Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Roll Call00:00:09
Doug Hofer, Acting Secretary of the Department of Game, Fish & Parks00:02:02
Organizational Chart00:04:15
Game, Fish & Parks Commission00:05:17
Budgetary Structure00:06:20
Division of Parks & Recreation00:06:58
South Dakota State Park System00:07:42
13 State Parks00:08:43
Custer State Park00:09:24
43 Recreation Areas00:10:00
Lewis and Clark Recreation Area00:10:44
5 Nature Areas00:11:17
Roughlock Falls Nature Area00:11:37
69 Lakeside Use Areas00:11:52
It's all about getting on the H2O!00:12:23
Spirit Mound Historic Prairie00:12:35
114-Mile Mickelson Trail00:12:47
Over 7.4 Million Visitors00:13:18
Campers grow and so do numbers!00:13:39
Camping Units00:14:02
2014 Camping by Residency 290,000 units00:14:52
State Parks Contain00:16:39
Who maintains all of this?00:18:05
Contracted Labor00:20:38
Development and Improvement00:21:15
Preventative Maintenance00:23:04
State Park System Roads Inventory00:23:47
Preventative Maintenance00:25:48
Water-based Recreation00:25:56
Park System Expansion00:26:32
Spearfish Falls Acquisition00:27:01
Aerial View of Spearfish Canyon/Spearfish Falls00:27:55
Custer State Park Visitor Center00:29:02
Custer State Park Visitor Center drawing00:29:24
Custer State Park Visitor Center 00:30:15
Good Earth State Park00:30:24
Map of Good Earth State Park00:30:37
Good Earth State Park drawing00:30:55
Good Earth State Park picture00:31:26
Good Earth State Park road system00:32:43
Good Earth State Park Visitor Center00:32:56
Snowmobile Program00:33:04
Snowmobile Program Grant-in-aid grooming program00:33:45
Snowmobile Program Dedicated Funding00:34:14
Tony Leif, Director of the Division of Wildlife00:35:15
Serving People, Managing Wildlife00:36:36
Hunting and Fishing Participation00:38:31
Big Game Action Plan Progresses00:40:00
Overview of Management Plans00:41:23
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - invasive species (Asian Carp)00:44:57
Representative Hunhoff question - invasive species (Asian Carp)00:46:42
Fishing Licenses00:47:30
Senator White question - cost of out-of-state fishing licenses compared to other states00:49:11
Senator Omdahl question - ranking of fishing areas00:51:38
Senator Parsley question - 600 fishing access sights00:52:15
Representative Hunhoff question - data on who is buying licenses00:56:20
Representative Hunhoff question - antelope licenses00:58:38
Enhancing Outdoor Opportunities00:59:33
Wildlife Damage01:01:20
Wildlife Damage Management01:01:24
Digital Customers01:02:44
Engaging with Digital Customers01:03:24
Online Services01:04:09
Representative Hunhoff question - is IT work done internally01:06:16
Representative Hunhoff question - number of department FTEs for IT work01:07:15
Budget Overview01:08:51
Chris Petersen, Director of Administration01:08:52
General Fund Summary Report01:09:23
General Funds Historical Summary01:14:09
Department's FY16 Budget Briefing01:15:12
Senator Van Gerpen question - bond payments01:17:06
Senator White question - ratio of funds committed to bonding01:21:57
Senator Heineman question - FTE funding01:25:23
Representative Hunhoff question - transfer of personal services funding01:26:44
Senator Tidemann question - benefits for the part-time employees01:28:36
Senator Tidemann question - are part-time employees covered by liability insurance01:29:47
Representative Romkema question - total FTE numbers01:30:10
Senator Parsley question - revolving fund01:31:00
Representative Anderson question - PEPL fund for volunteers01:32:12
Representative Hunhoff question - source of other funds01:34:55
Division of Administration budget information01:39:29
Division of Wildlife Budget01:41:27
Game Fund01:42:00
Wildlife Division Budget01:45:15
Representative Hunhoff question - outcome/measurements of various programs01:50:30
Wildlife Capital Development Budget01:52:12
Division of Parks and Recreation Budget01:53:11
Representative Hunhoff question - are funds in the revolving fund used to pay retirees01:57:42
Parks and Recreation FY16 Fund Sources01:58:43
Parks and Recreation FY15 and FY16 Fund Comparison02:02:10
Representative Partridge question - park revenue/dedicated license fees02:04:24
Parks and Recreation Development/Improvement Budget02:07:50
Senator Omdahl question - cost for sheep from Canada02:13:55
Darin Bergquist, Secretary of the Department of Transportation02:15:30
$600 million budget, 70% is continuously appropriated 02:16:10
DOT receives 0.04% of overall state general funds02:17:00
$524,954 in General Funds - used for state aviation services02:17:09
37% is State Funds but not general funds02:17:37
Largest source of funds is State Highway Fund02:17:50
Explanation of State Highway Fund revenues02:18:00
Responsible for highways, aviation, rail and transit02:19:18
Explanation of revenues in the state aeronautics fund02:19:35
Rail revenue02:20:02
63.2% of all funding is federal funding including Federal Highway funds02:20:40
FY16 budget request is for $615.7 million, a 2.4% increase02:21:55
FTE levels remain flat02:22:30
Senator Heineman question - FTE budgeted vs. actual02:23:10
Senator Omdahl question - problems with hiring snow plow drivers02:25:46
Discussion of vacant FTEs/turnover rates02:26:40
Representative Partridge question - budgeting for FTEs02:28:17
Senator Heineman question - leftover personal services budgets02:30:41
69% of the department's budget is spent on construction02:32:22
Pavement Condition - 6% improvement from 10 years ago02:33:28
Bridge Health - maintained at a level rate02:33:56
Construction Program - % of funds going to planning vs. actual construction02:34:30
Representative Partridge question - construction budgeting trends02:35:43
Uncertainty of federal funding02:36:52
Senator Omdahl question - cost of particular construction projects02:38:42
20% of budget goes to Operations: equipment, winter maintenance, etc.02:40:45
Senator Heineman question - winter maintenance02:42:48
Senator Heineman question - performance measures02:44:08
Senator Tidemann question - how safety fits into winter maintenance goals02:44:55
Budget request of $615,715,814, a 2.4% increase02:53:24
Major Expansions: TIGER Grant: $8,686,089 increase in federal funds and $3,600,000 increase in other funds02:53:55
Reconstruction of 41.6 miles of state owned rail between Chamberlain and Presho02:54:50
Repair of 9 bridges on the Sioux Valley Rail Line02:56:22
Importance of rail in South Dakota02:57:05
Representative Partridge question - future of rail in South Dakota02:59:45
Senator Omdahl question - US 85 expansion/rail spur03:03:25
Secretariat budget03:05:05
Division of Finance & Management budget03:06:10
Information on Transit (under Division of Finance & Management)03:06:30
Senator Van Gerpen question - rural transit requirements03:09:18
Representative Hunhoff question - funding for rural transit operators03:10:58
Division of Planning and Engineering03:13:17
Division of Operations03:13:55
Construction Contracts03:14:45
Federal highway funding03:15:00
Senator Tidemann question - schedule for letting bids on construction projects03:17:22
Representative Anderson question - breakdown of possible new highway funding03:21:28
Senator Parsley question - spending authority for new funds03:22:40
Adjourn: Omdahl/Jensen03:25:27

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