Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Dean Krogman, President, Board of Regents, presented Strategic Plan: Our Vision and Mission00:02:36
Stewardship of Public Higher Education in South Dakota - President Krogman introduced Board of Regents00:02:40
Board of Regents - The 2020 Mission Statement00:04:17
Our Goals: Public Higher Education is Vital to South Dakota's Prosperity00:06:00
Dr. Jack Warner, Executive Director and CEO, Board of Regents presented The State of Public Higher Education in South Dakota00:10:34
Priority #1) Student Sucess - Current (Year 2014) and Goal (Year 2020) - Statistics00:11:24
Senator Heineman - questioned how did the Board of Regents determine the 2020 Goals00:16:43
Policies Driving Student Completion00:17:19
Postsecondary Placement of SD High School Graduates - 34% Not Enrolled00:21:28
Continued Growth in Graduates - 1,287 more graduates in FY14 than in FY0500:23:01
Senator Heineman - question if students not enrolled in postsecondary education were prepared00:23:38
Senator Heineman - question if students not enrolled had financial issue or were not prepared00:24:10
Senator Van Gerpen - question why so 16% of high school graduates attend out-of-state schools00:25:55
Senator Van Gerpen - question what is the reason students attend out-of-state institutions00:26:44
Senator Parsley - question how many high school graduates enlist in the military00:27:48
Representative Ring - requested breakdown of Private or Proprietary High School Graduates Category00:28:55
Continued Growth In Graduates - 26% increase in graduate production over last decade00:29:39
Six Year Graduation Rates: Steady Improvement Over Time - 2005 Cohort to 2008 Cohort statistics00:31:24
Helping the At-Risk Student Succeed - Statistics00:32:45
South Dakota Jump Start Grant - Fun for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education from the U.S. Department of Education -- $3.6 million over four years00:33:35
Senator Heineman - question how many students are served with Jump Start Grant00:35:48
How do we measure our success? Academic Quality and Performance 00:36:59
Priority #2) Academic Quality and Performance - Current (Year 2014) and Goal (Year 2020) Statistics00:37:42
Representative Hunhoff - question on statistics - if student Percent Passing Licensure and Certification Exams is first time00:38:24
Representative Hunhoff - question on statistics - Number of New Graduate Programs for the Year 2020 00:39:35
Responsive, Dynamic Academic Programming00:39:51
Residency in Teacher Preparation - Student Teaching One Year00:40:50
Collaborative Principal Preparation00:41:40
Senator Heineman - question if teacher preparation is geared toward new South Dakota standards set 00:42:55
Representative Ring - question if students are understanding content in fourth year00:44:50
How do we measure our success? Research and Economic Development 00:46:50
Priority #3) Research and Economic Development - Current (Year 2014) and Goal (Year 2020)00:47:08
Representative Hunhoff - question Grants and Contracts Expenditures statistics00:48:40
Research is Economic Development - Chart00:49:14
Senator Tidemann - question what percentage level comes from federal programs for research00:49:20
Senator Tidemann - question about trend line for expenditures for research00:50:10
Representative Hunhoff- question what is private and state trend for economic development and is private sector renewing investment00:52:10
Senator Heineman - question how to measure faculty involvement in the classroom when they are involved with research00:53:50
Research is Job Development - Chart00:55:50
2020 Vision: The South Dakota Science and Innovation Strategy00:57:33
Attracting and Retaining a Future Workforce - 2014 Freshman Migration Study00:59:15
Workforce Development - Unique demographic challenges facing South Dakota01:00:55
Representative Cronin - requested explanation of increase of out-of-state students attending in-state universities01:01:58
How do we measure our success? Affordability and Accountability01:03:25
Priority #4) Affordability and Accountability - Chart01:03:47
State Support Impacts Affordability - Chart01:05:46
Default Rates: South Dakota Students Pay Back Their Debts - Chart01:06:40
Representative Cronin - question how much financial relief to the student did the state tuition buy down provide01:07:15
Senator Tidemann- question if surrounding states are going to have tuition freeze for coming year01:08:08
Student Loan Debt - Chart: Public Debt versus Private Debt01:09:09
Committee Questions - Responses to questions from Joint Committee01:09:55
Strategies to Prepare Students for Tomorrow's Careers01:10:35
Filling the Workforce Pipeline - Chart01:12:45
Academic Programming for Economic Development 01:13:39
Wage Premiums: The financial value added of higher education - Chart01:14:12
Producing Graduates with Information - Age Skills and Knowledge01:15:20
Representative Hunhoff - question if students are getting jobs in their degree field 01:15:34
Fact Check: What kind of graduates does a major South Dakota employer hire?01:17:00
Representative Romkema - question what is definition of trade related to Wage Premium Chart01:17:45
Representative Anderson - question if guidance counselors work with students on quality of life issues as well as income issues when choosing career01:18:54
