Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Division of Behavioral Health00:01:27
Tiffany Wolfgang, Director of Behavioral Health00:01:34
Community Behavioral Health 00:01:50
Who We Serve, Services Provided, Services Elilgibility00:01:58
Service Delivery, Numbers Served00:02:35
FY15 Operating Budget00:02:53
FY15 Funding Sources00:03:01
Community Behavioral Health Administration00:03:09
Outpatient and Emergency Services - Mental Health00:03:58
Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH)00:04:32
Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED)00:05:13
Comprehensive Assistance with Recovery & Empowerment (CARE)00:05:36
Individualized Mobile Programs of Assertive Community Treatment (IMPACT)00:06:30
Current Impact Program Locations00:07:23
Representative Hunhoff question - IMPACT Program00:07:40
Transitions Program and Eligibility00:09:11
Treatment Services - Substance Abuse00:10:02
Low Intensity (Halfway House) FY16 Expansion00:10:25
Representative Hunhoff question - outcome of those transitioning out of program00:11:37
Senator Parsley question - individuals coming into the Low Intensity Program00:13:10
Representative Cronin question - data on recidivism00:14:07
Senator Parsley question - income based program00:15:01
Treatment Services00:15:33
Title XIX Services - Substance Abuse00:15:41
Criminal Justice Initiative (CJI) - Substance Abuse00:15:54
Representative Hunhoff question - CBISA and MRT programs00:17:51
SD Public Safety Improvement Act - Districts00:18:50
Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JJRI) - FY1600:19:08
JJRI Budget Request00:19:57
Senator White question - information on the budget request 00:20:31
Prevention Services00:20:53
FY15 Budget Compared to FY16 Request00:21:46
FY16 Funding Sources00:22:14
Senator Heineman question - anticipated outcomes for various programs00:22:26
Representative Ring question - rate increase for Halfway House providers00:25:16
Senator Peters comments on cost reports00:26:55
Senator Parsley comments on program outcome issues00:28:40
Representative Hunhoff comments on cost reports and provider expenses00:29:44
Correctional Behavioral Health00:30:48
Who We Serve, Services Provided and Service Delivery00:31:04
Services Provided (in detail)00:31:21
FY15 Operating Budget00:31:43
FY15 Funding Sources00:31:50
FY15 Budget Compared to FY16 Request00:31:56
FY16 Funding Sources00:32:08
Virgena Wiesler, Director, Division of Child Protection Services (CPS)00:32:51
Provide Services For and Services Provided00:33:20
Service Delivery00:34:42
FY15 Operating Budget00:35:37
FY15 Funding Sources00:35:54
CPS Administration and Field Staff00:36:00
Services Provided - Intake Reports of Child Abuse and Neglect00:36:16
Initial Family Assessment00:36:48
Initial Family Assessment Outcomes00:37:19
Demographics of Children in Care00:38:32
Foster Care/Kinship and Support00:38:56
Representative Anderson question - Kinship funding00:39:43
Representative Romkema question - cost of Kinship Program/success00:40:52
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - data on length of stay in Kinship00:42:54
Kinship Numbers00:43:44
Foster Care00:44:21
Foster Care and Foster Families00:44:56
Group Care and Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities00:45:21
Group Care 00:45:44
Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities (PRTF)00:46:28
Psychiatric Residential Treatment Numbers00:47:54
Tribal Contracts00:48:10
Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)00:48:53
Role of DSS in Indian Child Welfare Act Cases00:49:13
Discharge Outcomes00:49:27
Discharge Outcomes data from FY12 to FY16 Projected00:49:53
Subsidized Guardianship and Subsidized Adoption00:50:31
Subsidized Guardianship Increase00:51:14
Subsidized Adoption Increase00:51:47
Adoption Subsidies Increase00:52:31
Independent Living Program00:52:56
Transition to Adulthood 00:53:56
Other Special Projects00:54:40
Federal Oversight00:55:18
Outcome Goals and State Oversight00:55:58
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - average number of cases/case worker00:57:07
FY15 Budget Compared to FY16 Request00:58:23
FY16 Funding Sources00:59:00
Dept. of Social Services - Licensing Boards00:59:44
FY15 General Bill Amendments (SB55)01:00:13
FY15 Special Appropriation Recommended01:00:37
Representative Partridge question - is your department successful01:04:24
Andy Gerlach, Department of Revenue01:06:01
Organizational Chart01:07:22
Department Mission and Goals01:08:24
Senator Peters question - how are department goals measured01:11:23
FY16 Recommended Budget01:12:11
FY2016 Recommended Budget details01:12:37
Comparison of FY16 and FY16 Budgets01:14:14
Senator Parsley question - anticipated FTEs01:15:09
Secretariat Division Functions01:17:13
Customer Education and Staff Training - FY1401:17:45
Filed Returns for Reporting Periods 01/2007 to 12/2014 (Semi-Annual)01:18:30
Representative Ring question - number of taxpayers01:19:42
Representative Hunhoff question - cost of electronic filing01:20:26
