Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Representative Cronin made announcements00:01:32
Mr. Jim Terwilliger, BFM, presented State Aid Valuation Growth Report00:02:26
Mr. Mike Houdyshell, DOR, presented details on State Aid Valuation Growth Report00:05:25
Representative Ring - questions on valuations and projections in State Aid Formula00:09:46
Representative Ring requested projections versus actual amounts of property valuations used in the State Aid formula00:12:23
Senator White - question on agriculture valuation projections00:12:48
Ms. Tamara Darnall, Department of Education, presented Postsecondary Technical Institute Funding Formula00:17:54
Technical Institute Budget - State Funds - PSA Recommended FY16 - $3,395.7100:18:13
Technical Institutes Budget - Increases and Decreases - Detailed00:19:40
Technical Institute Formula Budget00:20:18
Technical Institute Bonding - State Share - Detailed00:22:11
Projected Debt Service Schedule as of October 30, 201400:23:05
FY15 Tuition Buy Down - Tuition remained at $104 per credit hour in FY1500:23:24
Maintenance and Repair Funding - $437,53300:23:50
Mike Cartney, Lake Area Technical Institute, introduced Technical Institute - Investing in the Workforce presentation00:25:40
Skilled Workforce Advocacy Council - Formed to address workforce shortage00:26:20
Bob Faehn, President, Skilled Workforce Advocacy Council, presented workforce shortage issues 00:27:19
Mike Sheehan, Sheehan Mack Equipment, presented business owner issues due to skilled workforce shortage00:31:20
South Dakota Technical Institutes - Mission00:37:44
Increasing our Graduates - Five Year Trend00:38:37
FTE's Holding Steady00:39:00
What's the Bottom LIne? Strong ROI Statistics00:39:23
South Dakota's Challenges - Workforce Shortage00:40:31
Growing Demands00:40:42
The Technical Institutes' Role00:41:25
Our Challenge00:42:19
Build Dakota Scholarship Potential - Increase Enrollment00:42:42
Positive Funding Support - Equipment00:44:45
Impact of 2% PSA Increase - Chart00:45:42
Funding Additional Workforce - Funding Needs00:47:07
Where Do Our Operating Funds Come From? Revenue Sources00:49:19
Per Student Allocation Decline - Chart - FY09 to FY1500:50:21
Tuition & Competition - Comparison to Surrounding States00:51:28
Take Aways - Federal Funds Ending00:51:40
Senator Omdahl - question where do out-of-state students attending in-state technical schools migrate00:53:22
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell - question on how South Dakota workforce and salaries compare to industry standards00:54:38
Representative Romkema - question on starting salaries of technical student graduates00:56:21
Representative Partridge - question on ways to improve funding revenues00:57:38
Senator Heineman - question on state and local aid01:02:54
Senator Heineman - question on local funding in surrounding states01:04:10
Greg Von Wald, Mitchell Technical Institute, commented on what surrounding states are doing01:04:48
Senator White - question to Mr. Faehn in regard to councils (SWAC) feedback from various funding resources 01:05:45
Senator White commented that he was pleased with SWAC's coordinated effort to meet technical school needs01:09:40
Representative Partridge - question on diminishing federal funding and Technical Training Fund01:10:19
Representative Ring - question on COLA Raise Cost01:11:16
Representative Ring - question on costs not being met01:12:29
Representative Ring - question on technical school teacher salaries01:13:37
Senator Van Gerpen - question about 2% PSA increase01:17:32
Senator Van Gerpen - question on projected health insurance costs01:19:56
Senator Haverly - question on Build South Dakota and potential training problems01:20:13
Senator Parsley - comment on program needs and capacity to meet needs01:21:52
Representative Hunhoff expressed concern about exporting in-state students01:23:35
Senator Buhl - O'Donnell - question on inflation costs and PSA 01:26:41
Senator Buhl - O'Donnell - commented on limited program capacity and lost economic impact01:28:11
Representative Ring - question what PSA Increase is needed to meet market demands01:28:56
Senator Peters requested more information about facilities, operations, and funding01:30:11
Greg Von Wald, Mitchell Technical Institute, presented Where Does The Money Go?01:31:56
Per Student Allocation Decline - Explanation 01:33:55
Senator Peters - requested explanation of funding fomula for each technical school01:37:52
Jeff Holcomb, Southeast Technical Institute, presented building and bonding report01:40:23
Senator Peters requested explanation of process to meet bonding needs01:43:18
Senator Peters - question on ownership of technical institute buildings01:45:27
