Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Chairman Cronin made Announcements 00:01:00
Secretary Schopp presented Education Overview00:03:05
Outcomes for Today00:05:23
Divisions of DOE and Introduction of Staff00:06:00
Total Agency Budget versusTotal DOE Budget00:11:26
Just the Facts00:12:20
Number of Public School Districts00:12:40
Size of Public School Districts00:14:02
K-12 Public School Enrollment00:14:30
Per Student Allocation - Trend00:14:35
Educator Data 00:15:30
Data Dashboards on DOE website00:16:44
Aspiration for All Students - College, Career, and Life Ready00:18:13
Senator Van Gerpen praised DOE K-12 and Postsecondary Relationship00:20:42
Foundational Support00:24:06
High Quality Standards & Instruction00:25:15
State Provided District Support and Training00:25:41
Senator Omdahl - question on Common Core training00:27:48
State Provided District Support & Training00:29:06
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell - question on methods used in other states00:32:57
How do we measure progress? Common Core Survey00:35:44
Foundational Supports - Effective Teachers and Leaders00:38:33
Teacher Evaluation - Two Part System - Evidence Based Observations and Student Learning Objective00:39:39
Student Learning Objectives - What is SLO?00:43:01
Data Collected on Student Learning Objectives00:44:05
What is the Field Saying on Positive Impact - Survey Results00:45:50
What is the Field saying on the Standards for Teaching - Survey Results00:46:54
Senator Tidemann - question on evaluations and non-participating districts00:47:32
Representative Hunhoff - question on non-participating districts00:48:58
Senator Heineman - question on student learning objectives and DOE goals00:49:59
Representative Cronin - question on evaluations and accountability00:51:47
Representative Cronin - question on evaluations and accountability for administrators00:54:09
Senator Omdahl - question about surrounding states results in Common Core Standards00:55:21
Senator Omdahl - question on practice standards and Common Core00:57:21
Goal #1 - Students Enter 4th Grade - Proficient in Reading Data00:59:01
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell - question about proficiency data 01:01:07
Senator Omdahl - question if data is available when parents read to students 01:01:39
Representative Jensen - question if there is available data broken out by region01:02:36
Representative Anderson - question on student retention01:03:20
Senator Tidemann - question on available alternatives01:04:36
Strategy - New Reading Standards01:05:25
Senator Heineman - question about Open Educational Resources (
Senator Heineman - question on usage of OER01:08:17
Strategy - Instructional Coaching01:08:59
How do we know it is working? Teacher Feedback01:10:58
Senator Heineman- question on teacher feedback01:14:14
Senator Parsley - question on reading proficiency and requested additional information01:15:02
Goal #2 - Students Enter 9th Grade - Proficient in Math Data01:16:00
Representative Hunhoff - question Smarter Balance and Student Placement01:18:27
Strategy - Students Take Higher Level Math Courses in High School01:19:35
Senator Omdahl - question on standardized tests and fees01:20:54
Strategy - Increase Teachers' Math Skills and Knowledge and SD Counts01:21:44
Pre-Test and Post-Test Teacher Data01:23:40
Strategy - Instructional Coaching01:25:11
Senator White complimented new way of teaching with Common Core01:26:28
Goal #3 - Increase Native American Outcomes01:28:30
Representative Bordeaux - question on strategy to diminish gap between Native American students and other groups01:29:06
Strategy - Increasing Teacher Retention Through Mentors - WoLakota Project01:30:38
Strategy - Student support - Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG)01:32:17
How do we know it is working? JAG Participation01:34:36
Strategy - Collaborate to Discuss Alternative Models01:36:47
Goal #4 - Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness01:37:34
SD MyLife - Career Planner01:38:36
Senator Heineman - question about SD MyLife results01:40:38
National Career Readiness Certificate01:41:57
CTE Opportunities01:44:18
Governor's Grants to High Schools for Career & Technical Education01:46:10
College Readiness Coursework01:47:30
Senator Peters - question about local control and college readiness coursework opportunties01:50:20
Senator Peters - question on parent and student control of education opportunities01:52:22
Senator Peters requested a list of schools not participating in DOE programs01:53:42
Representative Ring - question about College Readiness Course, ACT, and age of students01:54:53
Representative Ring - question about ACT test and cost 01:55:34
Senator Heineman commented that students barely above the benchmark may still need remedial help01:57:14
Senator Omdahl - question cost of College Readiness Courses01:58:31
Advanced Placement Courses02:00:16
Dual Credit02:02:20
Dual Credit Enrollment Fall 201402:03:21
Reduced Rate Dual Credit Program02:05:45
Senator Omdahl - question if there was a limit to resources toward Dual Credit Program02:05:55
Senator Omdahl - question on Dual Credit Data and In-State Post Secondary Attendence 02:07:39
Representative Partridge - question if student costfor Dual Credit is too low02:08:07
Representative Ring - question on qualifications of Dual Credit Course instructors02:09:58
South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship02:11:31
Build Dakota Scholarship Opportunity02:12:59
Critical Teaching Needs Scholarship02:14:36
Dakota Corps Scholarship02:15:15
How do we measure success? Student Impact02:16:30
Assessment is One Measure - Why should we assess students?02:17:22
New state assessment - Smarter Balanced02:19:10
What should we expect? Smarter Balanced Disaggregated Field Test Data02:22:06
Senator White expressed a concern about time required for evaluations 02:27:19
