Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Roll call00:00:13
Lynne Valenti, Secretary of the Department of Social Services00:01:57
Brenda Tidball-Zeltinger - Medicaid Claims System00:02:19
Senator White - question on MEDX project00:09:29
Senator Heineman - question on FTEs associated with the MEDX project00:12:09
David Zolnowsky, Commissioner of the Bureau of Information & Telecommunications - MEDX project00:12:33
Brenda Tidball-Zeltinger - Division of Medical Services00:15:24
South Dakota Medicaid00:16:14
Senator Tidemann - question on changing the Medicaid State Plan00:19:40
Regulatory Structure00:21:16
Who We Serve00:21:25
Representative Hunhoff - question on the process for what is/is not covered00:23:03
Medicaid Participation Age SFY 201400:24:41
SD Medicaid Expenditures SFY 2008-201400:24:59
Majority of Expenses by Provider Type, SFY 201400:25:44
Medical Services - Average Cost of Service - SFY1400:26:38
Service Delivery00:27:36
Health Care Services00:28:43
Senator Parsley question - change on where one can go for services00:29:48
Senator Heineman - question on optional services00:32:50
Medicaid Waivers00:33:41
Senator Peters question - on Medicaid waivers 00:35:44
Senator Peters comments on Medicaid waivers00:40:00
Senator Heineman - question on Medicaid waivers00:41:10
FY15 Operating Budget for the Division of Medical Services00:44:45
FY15 Funding Sources00:45:18
Health Care Services00:45:33
Senator Parsley question - requested budgets for previous years00:46:07
Physician Services00:46:46
Representative Hunhoff question - recipient co-pay00:47:18
Health Care Service - Primary Care Case Management Services00:48:34
Representative Hunhoff question - primary care management service00:49:33
Senator Peters question - where are the primary care services provided00:50:10
Representative Hunhoff question - cost comparison between managed care and medical home00:56:15
Senator Omdahl question - $3.00/recipient fee for PCP services00:57:35
Senator Heineman question - effectiveness of the Managed Care Program01:00:32
Health Care Service Delivery01:02:26
Senator Peters question - how many people qualify for Health Home services01:07:25
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - number in Health Home services01:09:42
Representative Partridge question - what is a Health Home01:12:31
Representative Partridge question - cost of Health Home services01:16:15
Representative Ring question - fee for core services01:17:00
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - outcome data01:23:15
Representative Jensen question - PCCM vs. Health Home Care01:24:40
Senator Peters question - what is the barrier to moving to Health Home 01:26:45
Senator Heineman question - criteria for being a Health Home01:32:50
Representative Hunhoff question - capacity in Health Home01:34:12
Representative Hunhoff question - costs01:39:15
Senator Heineman question - cost per patient in Health Home01:40:25
Inpatient Hospital01:44:33
Inpatient Hospital Services01:45:14
Outpatient Hospital01:46:33
Prescription Drugs01:47:00
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - generic drug usage01:48:25
Representative Hunhoff question - breakdown of prescription medication usage01:49:51
Other Medical Services: Durable Medical Equipment, Emergency Transportation01:51:19
Home Health01:51:43
Provider Reimbursement01:52:01
Medicare Part A and Part B "Buy-In" Program01:54:08
Medicare Part D "Clawback"01:55:26
Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment Services01:56:06
Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)01:57:39
Indian Health Services01:58:28
Representative Bordeaux question - Native American Medicaid useage01:59:46
Representative Cronin question - Indian Health Service funding02:02:10
Representative Cronin comments on Indian Health Service funding issues02:05:30
Representative Bordeaux - comments on Indian Health Service funding issues02:07:28
Health Information Technology - Electronic Health Records02:08:17
Senator White question - are there providers who are not part of this program02:09:47
Adult Dental02:12:59
Adult Optometric, Chiropractic Services, Premium Assistance, Renal Disease02:13:36
Senator Omdahl question - breakdown on chiropractic services02:14:26
Senator Heineman question - premium assistance02:14:52
Senator Tidemann question - adult dental services02:15:54
Medicaid Claims02:17:49
Medicaid Program Integrity: Third Party Liability, Internal and External Quality Assurance Review Processes02:18:28
Federal Audits02:20:17
Affordable Care Act Impact02:22:01
Representative Ring question - primary care provider enhanced rate02:24:00
Senator Peters question - primary care provider enhanced rate02:28:00
Budget Development - Overview02:31:03
Key Budget Drivers02:32:17
Budget calculations for each service budget02:32:46
Representative Romkema question - ICD-10 codes02:33:45
Development of projections for Eligibles, Utilization, and Cost02:35:22
Budget Development - Eligibles02:36:18
Senator Parsley question - why are eligibles not decreasing02:38:07
Senator Heineman question - actual number so far in FY15 for the woodwork effect02:42:20
Representative Ring question - data on woodwork effect before the Affordable Care Act02:43:30
Historical trends of Budget Development - Eligibles02:51:29
Average Monthly Medicaid Eligibles02:54:23
Medicaid Average Monthly Eligible Totals02:54:29
Rebecca Cradduck with SDAHO provided public testimony02:55:30
Senator Peters question - how is the Health Home program conceived02:57:15
Senator Peters question - what is the barrier in regard to Health Home02:59:13
Representative Partridge question - clarity on a Health Home business plan03:00:04
Adjourn - Partridge/White03:03:06

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