Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Roll Call00:00:39
Gloria Pearson, Secretary of the Department of Human Services00:02:07
Mission Statement00:03:20
Organizational Chart for the Department00:03:43
Location of offices and providers00:04:14
FY16 DHS Overview - Total Projected People Served00:04:46
Nick Cotton, Director of Budget & Finance00:06:29
Department - FY15 Operating Budget vs. FY16 Recommended Budget00:06:43
Department General Fund Increases00:07:48
Division of Secretariat Mission Statement00:09:38
Office of the Secretary FY16 Recommended Budget00:10:05
Representative Hunhoff - question on guardianship on intellectual disabilities00:10:20
Division of Developmental Disabilities - Mission Statement00:11:03
Division of Developmental Disabilities - Eligibility for Services00:11:37
Division of Developmental Disabilities - Home & Community Based Servcies - CHOICES Waiver00:12:14
Home & Community Based Services - CHOICES Waiver00:12:45
Family Support Waiver Services00:13:34
Other Services00:14:52
Performance and Outcome Measurements00:16:48
Division of Developmental Disabilities - FY16 Growth in HCBS Adults00:21:47
Senator White question - Home & Community releases/admissions00:23:21
Senator Heineman question - releases/admissions involving youth turning 2100:24:51
Representative Romkema question - average daily cost for CSPs00:27:02
Senator Peters requested information on the range of daily costs00:27:40
Senator Peters question - review of base rates00:28:00
Senator Peters question - when will new rates be increased00:29:00
Senator Peters question - what will the rate changes involve00:30:22
Senator Parsley question - rate adjustments00:31:02
Senator Peters question - are fee changes driven by the federal government00:33:20
Senator Parsley question - keeping up or falling behind inflation00:34:04
Representative Romkema question - rate for individuals leaving Redfield facility00:34:52
Senator White question - were the 88 discharges on budget00:36:45
Senator Heineman question - re:unbundling 00:37:54
Senator Peters question - plan for kids aging out of Children's Care Hospital00:39:43
Senator Peters question - budget request for transition of Redfield clientso00:44:29
Division of Developmental Disabilities FY16 Total Recommended Budget00:47:02
Senator Heineman question - does the FY16 budget relate to unbundling00:49:02
Representative Hunhoff question - projections for fee based services00:50:18
Division of Developmental Disabilities - FY16 Funding Sources00:54:56
South Dakota Developmental Center - Mission Statement00:55:22
South Dakota Developmental Center - Description & Eligibility00:55:41
South Dakota Developmental Center - Services00:57:23
South Dakota Developmental Center - Population Trends00:57:58
South Dakota Developmental Center - Admissions and Discharges00:59:29
South Dakota Developmental Center - Length of Stay01:00:57
South Dakota Developmental Center - Initiatives/Goals01:01:29
Representative Partridge question - long term plan for the facility01:04:19
Senator Omdahl question - average age of buildings on campus01:06:41
Jan Banghart, Director of the SD Developmental Center01:07:03
Representative Hunhoff question - land mass included in the master plan01:07:34
South Dakota Developmental Center - FY16 Total Recommended Budget01:08:30
South Dakota Developmental Center - FY16 Funding Sources01:10:26
Division of Rehabilitation Services - Mission Statement01:10:55
Division of Rehabilitation Services - Vocational Rehabilitation 01:11:48
Division of Rehabilitation Services - Independent Living01:13:49
Division of Rehabilitation Services - Assistive Daily Living Services01:14:49
Division of Rehabilitation Services - Disability Determination Services01:15:49
Division of Rehabilitation Services - Performance Indicators01:17:15
Division of Rehabilitation Services - Initiatives/Goals01:18:50
Division of Rehabilitation Services - FY16 Total Recommended Budget01:21:55
Senator Heineman question - budget transfer in June 201401:24:01
Representative Hunhoff question - why did the utilization go down01:26:09
Senator Heineman question - budget for Assisted Daily Living Services01:26:53
Division of Rehabilitation Services - FY16 Funding Sources01:28:43
Division of Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired - Mission Statement01:29:12
Division of Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired - Vocational Rehabilitation Program01:29:40