Senator Peters requested ownership list of technical institute buildings01:46:27
Mr. Sheehan commented on training costs and salary issues01:46:39
Senator Parsley - question on building ownership01:46:46
Senator Parsley - question on bonding and source of funding 01:47:27
Senator Heineman - question on school district's responsiblity in M & R of buildings01:48:23
Senator Heineman - question on funding of M & R 01:49:20
Senator Heineman - question on who holds the responsibility for M&R01:49:24
Representative Jensen requested list of building values01:51:50
Senator Tidemann requested a list of future funds expended for the Technical Institutes01:52:22
Mark Wilson, Western Dakota, updated committee on technical school01:53:41
Representative Jensen - question relating to ongoing needs01:54:33
Jeff Holcomb, Southeast Technical, commented on unique governance structure of technical schools 01:54:53
Senator Omdahl - question on duplicate programs offered by technical schools01:56:43
Senator Tidemann - question on frequency and rigor of accredidation01:58:31
Representative Jensen - question on plan to address potential problems from eliminated federal funds02:00:18
Secretary Schopp, DOE,and Tamara Darnall, Director of Finance and Management presented follow-up02:08:00
Senator Buhl - O'Donnell - question on student proficiency follow-up data02:09:48
Senator Peters- question if "Not Proficient" results are different by region02:10:26
Representative Anderson- question on report card information and if there are trends02:12:14
Secretary Schopp addressed question #2 for "Proficient" students ACT and drop out rates - follow-up02:15:32
Secretary Schopp addressed question #3 about - follow-up02:17:23
Senator Heineman commented on the lack of college teachers using resources provided by DOE02:19:19
Secretary Schopp addressed question #4 on number of juniors taking the ACT - follow-up02:20:46
Representative Ring - question on whether data includes students taking tests twice02:22:05
Senator Parsley - question on ACT data02:22:39
Senator Omdahl - question ACT testing fees02:22:53
Senator Omdahl - question on cost of ACT to school districts02:23:29
Secretary Schopp addressed question #5 drop out rate by region - follow-up02:23:40
Secretary Schopp addressed question #6 types of courses and schools that offer dual credit - follow -up02:25:24
Representative Jensen - question on dual credits, technical schools, and universities02:26:18
Senator Heineman - question about minimum grade requirements for dual credit02:28:26
Representative Romkema - question about BHSU dual credit interest02:29:05
Tiffany Sanderson, DOE, commented on dual credit interest at BHSU02:30:02
Secretary Schopp addressed question #7 on student teacher vacancies02:31:10
Senator Peters requested clarification of chart - student to staff ratio 02:32:36
Senator Heineman - question on certified teacher data02:33:26
Senator Peters concerned about eliminating programs without offering e-learning or other option02:36:02
Secretary Schopp responded to question #8 list of districts participating in low-cost dual credit program02:37:30
Representative Cronin - question on size of schools participating in dual credit02:38:37
Secretary Schopp addressed question #9 brief history of SD School for Blind and Visually Impaired Summer Program02:39:55
Representative Cronin - question on number of kids attend summer program02:43:15
Secretary Schopp addressed question #10 one-page summary SD State Library research02:43:50
Tamara Darnall, Director of Finance and Management, addressed SD State Library follow-up 02:44:30
Representative Jensen - question on the financial benefit of phasing out SDLN02:49:03
Ms. Darnall responded to January 21 follow-up question #1- Special Education IDEA Funding to school districts02:50:08
Ms. Darnall responded question #2 - Historical look at different levels -special education02:52:20
Ms. Darnall responded to question #3 - SD Stars Start Up Costs and Funding- follow-up02:53:30
Overview of Cost Savings Provided by Technology in Schools Budget02:55:47
Representative Cronin - question on recent reorganization involving Education and Cultural Affairs02:57:48
Ms. Darnall presented a graph which compares the Per Student Allocation (PSA) Index Factor vs. Actual02:59:35
Senator Peters - question on whether the (PSA) chart includes one time funding03:00:53
Representative Jensen - question on the high level of drop out rates in Lead-Deadwood and Chester 03:01:53
Representative Jensen - question on how the drop out rates affect funding process 03:03:57
Senator Parsley - question on how drop out rates are affected by cyber schools03:04:30
Adjourn Dryden/Jensen03:05:31

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