Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Roll Call00:00:12
Lynne Valenti, Secretary of the Department of Social Services00:01:36
Department Vision and Mission Statement00:04:42
Guiding Principles 00:05:50
Strategic Plan Goals00:06:05
Strategic Plan Accomplishments and Key Initiatives00:08:15
Senator White question - specialized nursing home in Irene00:11:40
Senator White question - financial benefits of nursing home vs. Human Services Center00:13:18
National Awards00:14:39
Senator Van Gerpen question - supplemental nutrition assistance program00:16:00
Representative Romkema question - National Award incentives00:16:50
Future Regulatory Changes00:18:20
2014 Calendar Year Federal Poverty Guidelines00:20:21
Senator Heineman question - performance indicators for department goals00:20:45
Senator Parsley question - difference between federal and state minimums00:23:42
FY15 Budget compared to FY1600:24:40
FY16 Budget Total $1,115,440,85600:25:25
Major General Fund Impacts to the department's budget00:26:00
Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP)00:26:13
Title XIX History of FMAP - Federal Fiscal Year00:28:08
Representative Hunhoff - question on decrease in CHIP rate00:28:38
Title XXI CHIP History of FMAP - Federal Fiscal Year00:29:45
Major General Fund Impacts00:32:00
Senator Heineman - question on temporary or one-time change in the CHIP rate00:32:06
Representative Hunhoff - question on rate for 4 years but funding for 1 year00:32:49
Representative Cronin - question on rate and federal funding00:33:57
FY15 Operating Budget for Office of Secretary00:36:57
FY15 Budget compared to FY16 for Office of the Secretary00:37:47
Senator Peters question - budget and functions of the Division of Administration00:38:19
Brenda Tidball-Zeltinger, Deputy Secretary comments on functions of the Division of Administration00:41:06
Representative Hunhoff - question on fraud and recovery trends00:46:07
Carrie Johnson, Director of the Division of Economic Assistance00:50:52
Who we serve and Services Provided00:51:19
Service Delivery00:52:36
FY15 Operating Budget for Economic Assistance00:53:29
FY15 Funding Sources00:53:43
SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program00:53:52
SNAP - Who We Serve00:55:04
Representative Hunhoff - question on average number of months on SNAP00:55:45
Senator Omdahl question - how SNAP is paid00:56:30
Representative Ring - question on number of households receiving SSI00:57:18
SNAP Elilgibility00:58:13
Representative Hunhoff - question on assistance from other departments00:59:21
Senator Peters - question on meeting with employment specialist01:00:16
Representative Ring - question on resource limit01:00:28
Senator Omdahl - question on items not allowed by SNAP01:00:52
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell comments on items not allowed by SNAP 01:02:52
Representative Hunhoff - question on contracts with Dept. of Labor & Regulation01:03:35
Representative Partridge - question on average household using SNAP01:04:02
Senator Peters - comments on age trends using SNAP01:05:17
SNAP - Average Persons/Households01:05:45
Representative Ring - question on increase in those using SNAP01:06:01
Senator Van Gerpen - question on eligibililty criteria01:07:37
Representative Jensen - question on why the number using SNAP has not decreased01:08:30
SNAP Program Integrity01:10:00
Representative Hunhoff - question on where performance bonuses appear in the budget01:10:59
Senator White - question on immigration bill and SNAP eligibility01:11:26
Representative Romkema - question on how DSS could improve their error rate01:12:14
Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)01:13:40
Title XIX and Title XXI (CHIP) Eligibility01:14:09
Senator Peters - question on definition of a qualified alien01:15:23
Representative Ring - question on income/resource limits for Medicaid and CHIP01:17:24
Senator Heineman - question on on-line Medicaid eligibility01:20:00
Representative Jensen - question on CHIP eligibility under age 1901:20:36
Senator Parsley - question on Medicaid/CHIP eligibility01:21:14
Senator Omdahl - question on disability guidelines01:23:19
Senator Van Gerpen - question on definition of elderly01:26:00
Who does Medicaid Cover?01:26:42
Medicaid Eligibles by County01:27:05
Representative Jensen - question on CHIP eligibility age requirements01:27:24
SFY14 Percentage of County Population Eligible for Medical Services01:28:53
Effective January 1, 2014 - Affordable Care Act01:29:04
Senator White - question on national county population eligibles01:30:43
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell - question on applications to FFM01:32:20
Representative Cronin - question on applications to FFM01:35:46
Representative Ring - question on no coverage group Representative Ring - question on "no coverage" group01:36:41
Senator Parsley - question on federal poverty level01:37:46
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)01:42:45
TANF Cash Grants01:44:14
Representative Bordeaux - question on volunteerism in regard to TANF01:45:41
TANF - Who We Serve and Eligibility01:48:09
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell - question on pay w/o debit card01:48:12
Senator Omdahl - question on cash grants for families01:48:36
Representative Hunhoff - question on TANF eligiblity requirements01:55:27
Representative Hunhoff - question on the number that are still employed01:56:00
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell - question on follow-up employment surveys01:56:38
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell - question on eligibility time frames01:57:00
Senator Peters - requested information on employment numbers01:57:49
Representative Partridge - question on those receiving SSI01:58:09
Representative Ring - question on TANF time limits01:58:51
Senator Heineman - question on employment requirements01:59:52
TANF Average Caseloads02:01:10
Senator Parsley - question on $20 million in TANF reserves 02:01:24
Senator Peters - question on long-term plan to keep a reserve02:03:11
Senator Heineman - question on distribution of TANF funds02:04:46
Representative Partridge - question on average number of caseloads02:06:15
Auxiliary Placement Program02:07:52
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) State Supplement02:08:31
Senator Parsley - question on adjustments required if Juvenile Justice Reform Act passes02:08:51
Representative Bordeaux - question on education resources 02:10:23
Energy Assistance (LIEAP) and Weatherization02:14:23
LIEAP Eligibility02:15:06
Senator Peters - question on when new poverty levels change02:15:40
Community Action Programs02:18:34
Senator Tidemann - question on self-sufficiency02:19:49
Representative Hunhoff - question on audits/oversight on the Community Action Programs02:21:19
Case Examples02:22:15
FY15 Budget Compared to FY16 for Economic Assistance02:22:38
FY16 Fund Sources02:22:52
Representative Hunhoff - question on case scenarios02:22:56
Senator Peters - question regarding Economic Assistance functions02:25:09
Representative Dryden - question on income guidelines02:31:48
Senator Omdahl - question on child support 02:32:46
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell - question on child support02:34:50
Representative Ring - question eligibility02:35:08
Motion to Adjourn: Tidemann/Anderson02:36:42

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