Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Commissioner David Zolnowsky, Bureau of Information and Telecommunications (BIT), introduced staff to the committee 00:05:15
Mr. Jim Edman, Deputy Commissioner (BIT), presented the FY16 Budget Request and department report to the committee00:06:45
K-12 Technology Follow-Up00:08:10
Senator Parsley- question how does BIT bill and what services BIT provides to K-12 00:10:10
Senator Heineman - question is DDN primarily used in the classroom and what schools and how much do schools use DDN00:12:08
BIT Services and Reach - Chart00:13:27
Senator Omdahl - question on cyber security and background checks for state employees00:20:05
FY16 Budget Request - Expansion Summary - Telecommunications, Development, Data Center, and BIT Administration request00:21:57
Representative Hunhoff - question about the request for Application Developers FTEs00:23:07
Representative Hunhoff - question if information is shared with other departments00:25:30
Representative Partridge - question on request for 16 FTEs00:27:40
Representative Ring - question who makes the decision whether the needs of an agency can use your services00:30:47
Senator Tidemann - requested list of agencies that are going to use additional 16 FTEs and the funding sources for each FTE00:33:42
Senator Peters - question why BIT needs more FTEs for certain agency projects if programmers are available after projects are finished 00:34:46
Representative Anderson - question why is the state developing an unemployment insurance program from scratch when existing programs may exist00:36:44
Senator Omdahl - requested a breakdown of FTEs requested for each department and what are they doing00:38:31
Senator Parsley - question on the budgeting process for new and unfilled FTEs and the billing process for agency projects00:40:31
Senator Parsley - question if department is meeting FTE targets and commented on historical FTE trend00:43:42
Representative Dryden- question if there could be a reduction in staff once software development needs are met00:44:40
Representative Jensen - question how will the requested FTE for Department of Revenue help the wine shipment licensing and collection00:45:34
Representative Jensen - question about wine licensing, HB 1002, and if the appropriation request includes FTE requested by BIT00:47:20
Senator Heineman - question about FTE requests and cost benefit analysis00:47:53
Representative Anderson - comment about disconnect with BIT’s budget requests and agencies’ requests00:49:15
Senator Tidemann - requested LRC staff to contact each department that will receive additional BIT FTE to provide what the additional FTE will be doing and the source of funding for the FTE00:52:00
FY16 Budget Request - Software Licensing Summary00:53:38
Senator Peters- question why do software licensing fees continue to increase00:56:10
FY16 Budget Requested - Telecommunications 00:57:50
Senator White - question on cyber security and preventing hacking 01:00:28
Senator Omdahl - question how often are towers replaced 01:04:15
Representative Hunhoff - question are agencies mandated to participate in security measures 01:05:20
Senator Tidemann - question how are old computers disposed01:05:44
Representative Romkema - question if department ties FTE to cyber security01:07:26
FY15 Major Projects - Telecommunications01:08:44
FY16 Budget Requested - Data Center - 4 FTE $361,150 Other Funds01:10:00
Senator Omdahl - question how many towers are leased or owned by the State01:10:57
FY16 Major Projects - South Dakota Public Broadcasting - Replace Production Truck 01:15:10
Ms. Julie Overgaard, South Dakota Public Broadcasting, presented needs 01:15:40
Senator Parsley - question where will resources come for new Production Truck & Equipment01:17:17
Mr. Paul Kinsman, Commissioner, Bureau of Administration (BOA), presented the FY16 Budget Request and agency report01:19:12
Senator White - question if sale leaseback will be the last payment01:22:52
Representative Dryden - question if sale leaseback will end in FY1701:23:47
Senator Omdahl - question regarding advertising and selling surplus inventory01:38:47
Senator White - question on disclosure for surplus inventory and if a brokerage company is used 01:45:31
Mr. Jeff Holden, Deputy Commissioner, responded01:46:25
Representative Dryden requested fleet information01:49:08
Senator Parsley - question on the type of gas used in fleet vehicles 01:49:17
Senator Omdahl - question is there a cost benefit of using E-85 gasoline01:52:00
Senator Tidemann - question regarding Human Services Center project funding and requested an update02:02:45
Representative Romkema - question on long-term plans for Redfield campus02:06:38
Senator Tidemann - question on status of Meade Building in Yankton02:08:52
Senator Heineman - comment to encourage ongoing evaluation of Redfield Campus02:10:58
