Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Roll Call00:00:37
Brenda Tidball-Zeltinger, Deputy Secretary00:02:12
Division of Medical Services - Average Utilization Rate00:02:14
Budget Development Utilization Rate: Average Physician Utilization00:04:48
Budget Development Utilization Rate: Average Inpatient Hospital Utilization00:06:37
Budget Development Utilization Rate: Average Outpatient Hospital Utilization00:07:25
Budget Development Utilization Rate: Average Prescription Drug Utilization00:07:25
Senator Peters question - requested data used to create the graphs00:08:15
Representative Ring question - explain shift in drug utilization00:09:25
Average Cost00:11:15
Budget Development - Cost: Average Physician Cost00:12:10
Budget Development - Cost: Average Inpatient Hospital Cost00:13:36
Budget Development - Cost: Average Outpatient Hospital Cost00:14:27
Budget Development - Cost: Prescription Drug Average Cost00:15:03
Representative Hunhoff question - are the prescriptions increasing or categories of drugs00:16:48
Budget Calculation00:19:37
Budget Development - Annual Avg. Title XIX Cost Per Elilgible00:22:15
Representative Hunhoff question - rebates00:22:43
Senator Heineman question - $1.7 million budget for Physician Services00:23:16
Budget Development - Medical Services Budget00:26:17
Senator Peters question - differences in FY15 budget numbers00:26:30
Budget Development - FY15 Revision & FY16 Recommended00:28:26
Division of Medical Services - FY15 Budget compared to Recommended FY1600:30:56
Senator Parsley question - clarification on monthly eligibles00:32:00
FY16 Funding Sources00:33:50
Division of Adult Services & Aging00:34:00
Who We Serve, Services Provided00:34:20
Service Delivery00:36:19
FY15 Operating Budget00:37:19
FY15 Funding Sources00:38:23
ASA Administration and Field Staff00:38:49
Representative Cronin question - regarding FTE numbers00:39:21
Representative Anderson question - what are Homemaker fees00:40:04
Community Based Services00:40:58
Community Based Services - In-Home Services00:41:49
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - fees for Homemaker Services00:43:07
Senator Parsley question - re:the 43 home health care providers00:46:04
Representative Hunhoff question - have any providers left the program00:46:37
Representative Hunhoff question - do contractor fees cover salary/benefits00:47:14
Senator Peters question - last time the fee was raised, is it adjusted for specific regions00:47:49
Senator Heineman question - how to measure success of the program00:49:56
Senator Peters comments on cost reports from providers00:53:51
Senator Peters comments on mid-year adjustments outside the appropriations process00:58:44
Senator Heineman question - amount of adjustment, source of funds01:00:47
Community Based Services - Community Support Services01:01:45
Senator Van Gerpen question - senior meals01:03:06
Representative Romkema question - transportation providers01:05:45
Senator Omdahl question - criteria for public transportation providers01:06:21
Senator Omdahl question - audit requirements for transportation provider contracts01:07:25
Senator Omdahl question - compensated for miles or number of trips01:08:14
Senator Van Gerpen question - provide details/requirements for trips01:08:43
Representative Hunhoff question - information on adult day services01:09:22
Representative Hunhoff question - trends on adult day services01:10:15
Caregiver and Respite Support Services01:10:48
Long-term care01:11:32
Long-term care - Assisted Living01:12:40
Long-term care - Skilled Nursing Facility and Hospice Care01:13:49
Representative Hunhoff question - rates for traumatic brain injury facilities01:16:10
Senator White question - average nursing home costs01:16:37
Provider Reimbursement01:17:24
Senator Van Gerpen question - decline in utilization and staff salaries01:18:42
Senator Tidemann question - define critical access nursing home and provide location01:21:39
Senator Tidemann question - closure of nursing homes01:23:49
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - decline in nursing home utilization01:24:12
Senator Heineman question - change to base budget01:26:22
Representative Romkema question - clarilfication on nursing home serving challenging behaviors01:27:04
Representative Romkema question - average cost/day for nursing home01:30:14
Senator Parsley question - cost/case mix for nursing homes01:30:40
Senator Parsley question - effect of assisted living centers on nursing homes01:31:06
Senator Parsely question - is there a higher number of medicaid eligibles in nursing homes01:32:40
Senator Van Gerpen comments on nursing home utilization decline01:33:20
Senator Omdahl comments on long term solution for nursing home workers01:33:53
Representative Hunhoff - question on rate adjustments01:35:06
Senator Tidemann - clarification on average facility rate01:36:05
Long Term Care - Skilled Nursing Facility & Hospice Care - FY14 No. Served01:36:45
Nursing Facilities - monthly average utilization01:37:14
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - drop in funding for long-term care01:37:47
Representative Hunhoff question - length of time before Medicaid eligible01:40:20
