Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Dr. James M. Smith, President, Northern State University, presented FY16 Budget and report to the committee00:02:10
Northern State University's role in building a better South Dakota00:02:55
2014-2015 NSU Enrollment Update - 3,600 students Fall 201400:03:52
Affordability and Accessibility - National Rankings00:05:26
Academic Vitality Drives Success - Title III Grant ($1.9M over 5 years) and Starfish Early Start00:06:44
Academic Vitality Drives Success - 15-to-Finish00:09:40
Senator Heineman - question if students have access to courses needed to graduate in four years00:11:33
Academic Vitality Drives Success - Honors Program - 150 students enrolled00:12:51
Senator Parsley - question what is the criteria for NSU Honors Program00:14:00
Representative Hunhoff - question what are honors students outcome after completion of program00:15:23
NSU Response to Emerging Needs - Laboratory Science, Agribusiness Education00:17:05
NSU Response to Emerging Needs - Banking and Financial Services, Master of Music Education00:20:29
NSU Response to Emerging Needs - Online Accounting Degree, Elementary Education00:22:04
Senator Heineman - question if Northern State University's elementary education program is addressing new standards set for the classroom00:23:58
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell - question what is student feedback of English as a Second Language Program00:28:11
NSU Response to Emerging Needs - NSU Workforce Education, NSU Back to School Workshop00:29:59
NSU Response to Emerging Needs - Center for Statewide E-Learning00:31:36
NSU Response to Emerging Needs - South Dakota Districts Served by NSU Center for Statewide E-Learning00:32:40
Senator Heineman - question what is capacity for expansion of e-learning program00:33:26
Representative Jensen - question how many students can you impact from E- Learning Program from one faculty member00:35:48
Representative Romkema - question about e-learning map00:36:38
Representative Partridge - question on collaberation efforts, cost savings, and long term goals00:37:29
Develop Student Leaders for Life - Student Success Stories00:39:45
Fuel Opportunities with Research 00:41:20
Representative Hunhoff- question about e-learning success and DDN and supporting data00:43:17
Representative Cronin - question about future building plans on campus00:44:30
Black Hills State University - President Dr. Tom Jackson presented the FY16 Budget and Report to the committee00:47:47
Perceptions of an Aspiring University Student - Research vs. State Univeristy vs. Technical Institutes00:52:03
The Spirit of the Hills - (BHSU) You Tube Video00:55:27
Quick Facts - Business, Education, and Biology are largest school programs01:01:31
Where Anything is Possible - (BHSU) You Tube Video01:06:42
All Inspired by Teachers - Statistics01:07:58
Budgeted Cost to Educate a Student 01:09:19
University Center - Rapid City - BHSU Programs Offered01:10:57
Sanford Lab - BHSU Underground Campus01:12:39
BHSU Alumni - You Tube Video01:14:48
Revenue and Marketing01:17:30
Veterans and American Indians 01:23:41
Education and Energy Savings01:28:05
Interactive Map - BHSU Impacts every District01:29:35
Representative Bordeaux - question about tribal colleges and their relationship with BHSU01:30:17
Dr. Rod Custer, BHSU, responded what tribal and bridge programs are available at BHSU01:33:39
Senator Van Gerpen - question if classes are available onsite at Ellsworth Airforce Base01:36:01
Representative Bordeaux - question how to improve Native American business relationship01:37:24
Dr. Heather Wilson, President, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, (SDSM&T), presented FY16 Budget and report to the committee 01:39:07
Enrollment SDSM&T - Chart01:39:14
Growing Campus01:43:32
Student Wellness & Recreation Center01:44:22
HB 1021: Chemistry, Biology, Chemical Engineering01:45:05
Research - Goal and Chart 01:46:25
After Sharp Research Decline (2010 - 2013) - Chart01:47:18
FY15 Unrestricted Budget 01:47:43
An Even Greater Team - PhD in Physics - Year 2 and Energy Resources Initiative01:48:50
Senator Parsley - question about ownership of experiments at Sanford Lab in Lead, SD01:54:33
Representative Bordeaux - question about relationship between Sinte Gleska University and SDSM&T shale research01:59:12
Senator Heineman - question if physic undergraduates are willing to teach secondary education02:04:54
Senator Tidemann - question on grants received for Sanford Underground Research Facility and if university benefits from federal research awards02:06:30
President James Abbott, University of South Dakota, presented FY2016 Budget Hearing and report02:09:30
Student Success - Statistics02:09:47
Academic Program Success02:15:50
Workforce Contributions02:17:05
Campus Projects02:19:11
Senator Tidemann - question asked if Onward Campaign: Fundraising for $97M student scholarships will be need based02:20:05
Research Highlights and Looking Ahead02:23:00
Representative Partridge - question if research is duplicated at South Dakota Universities02:26:13
Senator Tidemann - commented on value of research02:27:47
Senator Parsley - commented on difference between research and credit cards02:28:41
Vice President and Dean of School of Medicine, Dr. Mary Nettleman, presented Sanford School of Medicine report and budget request02:30:34
Representative Jensen - question on increasing in-state residencies and increasing doctor enrollment02:41:54
Senator White - concern about USD eliminating associate degree in nursing02:46:13
Senator White - expressed employment is available in rural areas for students who obtain an associate nursing degree 02:49:52
Representative Hunhoff - question what percentage from hospital is provided for residency program02:51:52
Representative Hunhoff - question where graduates with doctorate degress in physical therapy going and how do we retain them in rural areas02:53:31
Representative Partridge - question on goals and trends of collaberation with other universities02:56:51
South Dakota's Specialized Schools - SD School for the Deaf and SD School for the Blind and Visually Impaired03:01:02
Superintendent Marjorie Kaiser presented the FY16 Budget Request and report to the committee03:01:37
South Dakota School for the Deaf (SDSD)03:02:58
SDSD - Vision and Mission03:03:33
(SDSBVI) - School for Blind and Visually Impaired03:04:03
Workforce Development03:04:37
Job Readiness - Unemployment rate for blind or visually impaired adults is 60%03:06:03
SDSBVI Summer Program03:07:14
Summer Program Focus03:07:50
Expanded Core Curriculum03:08:45
Summer Program - 35 to 40 students attend each summer03:11:50
Brief History - Summer Program03:13:07
Budget Request for Summer Program - $200,00003:13:41
Senator Heineman - question why summer program isn't a general funds approporation for Board of Regents 03:14:37
Senator Parsley - question if program will be moved into the DOE funding formula03:15:59
Senator Van Gerpen - concern about trend of federal grant funding a state program03:16:30
Representative Dryden - question if funding was a straight appropriation or part of the education funding formula03:18:57
Dr. Jack Warner, Board of Regents, made closing remarks for Board of Regents03:19:18
Senator Tidemann - question on page 49 of FY15 Fact Book03:21:02
Senator Heineman - complimented Dr. Warner and with work with SDSD and SDVBI03:24:20
Representative Dryden - Announcements03:24:44

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