Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Attorney General Marty Jackley, introduced staff and presented the FY16 Budget and report for Office of Attorney General00:02:40
FY16 Attorney General Budget Briefing 00:03:40
Governor's Recommended Budget - FY13 Actual to FY16 Recommended00:04:40
Major Expansions and Reductions - Attorney - Legal Services $101,425 and LEOTF Fund Swap ($521,996) (Slide 4)00:04:55
Civil Litigation - Notable Pending Civil Litigation --Cases, Summary, and Amount at Risk00:06:30
Civil Litigation Cases Opened 00:10:00
Civil Prisoner Litigation -- FY 2014 and FY2015 to date Civil Prisoner Cases - Statistics00:10:30
2014 Civil Division Summary - Amount Recovered/Preserved $279.1M00:11:55
FY14 Tobacco Activities - State of South Dakota received $368,776,514 to date00:12:20
FY14 Medicaid Fraud - $3,556,829 recovered 00:13:20
Consumer Contacts - 34,838 contacts in FY14 (Phone Calls, E-mails, Helpline, Correspondence) 00:14:25
Criminal Division - Notable Cases - Death Penalty Cases and Homicide00:15:30
Criminal Division - Notable Cases (Continued) - Aggravated Assault on Law Enforcement Officer, Felony Drug Cases, Voter Fraud, and McNeely/DUI Cases00:18:31
Attorney Criminal Cases - By Fiscal Year -Cases Opened - Chart00:20:15
DCI Criminal Cases - FY14 DCI Cases - Cases Initiated- Chart00:20:36
Senator Peters - question is there a graph showing what counties of the state use DCI00:21:25
Senator Heineman - question what in particular SB70 has to do with number of increased attorney criminal cases opened00:23:09
Senator White - requested an update on the status of new DCI Field Unit near Lemmon, SD00:25:15
FY12-FY14 DCI Comparison - Chart00:27:00
Senator Heineman - question what types of grants have been decreased from the federal government00:30:30
Senator Omdahl - question on trend of lab cases and what type cases are tested00:31:15
Senator Omdahl - question if legalization of marijuana in Colorado has affected the Office of Attorney General's Budget00:32:00
South Dakota Statewide Automated Victim Information & Alert Notification Service - (SAVIN)00:35:25
SAVIN - Budgeted Funds00:35:56
Areas of Interest - Department of Correction (DOC) Cases Investigated By Calendar Year - 2014 00:36:25
Kimball Standoff - Costs -- 12 Departments Responded, 135 Personnel, and $57,768 in Overtime Expenses00:38:00
Senator Peters - expressed concern why there isn't one-time funds for law enforcement emergencies 00:40:28
Senator Omdahl - question if deputized law enforcement become employees of the State of South Dakota00:41:42
Senator Tidemann - question what happens to equipment when damaged during standoff00:42:35
Representative Anderson - comment on fire department and mutual aid agreements with neighboring fire departments00:43:55
Senator White - question if study should be done to review agreements and/or review funding00:44:25
Senator Omdahl - question why we don't want to reimburse counties when emergencies occur00:47:10
Senator White - commented a study should be done and not have an open-ended fund00:48:10
Senator Parsley - question how did extraordinary case fund get started - state and county00:48:58
Senator Parsley - question if insurance pool could be applied to situations such as the Kimball Standoff00:50:50
Representative Ring - question if Kimball Standoff Situation happens every year or two and commented on funding00:51:58
Representative Dryden - comment the committee can't assume what is the State's responsibility 00:55:00
75th Sturgis Rally - 2015 00:55:20
Controlled Substances - Methamphetamine Statistics - Chart 00:56:13
2014 South Dakota Methamphetamine County Statistics 00:57:00
Senator Heineman - question on what is the source of increased drug arrests over the past two years00:57:35
Senator Omdahl - question if there is a need for more drug dogs00:58:30
Senator Van Gerpen - question in regard to a specific drug arrest and what happens to evidence seized00:59:20
Synthetic Drugs - Latest Trend - 25i or NBOMe 01:01:00
Internet Crimes Against Children - ICAC 01:01:30
Senator Omdahl - expressed appreciation for law enforcement at Sturgis Rally01:02:47
Officer Involved Shootings - 2010 to 2015 List 01:03:05
Officer Involved Shootings 2010-2015 (Continued) 01:03:45
Law Enforcement Officer Training Fund - This is where your money goes -Chart01:04:38
Liquidated Costs Distribution - Chart01:06:20
Senator Heineman - question if LEOTF is used to train Unified Judicial System officers01:08:30
Representative Hunhoff - question how 911 Telecommunicator Fee is used01:09:20
Senator Parsley - question how long do officers work before they complete their training01:10:16
Senator Heineman - question if there is funding for performance based employee compensation 01:11:40
Representative Bordeaux - question if Office Attorney General initiatives and relationship with reservation and if more can be done01:13:25
Chief Justice David Gilbertson, Unifed Judicial System (UJS) presented opening remarks for the FY2016 Budget Hearing and introduced staff01:16:30