Victim's Services01:40:52
FY Budget Compared to FY1601:42:33
FY16 Funding Sources01:43:06
Representative Partridge question - is elder abuse in Vicitim's Services01:43:28
Division of Child Support01:46:22
Services Provided01:46:39
Senator Peters question - trend analysis of child support data01:47:49
Senator Omdahl queston - out-of-state child support collections01:48:48
Senator Van Gerpen question - child support orders going out-of-state01:51:37
Eligible Populations01:53:24
Service Delivery01:54:03
FY15 Operating Budget for Child Support01:54:09
FY15 Funding Sources01:54:28
Representatative Hunhoff question - what are incentive funds01:54:55
Senator Peters question - what are the performance measures01:55:11
Representative Hunhoff question - how much staff is allocated to this effort01:56:00
Senator Peters question - where are the performance indicators and are there others01:57:03
How a Child Support Order is Established01:58:20
How is Child Support Amount Determined01:59:34
Child Support Calculation02:00:03
Monthly Support Obligation Examples02:00:30
Enforcement Tools02:00:43
Senator Omdahl question - revoking driver licenses02:01:30
Federal Requirements02:04:00
Number of Cases and Collections02:04:36
FY15 Budget Compared to FY16 Request02:04:58
FY16 Funding Sources02:05:16
Division of Child Care Services02:06:03
FY15 Operating Budget02:06:53
FY15 Funding Sources02:07:11
Child Care Administration and Field Staff02:07:24
Child Care Subsidy Program02:07:34
Child Care Subsidy - Eligibility02:08:00
Representative Hunhoff question - length of eligibility02:09:45
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - income level criteria02:10:25
Child Care Subsidy-Monthly Average Caseload & Children served by FY02:11:36
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - data on people who are between the state and federal poverty levels02:12:20
Senator Haverly question - child care assistance certificates02:13:20
Representative Ring question - declining utilization vs. increased caseloads02:16:30
Representative Ring question - why project an increase after 3 years of decrease02:17:53
Senator Parsley question - inconsistency in declines over various programs02:18:48
Monthly Average Caseload by Region - SFY 201402:19:29
Distribution of Caseload by Federal Poverty Level for FY201402:19:44
Other Child Care Programs02:19:58
Child Care Licensing Regions02:20:34
FY15 Budget Compared to FY16 02:21:00
Representative Jensen question - can TANF reserves be used for maintenance of effort in the Block Grant02:21:23
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - is the total number of child care applications tracked02:22:00
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell requested trendlines in child care utilization02:22:45
FY16 Funding Sources02:23:10
Amy Iversen-Pollreisz, Deputy Secretary - Behavioral Health02:25:42
What is Behavioral Health02:26:32
Prevalence: Mental Disorders02:27:20
Behavioral Health Workgroup02:27:40
Human Services Center02:29:33
Who We Serve and Services Provided02:29:43
Stewardship Plan02:30:33
FY15 Operating Budget02:31:38
FY15 Funding Sources02:31:58
Service Delivery02:32:24
HSC Staffing02:33:00
Senator Peters question - describe various FTE categories02:33:43
Senator Parsley question - breakdown of turnover rates02:34:36
Representative Hunhoff question - trend of turnover rates for last 5 years for direct care providers02:35:02
Senator Heineman question - FTE increases02:35:39
HSC Administration02:37:37
Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment02:40:00
Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment02:41:15
Representative Hunhoff question - how many out-of-state admissions 02:41:54
Geriatric Services02:42:11
Representative Hunhoff question - discharges from Geriatric care to long-term facilities02:43:51
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - does direct adminission lessen the length of stay02:46:02
Representative Romkema question - daily rate at specialized nursing homes02:46:43
Representative Hunhoff question - does care change after a patient leaves the HSC geriatric unit02:48:02
Clinical Services02:49:22
Representative Hunhoff question - part of purchasing group/vendor for supplies02:50:02
Facility Operations02:50:30
Senator Heineman question - amending utility costs02:50:48
FY15 Budget Compared to Recommended FY1602:52:32
FY16 Funding Sources02:52:57
Betty Oldenkamp, CEO of Lutheran Social Services, lobbyist for Youth Care Providers02:53:43
Senator Parsley question - attrition rate with direct care providers02:59:41
Representative Partridge question - define success, is increased funding the only answer03:02:35
Darcy Jensen with Prairie View Prevention03:04:23
Representative Jensen question - what is the dollar amount requested03:09:48
Senator Omdahl question - percent of kids w/alcohol/drug issues have parents w/similar issues03:10:58
Representative Hunhoff question - amount of federal dollars come to SD annually that will go away03:12:03
Terry Dosch, SD Council of Mental Health Centers and SD Council of Substance Abuse Directors03:13:30
Adjourn: Jensen/Tidemann03:26:07

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