Senator Heineman question - cost effectiveness of electronic filing01:20:38
FY2016 Recommended Budget for Secretariat01:21:48
Senator Peters question - limits on sales and use tax fund01:22:27
Representative Jensen question - funding model01:23:11
Senator Heineman question - limits on what can be spent on the budget01:24:44
Business Tax Primary Functions01:25:44
Senator Parsley question - fee for remitting to local governments01:26:27
Senator Peters question - does the department transfer to Tribes01:27:07
Representative Ring question - length of time between tax remittance and funds sent back01:27:40
John Hansen, Director of Finance01:28:24
Representative Ring question - lag in time01:29:20
Senator Peters question - why a 2 week time period to pay out funds01:32:16
Representative Ring comment on lag time01:33:07
FY2016 Recommended Budget for Business Tax01:33:39
Sales & Use Tax Collections (FY2010-FY2015 to date)01:33:54
Senator Van Gerpen question - spike in December/January01:35:56
Senator Tidemann question - internet purchases01:38:05
Contractors' Excise Tax Collections (FY2010-FY2015 to date)01:42:12
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Facts & Statistics - Document No. 701:43:16
Representative Anderson question - lost tax opportunities at Sturgis Rally01:46:24
Representative Partridge comments on department01:48:09
Motor Vehicles Primary Functions01:48:48
FY2016 Recommended Budget - Motor Vehicles01:49:45
Senator Van Gerpen question - cost of license issuance vs. sales01:50:53
Representatative Jensen question - what if plates are not reissued01:51:33
2016 License Plate Re-Issue - Timeline01:53:38
2016 License Plate Re-Issue01:55:42
Senator Peters question - license plate revolving fund01:56:17
Senator Heineman question - what is the period of adjustment01:58:00
Senator Peters question - how is the fund maintained/built up01:58:34
Senator Van Gerpen question - cost of license plate material 02:01:03
Peggy Laurenz, Director of Motor Vehicles02:01:52
Representative Ring question - what does the cost include 02:03:03
Total Fuel Revenues (2005-2014)02:04:46
Motor Vehicle Excise Revenues (2010-2014)02:05:15
Senator Parsley question - larger vehicles vs. fuel prices02:06:11
Property & Special Taxes Primary Functions02:08:38
FY2016 Recommended Budget for Property & Special Taxes02:09:17
Senator Heineman question - additional FTE for wine bill02:09:53
Representative Hunhoff question - why the need for the additional FTE02:12:02
Representative Cronin question - additional needs as a result of the wine bill02:13:00
Representative Hunhoff question - is registration fee reflected in the revenue02:15:33
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - lost revenue due to workload02:17:48
Senator Heineman question - FTE and software clarification02:18:35
Senator Peters question - VIN number replacements02:19:22
Total Bank Franchise & Bank Tax Collections (FY2005-2014)02:21:27
Audits Primary Functions02:21:41
Senator Peters question - $22,000 travel increase request02:22:33
Bruce Christensen, Director of Audits02:24:03
Senator White question - Bank Franchise Tax trends02:25:51
Senator Parsley question - last years bill re:out-of-state banks02:27:22
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - effect of HB120102:28:51
FY14 Total Taxpayers vs. Audits Conducted02:30:25
Senator Peters question - amount of revenue collected from audits02:31:49
Representative Ring question - how are audits chosen02:32:52
Senator Tidemann question - frequency of audits02:36:06
Senator Peters question - why is interest so high02:39:29
FY2016 Recommended Budget - Audits02:41:07
SD Lottery - Instant & On-Line Operations02:41:40
SD Lottery - Where the Money Goes02:42:45
Representative Anderson question - increase in number of machines in an establishment02:43:20
Norm Lingle, Director of the Lottery02:43:55
Senator Parsley question - increasing the number of machines02:44:56
Senator Van Gerpen question - revenue split between state and owners02:46:35
Representative Hunhoff question - technology of VL machines02:49:15
FY2016 Recommended Budget SD Lottery02:51:06
Video Lottery02:51:21
Video Lottery Net Machine Income02:51:28
Representative Romkema - chances of winning02:52:33
Senator Van Gerpen question - actual payout for 201402:54:12
Senator Heineman question - line games bringing in a higher percentage02:54:59
Commission on Gaming02:55:43
FY2016 Recommended Budget for Gaming02:56:06
FY2014 Distribution of Gaming Funds02:56:22
Senator Parsley question - does the $14 million equal the 9% tax02:57:37
Larry Eliason, Director of Gaming02:58:25
Senator Parsley question - state general fund revenue from Deadwood gaming02:58:54
Senator Parsley question - what is the gross revenue the tax is based on03:00:43
Senator Heineman question - address the request for FTE03:02:10
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - 10 unfilled FTEs03:03:31
Adjourn - Anderson/Jensen03:05:11

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