Mr. Greg Satizahn, State Court Administrator, (UJS) presented the FY2016 Budget and report 01:22:22
UJS Organizational Chart01:23:00
UJS Judicial Circuits01:23:34
Who Pays for What - Counties and State01:23:48
FY16 Funding Level - $50,043,621 -- Personal Services versus Operating Expenses and Fund Sources - Chart01:25:55
Senator Heineman - question on Indigent Defense Costs01:25:56
The Judicial Branch Budget - Chart and Reference to FY16 Budget Briefing01:30:00
FY16 Budget Breakdown by Program - Chart01:30:49
FY14 UJS Selected Disbursement - Chart -- $29,031,181 collected 01:32:28
Court Automation Fund (CAF) - Revenues and Expenses01:34:13
Representative Hunhoff - question on amount of time spent on collection of funds01:34:15
Court Automation Fund (CAF) - Revenue Breakdown01:36:33
Senator Parsley - question if decreasing court surcharge trend has anything to do with Senate Bill 7001:37:16
Court Automation Fund (CAF) - Projected Revenue and Expenses - Chart01:38:15
Focus for FY16 01:39:20
Senator Heineman - question on condition statement for Court Automation Fund01:39:26
Public Safety Improvement Act (SB 70) - Chart - An increase of 1,250 people on probation01:42:00
Presumptive Probation - Statewide FY14 - Class 5 and 6 Felony Dispositions - Chart01:43:00
Drug and DUI Court - County Chart01:47:06
Drug and DUI Courts Growth - Chart - Clients Accepted, Clients Terminated, and Clients Completed01:48:32
Senator Omdahl - question what happens to clients who fail program and what are 20 year new prison building needs01:51:55
Representative Hunhoff - question on staff turnover over past three years in Drug/DUI Courts01:53:25
Total Clients Served Since Inception through FY14 - Drug and DUI Courts - Chart01:54:15
Drug Court Outcomes - FY14 Active, Graduates, and Terminated - Chart01:55:06
DUI Court Outcomes - FY14 Active, Graduates, and Terminated - Chart01:56:28
Senator Peters - requested information where DUI and Drug Courts are located, what is budgeted, and actual expenditures for each location01:57:20
Senator Peters - question what are Drug and DUI courts utilization rates and requested supporting data01:58:14
Senator Heineman - question if investment is worth growth of program and what performance indicators does (UJS) use02:00:00
Senator Buhl - O'Donnell - question about data and prior history of recidivism prior to expansion of Drug/DUI Courts02:03:01
Senator Buhl - O'Donnell - question how did you decide where to locate Drug and DUI Courts02:03:53
HOPE Courts - Walworth County Pilot Program02:05:15
Representative Hunhoff- question what staff resources are available for DUI/Drug Courts in rural areas besides probation officer02:09:10
Representative Hunhoff - commented a different model such as the HOPE Courts may use less resources than system used in larger communities02:10:42
Senator Omdahl - question if the client's family is involved in the Drug/DUI courts02:11:45
Senator Van Gerpen - question if a tour of the Penitentiary would be helpful for clients to succeed in Drug/DUI Program02:12:59
Business of the Circuit Courts FY14 - Filing Data - Chart02:15:38
Performance Indicators - National Center for State Courts (NCSC) - CourTool Metrics02:16:33
Time to Disposition - Average Time to Disposition by Fiscal Year - Chart02:17:50
Collection of Monetary Penalties - Compliance Rate - Chart - $127M outstanding that is owed to the court system02:19:27
Senator Peters - question on collections and data matches with Department of Labor02:27:00
Senator Peters - commented if debt collection agency bill doesn't pass to work with Department of Labor02:27:44
Senator Omdahl - question if there is a pilot program for collections02:28:30
Odyssey Implementation/Status Update - Chart02:29:00
Rural Attorney Recruitment Program 02:31:10
FY16 Budget Request - 7.3 FTE's, Move Hughes County DUI Court to State Funded Court02:32:31
FY16 Budget Request/Major Items - New FTE's, Drug/DUI Courts, Funding Change for Judicial Branch Educator, Treatment Provider 2% Inflationary Increase, Information & Technology Decrease02:34:35
Senator Heineman - question if transfer of LEOTF Funds affect funding for UJS Training Coordinator02:37:13
Senator White - question where federal funds go that were assigned to Hughs County DUI Court02:39:12
Janet Borchard, Director of Budget & Finance, (UJS), responded02:40:00
Senator Peters - question why new Magistrate Judge was assigned to the 3rd Circuit02:40:34
Senator Peters - requested data analysis how (UJS) determines if a new Magistrate Judge is needed02:44:08
Representative Hunhoff - question if circuit court map boundaries need to be adjusted02:46:45
Senator Parsley - question if school districts will be funded to help pay for juvenile problems02:49:30
FY16 FTE Requests - Detailed 02:51:23
Senator White - question if there is supporting data for need for Drug Courts versus DUI Courts02:54:45
Senator Heineman - question if SB 70 affects the need for additional FTE 02:56:44

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