Division of Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired - Occupations of Individuals01:30:36
Division of Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired - Independent Living Program01:31:59
Division of Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired - Age Range of Older Blind Individuals01:32:53
Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired - Performance Indicators01:33:32
Division of Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired - FY16 Total Recommended Budget01:34:19
Division of Service to the Blind and VIsually Impaired - FY16 Funding Sources01:34:48
Senator Van Gerpen question - provider inflation01:35:28
Senator Heineman question - budget transfers01:36:48
Representative Hunhoff question - follow-up on hearing aid assistance program01:38:55
Daryl Kilstrom, CSP of South Dakota - Handout No. 301:42:54
Brandee Schreiner, CSP of South Dakota01:48:45
Senator Parsley question - flat or negative funding01:56:37
Senator Van Gerpen question - 2% inflation increase01:57:05
Senator Van Gerpen question - turnover rates01:58:13
Loren & Kathy McKinney, parents01:59:37
Anne Rieck McFarland, LifeScape - Handout No. 402:02:12
Senator White question - federal funding for wages02:10:10
Senator Parsley question - combination of state/federal dollars for wages02:11:02
Lorri Bohm, parent02:11:35
Representative Romkema comments on testimony02:15:09
Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of the Department of Health02:16:07
Department of Health Strategic Plan & Goals02:18:20
Organizational Chart02:20:38
Department of Health Office Locations02:21:10
FY15 Budget02:21:28
Division of Administration02:23:56
Joan Adam, Division of Administration budget02:24:00
Division of Administration - Data, Statistics and Vital Records02:26:48
Division of Administration - Public Health Laboratory02:29:44
Senator Peters question - where items are located in budget02:31:31
Representative Romkema question - vital records statistics02:32:10
Division of Administration - Correctional Health02:33:04
Senator Peters comments on FY15 budget for Correctional Health02:34:53
Senator Van Gerpen question - FTE and staff positions02:35:33
Infectious disease cases02:37:47
Senator Omdahl question - any areas worse than others for infectious diseases02:38:20
Ebola situation update02:39:17
Measles Cases Reports02:39:25
MMR-1: Percent Vaccinated02:40:26
Estimated percent of kindergarten children w/vaccination exemption02:40:54
Department of Health FY16 Funding Sources02:41:17
FY16 Governor Recommended Budget02:41:57
Public Health Laboratory Bond Payment02:45:28
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - request for 4 disease specialists02:45:47
Rural Experieces for Health Professions Students (REHPS)02:47:19
REHPS General Fund Expansion02:50:00
Senator White question - retention rate for REHPS02:52:30
Representative Hunhoff question - are REHPS numbers unduplicated02:53:18
Representative Anderson question - physician program02:54:26
Representative Hunhoff question - med tech vs. lab tech02:55:20
Tom Martinec, Deputy Secretary02:56:22
Health Protection - Inspections02:56:23
Health Protection - Mandated Inspections02:57:35
Health Protection - DPS Hourly Rate and Annual Average Hours/Inspection02:58:40
Representative Hunhoff question - increased costs for inspections02:59:51
Representative Dryden question - how does SB 62 relate to the increase03:01:33
Senator Omdahl question - portable food service inspections03:03:22
Senator Heineman question - what is the increase for inspections03:04:14
Health Protection budget numbers03:04:36
Infectious disease cases03:05:30
Increase in Infectious Disease03:05:54
Colleen Winter, Director, Division of Health & Medical Services 03:06:12
2014 South Dakota Measles Outbreak - 13 cases03:06:15
Davison County Measles Outbreak 03:07:54
Health & Medical Services - Investigations03:10:37
Health & Medical Services - Request for 4 FTE03:12:45
Senator Van Gerpen question - Syphilis cases03:15:25
Senator Omdahl question - educating the public re:disease prevention/immunizations03:17:00
Representative Hunhoff question - educational opportunities for prevention03:17:45
Health & Medical Services03:18:40
Health & Medical Services - funding for Immunization Billing System03:20:57
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - funding for FTEs and Billing System03:23:33
Adjourn: Omdahl/VanGerpen03:26:04

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