Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Roll Call00:00:04
Denny Kaemingk, Secretary of the Department of Corrections00:01:32
Organization Chart00:03:34
Facilities & Locations00:03:44
FY16 Governor's Recommended Budget00:04:27
Mission Statement00:06:45
Introduction of Staff00:07:49
Goals - Enhance Safety & Security00:08:45
Representative Partridge question - what percent will be released00:16:58
Senator Tidemann question - location of restrictive housing00:18:31
Senator Parsley question - results of restrictive housing program00:18:53
Representative Hunhoff question - number of inmates released00:19:50
Senator Omdahl question - time frame for release of inmates00:20:23
Representative Hunhoff question - number of inmates in restrictive housing00:21:23
Goal - Implement the Public Safety Improvement Act (Adult)00:22:08
Goal - Implement the Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Initiative00:23:26
Goal - Strength staff hiring practices and improve retention00:25:37
Senator Tidemann question - turnover rates for different units00:28:13
Senator Tidemann question - average length of service by staff00:28:55
Administration - FY2016 Budget Changes00:31:14
Representative Partridge question - opportunity to consolidate locations00:32:36
Senator Van Gerpen question - annual number of releases00:34:06
Senator Omdahl question - location of parolees00:34:45
Adult Corrections00:35:56
Laurie Feiler, Deputy Secretary00:36:11
Average Daily Population of Adult Inmates00:36:33
Bob Dooley, Director of Prison Operations00:38:28
Mike Durfee State Prison - Springfield00:39:00
Senator Tidemann question - welding program graduates00:40:18
Aerial View of Mike Durfee State Prison00:40:56
Mike Durfee State Prison & Minimums - Average Daily Count for FY03-1600:41:38
Mike Durfee State Prison FY16 Budget Changes00:41:58
SD State Penitentiary G. Norton Jameson Annex - Sioux Falls00:43:34
Aerial View of Sioux Falls Complex00:44:16
SD State Penitentiary Campus Average Daily Count FY03-1600:44:49
SD State Penitentiary FY16 Budget Changes00:45:01
SD Women's Prison - Pierre00:51:39
Senator Omdahl question - penalties for escape attempts00:52:25
Representative Dryden question - reduction in food service00:53:12
Scott Bollinger, Operations 00:53:33
Representative Hunhoff question - difference in guard pay00:54:16
SD Pheasantland Industries00:54:59
Pheasantland Industries Shops00:55:12
Representative Hunhoff question - data on inmates using learned skills00:55:15
Inmate Services00:56:11
Inmate Services FY16 Budget Changes00:59:45
Representative Anderson question - adult re-entry program01:00:45
Representative Hunhoff question - success of adult re-entry program01:01:31
Senator Parsley question - adult re-entry program01:02:02
Parole Services01:04:04
Senator Van Gerpen question - wages of work release inmates01:05:01
Parole Services Average End of Month Count01:07:45
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - how are projections made01:08:42
Parole Services FY16 Budget Changes01:10:07
Senator Parsley question - Community Transition Program01:11:37
Representative Hunhoff question - summary of each programs outcome01:13:15
Representative Hunhoff's comments on program outcomes01:15:00
Juvenile Corrections01:16:50
Doug Herrmann, Juvenile Services01:16:51
Average Daily Population of Youth Under DOC Jurisdiction01:17:28
Average Daily Population of Juveniles in Placement and on Aftercare01:20:04
Juvenile Community Corrections01:20:35
Juvenile Community Corrections - FY16 Budget Changes01:23:42
State Treatment and Rehabilitation Academy Programs (STAR)01:24:50
Aerial View of STAR01:25:10
Youth Challenge Center01:25:40
Patrick H. Brady Academy01:26:29
STAR Academy01:27:11
Aerial View of QUEST01:27:38
STAR Academy - All Programs FY16 Budget Changes01:28:45
Representative Partridge question - turnover and bonus pay01:30:51
Representative Hunhoff question - inflation for providers01:33:39
Representative Bordeaux's comments on Criminal Justice degrees01:34:15
Secretary Kaemingk's closing remarks/Mission Statement01:35:15
Correctional Health01:36:50
Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health01:37:00
Joan Adam, Director of Administration, Department of Health01:38:16
Organizational Chart01:38:17
Correctional Health information01:39:08
Representative Partridge question - controlling healthcare costs01:45:17
eEmergency Utilization01:48:51
eConsult Utilization01:51:22
CHC Top 25 History01:51:33
Top 25 Inmates - FY1401:52:33
Senator Omdahl question - correlation of age with particular disease01:53:24
Top 25 Inmates FY15 year-to-date01:54:00
Senator Tidemann question - Hepatitis C treatments01:55:01
Senator Van Gerpen question - are health care costs included in average daily cost of inmates01:55:47
Other Trends01:56:07
Representative Hunhoff question - Hepatitis C inmates01:57:35
Representative Hunhoff question - are high costs due to aging inmates01:58:25
Prescription Drugs01:59:43
Representative Hunhoff question - prescription formulary 02:00:22
Hepatitis C02:02:07
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - release vs. treatment02:07:00
Senator Tidemann question - probablility of a generic drug02:09:09
Senator Omdahl question - do inmates ever have insurance02:11:30
Inmate Health Care Total Expenditures02:12:31
FY16 Correctional Healthcare Recommended Budget02:13:04
Representative Anderson question - contracted provider increase02:14:28
Senator Heineman question - explain increase not recommended by Governor02:17:50
Approval of February 3, 5 & 5 minutes: Bordeaux/Tidemann. All voting Aye02:19:48
Approval of January 14, 15 &16 minutes: Buhl O'Donnell/Bordeaux. All voting Aye02:20:23
Adjourn: Tidemann/Omdahl02:21:13

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