growth rate02:20:28
Representative Cronin requested more information about percentage rates02:22:55
Senator Van Gerpen - question on number of schools that have opted out02:23:25
Ms. Darnall informed committee of Department of Education website links02:24:50
Chairman Cronin made announcements02:27:06
Adjourn Jensen/Romkema02:28:22

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