Senator White - commented on importance of discipline and street smarts and complimented Dr. Warner01:22:50
Benefits of Higher Education - Benefits to the Individual --Chart01:25:10
Higher Education Serves the Public Good, Builds Stronger Communities01:25:40
Overview of FY16 Budget Request01:27:23
Board of Regents All Funds by Fund Source FY2015 $818,271,483 -- Chart01:27:42
FY16 Budget Priorities: Maintain Facilities, Grow Scholarships - Statistics01:29:33
Details of HEFF -- Maintenance & Repairs Match - Chart01:31:31
South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship01:31:43
Re-Establishing Opportunity Scholarship Value for Students01:32:03
Governor's FY15 One-Time Funding Recommendations01:32:29
Senator Parsley - question why insurance costs are decreasing01:33:02
Dr. Monte Kramer, Systems Vice President of Finance and Administration, Board of Regents, responded 01:33:54
Senator Peters - question asked about large budget transfer $43M last August01:34:43
Claudeen Hluchy, Budget Manager, Board of Regents, responded01:35:20
Representative Jensen - question if Board of Regents view dual credit program as success01:37:22
Representative Jensen - question if university is retaining students who take dual credit through their insitution01:39:15
Senator Haverly - question clarification on $43M budget transfer last August01:40:12
Senator Parsley - question on budget transfers over past three years and FTE's01:42:45
Dr. David Chicoine, SDSU, President, South Dakota State University, presented FY16 Budget and report to the committee01:46:45
South Dakota State University - Enrollment, South Dakota Opportunity Scholars and Alumni01:48:00
Operating Budget Authority FY15 - Chart01:49:12
Impact 2018 goals: Strategic Plan01:49:54
High-Performing University01:50:55
Senator Heineman - question on efficiency and priorities01:53:27
Maintenance and Repair - Budget $7.57M in FY1501:56:20
Reach of the University01:57:05
Research and Economic Development - Chart - Performance Indicator --Baseline and Target01:58:17
Academic Excellence -- Enrollment and Graduates Chart 02:06:09
College - Educated Workforce - Spring 2014 Graduating Survey02:09:32
Academic Excellence - Program Accreditations, Facilities, Classroom Enhancement Initiative, and Student Success Program02:12:35
Representative Partridge - question if university collaberates with other institutions and what is the trend02:16:17
Senator Haverly - question on NSF grant funding - Research and Economic Development02:18:12
Student Success Program-South Dakota Jump Start, Exploratory Studies, Career Development Center, and Wintrode Center02:20:45
Emily Endres, SDSU student, and Mike Meier, SDSU student, shared with the committee tutoring program and supplemental instruction02:25:28
Senator White - question what is the oversite for student instuctors02:35:03
Representative Anderson - commented on his relation in tutoring program02:36:50
Senator Parsley - commented on the tutoring program02:37:02
Representative Ring - question is tutoring offered for other courses besides science02:37:50
SDSU Agricultural Experiment Station Research02:40:01
Dr. Barry Dunn, Dean, SDSU, presented to the committee02:40:15
What is SDSU AES?02:40:16
What is SDSU AES? $44.5M operating authority 02:41:44
What is SDSU AES? $34.5M of operating and external funds expended in the conduct of scienctific research in FY1402:43:00
What is SDSU AES? People and Locations - Faculty (69 FTE) , Graduate Reserach Assistants (81 FTE) and Research Staff (99 FTE) --8 sites02:44:10
Recent Highlights 02:45:33
Quick Facts - Student Research, Intellectual Property, and Contributions to South Dakota Economy02:47:43
Challenge - Federal Funds Erosion FY13-FY15 of $647,00002:49:10
Representative Partridge - question on swine education and cow-calf research02:51:25
SDSU Extension 02:52:50
What is SDSU Extension?02:52:54
What is SDSU Extension? SDSU Extension FY15 Budget Authority $19.1M02:53:55
What is SDSU Extension? People and Locations02:54:40
Recent Highlights - - source of information 02:54:43
Recent Highlights - Programmatic Emphases and Grant Award Highlights02:55:51
Quick Facts - 4-H Program02:56:53
Challenges - Budget Erosion02:58:12
Dakota State University (DSU)02:59:00
Dr. Marysz Rames, Interim President, DSU, presented FY16 Budget and report to the committee02:59:36
Quick Facts - Fall 2014 Enrollment, Demographics, and Academic Programs03:00:33
FY15 Budget and Revenue -- $37.6M in operating budget03:03:49
Expansion of Information Systems and Cyber Security Programs03:04:29
Campus Infrastructure - Master Planning/Campus Space Analysis: Spring 201403:07:05
Academic Quality 03:09:00
Student Success Initiatives 03:11:05
Workforce Readiness - Capstone Experiences03:14:08
Workforce Development - 2014 Graduates 03:15:27
Faculty and Student Successes 03:16:09
Strategic Initiatives - Educate to Inspire, Grow to Thrive, Innovate to Transform, and Collaborate to Lead03:18:35
Representative Cronin - question 94% percentage of students who qualify for financial aid -- is that the same as other schools across the State of South Dakota03:20:20
Senator Heineman - question how DSU stays on cutting edge of cyber security issues03:21:48

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