Senator Van Gerpen expressed concern for excessive demands put upon teachers02:30:20
Senator Van Gerpen commented on the importance of education and the impact teachers have on students02:33:08
Representative Anderson -question on correlation between assessments and students' normal coursework 02:34:12
Senator Omdahl - question on audit of CTE grants02:37:08
Senator Heineman - question on achieving 100% proficiency02:38:14
Senator Heineman - commented on the testing companies and what they are doing to produce quality assessment tests02:40:05
What is next? Stay the course, train, and monitor progress02:41:16
Representative Hunhoff - question on teacher training and time away from the classroom02:42:42
Representative Ring -question on the definition of a proficient student. 02:44:22
Representative Jensen - question on what areas of the state with highest drop out rates02:47:29
Tamara Darnall, DOE, FY2016 Agency Budget Overview02:48:56
FY16 Recommended Budget - Total Budget = $645,346,43602:50:04
Federal Programs Administered02:50:15
FY16 Programs Administered02:50:22
FY16 Agency Budget and Total Agency Budget02:51:20
FY16 Governor Recommended Budget vs. FY15 Operating Budget02:51:51
FY16 Recommended Budget Changes Agency Budget02:52:30
Division Budgets02:54:18
Secretariat Budget02:54:31
Finance and Management Budget and Functions02:55:16
Support for SD Stars and SD Stars Vision02:56:30
Senator Heineman requested a history of federal funding for SD Stars02:59:02
Senator Heineman - question on the federal program versus the state program does for SD Stars03:00:03
Senator Peters requested total ongoing costs for SD Stars program including information such as licensing fees03:01:14
SD Stars details03:01:55
Connection of SD Stars and DOE Initiatives03:04:55
Division of Career & Technical Education - Request of $802,500 for Dual Credit03:06:40
FY16 Dual Credit Budget Estimate03:07:40
Dual Credit Program - Student costs vs. State costs03:08:15
Dual Credit Course Enrollees in SD (map)03:08:36
Dual Credit Enrollment Fall 201403:08:48
Fall 2014 Completion03:09:05
Senator Heineman - question on pass rates for Dual Credit courses03:09:26
Senator Omdahl requested a breakdown of dual credit courses offered by higher education 03:10:50
Reduced-Rate Dual Credit Program - Courses Offered and Results03:11:21
Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs03:12:19
Senator White - question on post secondary technical schools' equipment needs to fulfull technical school dual credit03:12:44
Division of Assessment and Accountability03:14:20
Activities in the Division of Assessment and Accountability?03:15:03
Teacher Certification03:15:25
Division of Educational Services and Supports03:15:43
Senator Parsley - question on teacher certification and number of teacher vacancies03:16:23
Senator Parsley requested more information on teacher vacancies03:17:00
Senator Peters asked about DOE dashboard information and if it involves certified staff03:18:00
Representative Romkema requested information on teacher vacancies and number of students enrolled03:18:55
Division of Educational Services and Support03:19:40
Senator Omdahl - question on Birth to Three Program 03:20:22
Division of Educational Services and Support03:24:04
Senator Buhl - O'Donnell commented on the importance of early intervention and budget savings03:24:08
Title Programs listed in detail03:25:04
Title Programs - Funding Levels - Historical Funding03:25:20
Title I Programs and Students Served - Trend03:25:48
Title III (ELL) Students Served - Trend03:26:18
Migrant Students Served - Trend03:26:47
Special Education Programs 03:27:11
Special Education Funding - Trend03:27:30
Special Education December 1st Child Count - Trend 03:27:48
Birth to Three Children Served03:28:15
Child and Adult Nutrition (CANS) Programs Detail03:28:40
CANS Programs - Funding Trend03:29:18
CANS: Program Meals Served03:29:40
Senator Peters - question regarding future changes in the school lunch program03:29:52
Ann Larsen, Division Director of Educational Services & Support, responded 03:30:21
Senator Omdahl - question on whether CANS Program meets needs of kids with special diets03:32:18
Ms. Larsen responded03:32:27
Division of Learning and Instruction - Budget03:33:34
Division of Learning and Instruction - Detailed03:34:06
Investing in Teachers Update - Budget03:34:29
Investing in Teachers Training - Total Training Days 38,94703:34:59
Students Participating in College Readiness Coursework (Accuplacer) Trend03:35:30
State Library - Budget03:35:55
State Library - Programs03:36:23
Library Development - Trends from FY12 to Est. FY1603:36:52
Braille and Talking Books03:37:07
Digitization of Books and Documents03:37:35
Daria Bossman, DOE, Director, State Library, explained Digitization Program and trends03:38:21
Representative Romkema asked about the future of the inter library loan program03:39:45
Ms. Bossman - future of inter library loan program03:40:00
Representative Romkema commented on his desire to keep the interlibrary loan program03:42:35
Senator Heineman question - timeline for elimination of interlibrary loan program03:43:00
Representative Cronin requested an overview of the proposals of the digitization program03:44:25
Representative Ring commented on the importance of the interlibrary loan program03:45:05
Research Services03:45:50
Interlibrary Loan Program Trends03:46:23
Databases Provided by State Library03:46:36
Electronic Resources - Trend 03:47:00
Amendments to FY15 Budget - Detailed 03:47:15
FY15 Dual Credit Shortfall - $577,50003:47:25
FY15 Technical Institute Funding Revision - Funding Formula and Bonding03:48:00
Technical Institute Budgeted vs. Actual FTE for FY15 Formula03:49:20
FY15 State Aid Formula Revision03:49:36
Request Special Appropriation - Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG) $925,00003:50:10
JAG Budget03:50:26

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