Representative Anderson - question if 2% Maintenance and Repair is enough or too much to maintain projects02:16:32
Senator Tidemann - thanked Commissioner Kinsman for his service 02:19:30
Senator Omdahl - thanked Commissioner Kinsman for his service02:20:20
Commissioner Laurie Gill presented the FY16 Budget Presentation for Bureau of Human Resources (BHR) and made staff introductions02:21:08
Bureau of Human Resources - Divisions - Classification and Training, Compensation and Agency Support, and Employee Benefits02:21:55
Presentation Overview -- Agenda02:24:00
Major Goals and Measures02:24:30
Major Goals and Measures - Provide agencies with the resources to hire the best talent available02:24:50
Representative Partridge - question on clarification of the percent employee salaries are behind other states02:26:15
Major Goals and Measures - Provide learning opportunities to continually grow and develop our workforce02:28:55
Major Goals and Measures - Provide fiscally responsible benefits and improve our market position in total compensation02:31:05
Major Goals and Measures - Increase the overall health and wellness of members02:33:14
FY16 Governor's Recommended Budget02:34:45
Senator Heineman - question if information on goals and measures is published or available online02:34:50
Representative Hunhoff - question how do you prioritize areas of workforce recruitment 02:35:58
Senator Van Gerpen - question what is average salary increase for a state employee received the last year02:37:46
Senator Van Gerpen - question what is average turnover rate excluding the Department of Corrections02:38:37
Representative Hunhoff - question regarding overtime compensation and salary pay and requested follow-up02:40:03
Recommended Budget - Increase 3 FTE for support of new compensation system and budget reduction to the South Dakota Risk Pool02:41:10
Ms. Ellen Zeller, BHR, explained department's classification compensation and recruitment responsibilities02:42:28
Recommended Budget - 1 FTE Compensation Specialist02:42:30
Senator Tidemann - question if Board of Regents is included in the new classification compensation structure02:44:24
Recommended Budget - 1 FTE - Training Specialist02:45:00
Representative Hunhoff - question what is emphasis for using specialized training in employee orientation02:47:09
Mr. Kevin Forsch, BHR, explained need for additional management analyst02:48:00
Recommended Budget - 1 FTE - Management Analyst02:48:01
Ms. Jill Kruger, BHR, explained the reduction in the South Dakota Risk Pool (SDRP)02:49:25
Recommended Budget - Reduction to the South Dakota Risk Pool02:49:26
Representative Hunhoff - question where is the remaining money for SDRP02:52:18
Senator White - question about $2.42 million one-time funds from the SDRP02:53:30
Salary Policy Proposal02:54:35
Salary Policy Proposal for FY1602:54:45
Mr. Kevin Forsch, BHR, explained Non-Career Band and Career Band -- FY16 Salary Policy Proposal02:54:50
Autism - SB 108 called for study of services and insurance coverage regarding the treatment of autism spectrum disorder in children02:56:45
Autism - The Employee Health Plan will offer expanded coverage for Autism Spectrum Disorder 02:58:20
Mr. Tom Steckel, BHR, explained benefit coverage for Autism Spectrum Disease 02:58:35
Senator Tidemann - question about funding source for Autism Spectrum Disease coverage03:00:09
Senator Peters - question on FY16 budgeting for ASD coverage03:00:38
Representative Anderson - question what is source of actuary data to support the $500,000 cost 03:01:05
Senator White - question how does this compare to other states’ ASD coverage03:01:50
Senator Heineman - question on other bills mandating health insurance coverage and effects on the state health plan03:03:10
Representative Partridge – question what is $500,000 going to buy 03:03:55
Representative Ring - question what age would a person age-out of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Coverage03:05:59
Representative Anderson - question on financial statement (Slide 14 - One Note) reductions to claims03:07:25
Ms. Mary Keeler, Accounting Manager, (BFM) explained reduction to claims03:08:34
Representative Anderson - requested additional information on retirees03:09:20
South Dakota State Employee Health Plan03:13:05
Tom Steckel, BHR, presented State Employee Health Plan03:13:15
Employee Health Plan - Five Year Health Plan Strategy (Continued) 03:14:30
Representative Hunhoff - question if Wellness Champions program is voluntary or if employees are compensated03:16:18
Senator Heineman - question on FY14 FTE count and how the state health plan budgets costs per employee03:16:35
Senator Heineman - question what basis is used to budget benefits for future years03:18:48
Representative Romkema - question about overrecovery on the Health Plan Full Accrual Basis Financial Statement03:22:11
Representative Romkema - question if premiums will potentially decrease03:23:18

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