Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Roll Call00:00:18
Minutes Approval - January 20-21-2200:01:04
Minutes Approval - January 26-27-28-2900:01:45
Lucas Lentsch, Secretary of the Department of Agriculture00:02:53
State's #1 Industry00:05:37
Organizational Chart for the Department00:06:46
Boards and Commissions - Advisory Boards00:07:54
Boards and Commissions - Policy/Budgetary Boards00:08:18
Office of the Secretary00:09:13
Division of Agricultural Services00:09:32
Senator Omdahl question – number of honey producing companies in South Dakota00:10:58
Division of Agricultural Development00:12:50
Senator Parsley question - number of cows today compared to 1960's00:14:21
Senator White comments on water management mediation00:15:32
Division of Resource Conservation and Forestry00:17:18
Division of Wildland Fire00:17:32
Division of the State Fair Park00:17:50
Staff: 118 Full Time00:18:10
Total 2015 Budget: $46,064,70900:18:57
SDDA 2015 Budget: $16,971,13700:19:27
Historical Funding00:19:49
Year In Review00:20:32
Modernization of Service Delivery00:20:40
In 2014, The Division of Ag Services00:21:18
Ag Services Division Reorganization00:22:27
Finance Programs00:24:19
Representative Partridge question - rural rehab funds00:25:45
Chris Petersen, Finance Officer - information on rural rehab funds00:27:54
Ag Mediation & Finance Counseling00:29:36
County Site Analysis Program00:30:00
Representative Hunhoff question - budget for mediation program00:30:21
International Trade00:33:04
Dairy Development00:35:58
Representative Partridge question - high/low number of dairys00:37:20
Senator Omdahl question - dairy products exported00:38:45
Representative Jensen question - growth in dairys, small vs. corporate00:39:36
Senator Parsley question - industry demand for dairys00:41:09
20 Year Dairy Trend00:41:25
Senator Parsley question - idenifying sites for large cattle operations00:42:56
Representative Hunhoff question - capacity for production00:44:45
Senator Omdahl question - workforce demand00:45:05
Senator Van Gerpen comments re: recognizing dairy farmers for efficiency00:46:35
Local Forestry and Conservation00:49:05
Mountain Pine Beetle Initiative00:49:49
Mountain Pine Beetle 2015 All Lands Approach00:50:50
Representative Romkema question - cooperation between state and federal government00:51:16
Urban Forest Inventory & Assessment Project00:52:20
Wildland Fire Highlilghts00:53:06
Fire Suppression00:54:56
Representative Hunhoff question - is South Dakota still owed any federal funds for past fires00:55:28
Chris Petersen, Finance Officer, information on fire suppression fund00:55:48
Senator Peters question - firefighter duties when not fighting fires00:58:08
Jay Esperance, Director, Division of Fire Suppression00:59:10
Senator Peters question - information on recent fire01:03:45
Senator Peters question - burn piles01:03:55
Senator Omdahl question - promotion of pine beetle wood01:05:55
2014 State Fair Numbers01:07:44
State Fair Revenues01:08:58
More than a Fair01:09:16
Nordby Exhibit Hall for 4-H, Youth & Community01:10:37
2014 South Dakota Agriculture Bulletin01:11:18
2014 SD Agricultural Economic Contribution Study01:12:26
Other Agricultural Issues01:13:07
Representative Jensen question - Governor's Pheasant Habitat Work Group01:18:04
Senator Tidemann question - plans put in place as a result of the Work Group01:19:25
Senator Tidemann question - creating new conservation group01:22:46
Senator White question - CREP program01:24:45
Agency Sponsored Legislation01:26:25
Save the Date - Governor's Agricultural Summit01:27:25
Senator Peters question - Boards/Commissions/Check-Off Programs01:28:21
Chris Petersen, Finance Officer01:28:42
Senator Tidemann question - highlight the various Boards, national vs. state check-off programs01:30:11
