Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Mr. Steve Barnett, State Auditor, presented the FY16 Budget and department report to the committee00:03:01
Senator White - question on voucher processing error rate and trend00:10:45
Mr. Jason Lutz, Deputy State Auditor, responded00:11:34
Senator Tidemann - question on voucher requirements for out-of-state travel00:13:02
Representative Romkema - question on standard processing error rate across the country and requested this information00:14:04
Senator White - complimented performance of State Auditor00:15:22
Representative Romkema - complimented performance of State Auditor00:16:09
Representative Anderson - question on an increase in funding, approximately $126,000, from FY14 to FY1500:16:30
Representative Partridge - question on number of employees in career banded positions00:18:04
Representative Cronin - question on how HB1048 will affect the agency00:18:25
Representative Hunhoff - question on the process for obtaining a travel voucher that requires an additional signature 00:19:56
Senator Peters - question on travel reimbursement using electronic receipts handled at the agency 00:23:15
Senator Peters - suggestion to work on a system and present a bill next year to address technology changes00:24:19
Mr. Ryan Brunner, Commissioner, School and Public Lands introduced staff and presented the FY16 Budget and report00:27:20
South Dakota Office of School and Public Lands - Page 100:28:02
Office of School and Public Lands History - Page 200:28:05
Surface Division - Page 300:29:23
Senator Tidemann - question if weed and pest control is contracted or handled internally00:31:16
Representative Romkema - question why Black Hills State is not shown as receiving Surface Division receipts00:32:06
Senator Van Gerpen - question why is Springfield listed as a recipient of Surface Revenue00:33:28
Senator White - question how does School and Public Lands operate leases and how often do they open land sales00:34:09
Senator Omdahl - question if the School and Public Lands operate and own mineral rights00:37:10
Surface Division Highlights - Page 400:37:50
Senator Parsley - question what is average lease bid00:39:23
Representative Romkema - question on Animal Unit Month (AUM) trends00:40:56
Representative Hunhoff - question how State acquired Quaal Ranch unit00:45:13
Representative Cronin - question how do citizens approach (SPL) for land swap opportunities00:45:38
Mineral Divisions - Page 500:46:33
Oil and Gas Royalty Revenue - Page 600:47:45
Senator Parsley - question how did mineral rights trust fund statutes evolve and how much is in the trust fund00:48:40
Senator White - question what are requirements for oil exploration and reclamation requirements00:49:44
Representative Cronin - question how is revenue distributed to schools on a per student allocation and is it outside the formula00:51:35
Senator Heineman - question if all resident students are included in funding - public, private, and home schooled00:53:00
Permanent Trust Fund - Page 700:53:40
Asset Growth ($ in millions) - Page 800:54:53
Senator Parsley - question how South Dakota royalty and trust fund laws originated and are 50% of royalties required to be put in trust fund - requested additional information00:55:45
Dollars to Education - Page 900:58:20
Dollars Returned to Universities - Page 1000:59:28
Dollars Returned to Endowed Institutions - Page 1100:59:42
FY15-16 School and Public Lands - Page 1201:00:35
Dams - Page 1301:01:20
Senator Tidemann - question what are the management fees01:01:37
McGee Dam - Page 14 and Page 1501:05:15
Coal Springs Dam - Page 1601:05:53
Pudwell Dam - Page 1701:06:28
Senator Van Gerpen - question what is source of funding listed on Tab 9 One Note for each school. Mr. Brunner said he would provide FY15 information. 01:07:25
Representative Hunhoff - complimented Commissioner Brunner for presentaton made to business group in Yankton01:08:05
Mr. Nathan Sanderson, Office of the Governor, introduced staff and made opening remarks 01:09:10
Ms. Marty Davis, Fiscal Officer, presented FY16 Budget 01:11:52
Office of the Governor, Budget Briefing - Page 201:11:55
Governor's Contingency Fund - Page 301:13:30
Other Fund Balances - Page 501:15:33
Representative Partridge - question on what federal funds have been received and used01:16:48
Senator Parsley - question regarding federal funds01:17:40
Representative Ring - question on funds used to pay for Governor Association Fees01:18:07
Representative Romkema - question on what contractual services are used01:19:10
Representative Hunhoff - question on the Private Activity Bond Fund which is listed under Other Fund Balances01:19:50
Senator Parsley - question on expenditures made from Private Activities Bond Fund01:21:33
Senator White - additional question on Private Activities Bond Fund01:22:31
Mr. Jason Dilges, Commissioner, Bureau of Finance and Management, (BFM) introduced staff and presented the FY16 Budget and report01:25:25
South Dakota Comprehensive Financial Report (CAFR) for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2014 was distributed01:25:56
Senator Heineman - question on the process to produce earlier (CAFR) report01:30:17
Senator Peters - thanked agency for (CAFR) report and requested single audit report01:33:15
Representative Anderson - question on the difference between (CAFR) and single audit reports01:34:25
Keith Senger, Accounting Analysis & Financial Reporting, responded01:34:40
Senator Peters requested committee to read the Management Analysis Report - Page 17 (CAFR)01:36:50
Senator Tidemann - question on the benefit of pooling funds for salary package and processing it out of (BFM)01:47:20
Senator Tidemann - question on the month the salary policy distribution starts01:51:11
Senator Parsley - question on the difference between Governor's Office Recommendation and BFM Budget Request01:52:28
Senator Heineman - question on distribution of pooling funds based on budget01:54:00
Senator Heineman - question on FTE positions and the salary policy01:56:00
Senator Heineman - question are the reports available for longevity pay, annual and sick leave balances how much longevity pay, sick leave, and annual leave01:58:35
Mr. Colin Keeler, Financial Systems, BFM, responded and indicated a report would be provided01:59:26
Representative Hunhoff - question accounting for future liability if personnel leave employment and other associated costs 02:00:15
Senator Tidemann - commented on method State uses to budget for retirement02:04:30
Representative Ring - commented on retirement02:07:00
Approve Minutes02:08:00

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