Senator Peters question - money appropriated to the Boards01:30:45
Representative Hunhoff question - breakdown of funds for Boards01:32:15
Senator Parsley question - number of gross dollars/refunds01:33:35
Senator Heineman question - location of reduction01:34:00
Representative Hunhoff question - Boards finances in arrears01:35:32
Senator Heineman question - unfilled FTEs01:36:44
Senator Peters comments on department performance measures01:40:28
Jim Hagen, Commissioner of Tourism01:42:25
Budget Information from LRC document01:43:46
Michael Pangburn, Director of the SD Arts Council01:44:33
Grant Awards01:48:45
Strategic Plan for Arts Council01:49:15
Senator Peters question - availability of federal dollars01:51:58
Jay Vogt, Director of the SD State Historical Society01:53:20
Goals of the Historical Society01:58:49
Budget Information for the Office of History02:02:24
Grant Information02:04:25
Performance Indicators02:05:56
Representative Partridge question - Rapid City facility02:06:40
Jim Hagen, Office of Tourism02:07:57
Tourism Goals02:08:41
Economic Impact of Tourism on South Dakota02:09:40
2014 in Review02:10:26
2015 Plans02:16:20
Senator White question - promotion of the James River Corridor02:19:36
Senator Parsley question - consulting services in budget02:23:30
Senator Van Gerpen comments on Tourism's efforts02:25:43
Representative Partridge question - typical visitor to South Dakota02:26:09
Senator Haverly question - moving Office of History to the Dept. of Education02:29:20
Senator Omdahl question - benefits of North Dakota oil industry02:30:00
Representative Ring question - Economic Impact Study02:30:40
Mike Headley, Executive Director SD Science and Technology Authority02:35:45
SD FY16 Major Goals02:36:34
Current Underground Physics Program02:38:30
Sanford Underground Research Facility02:40:43
Underground Lab Geography02:41:32
4850L Davis Campus02:43:00
Davis Campus Entrance on 4850L02:43:38
World's Deepest Clean-Room Machine Shop02:44:25
Majorana Detector Assembly02:45:50
Majorana Shield and Detector Assembly02:47:30
LUX Installed in the Davis Cavern02:48:05
LUX Detector Deployed in Water Shield Tank02:48:49
World's Most Sensitive Dark Matter Experiment02:49:35
Senator Heineman question - DOE project funding02:50:40
Projected 4850L Science Laboratories02:51:40
CASPAR Experiment02:54:00
BHSU Underground Campus02:55:55
Senator Tidemann question - funding for BHSU Laboratory02:58:18
LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) Dark Matter Experiment02:59:42
Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility03:00:24
Senator Heineman question - funding for LBNF03:05:17
LBNF Excavation Magnitude03:05:33
Ross Shaft Refurbishment Required for LBNF03:06:34
Senator Omdahl question - coating on steel material03:09:03
Representative Hunhoff question - longevity of new product03:09:47
Traversing Up the Ross Shaft Video03:12:36
Ross Refurbishment Recent Progress03:13:10
Ross Refurbishment Recent Progress - new steel installed03:13:22
Ross Shaft Refurbishment - 2000L station refurbishment completed03:14:00
Representative Romkema question - world interest in experiments03:14:09
Economic Impacts in South Dakota03:15:27
Education and Outreach Impacts03:17:11
Funding Commitments as of January 201503:17:42
DOE Operations Funding Ongoing Today03:18:05
SD University Involvement Highlights03:18:50
Education & Outreach - New Visitors Center03:20:00
Visitor Center Steel Installation Video03:20:42
Representative Ring question - future of Ross Shaft and Lab03:21:43
Senator Tidemann question - water level03:23:37
Senator Tidemann question - indirect funding03:24:10
Representative Romkema comments on discovery of neutrons03:26:24
Adjourn: Omdahl/Tidemann03:28:40

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