Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Roll Call00:00:12
Chris Nelson, Chair of the Public Utilities Commission00:02:32
Utility Rate Cases00:03:38
EPA Regulations on Carbon Dioxide Emissions00:04:20
No changes in General Fund budget request00:05:09
Reducing FTE count by 300:05:23
Representative Romkema question - Do Not Call Program00:05:53
Explanation of Do Not Call 00:06:15
Senator Peters question - how is the Do Not Call program funded00:08:26
Senator Parsley question - Commission's role in the pipeline issues00:09:27
Representative Hunhoff question - retirement leave payout00:13:15
Representative Hunhoff question - FTEs00:14:10
Senator Peters question - why is one-time money in the base00:14:53
Senator White question - grain storage information00:15:50
Jim Mehlhaff - discussion of grain storage00:16:45
Senator Omdahl question - rate change requests00:21:27
Senator Van Gerpen question - grain elevator inspections00:23:17
Representative Jensen question - differences in rates between South Dakota and Minnesota00:28:50
Senator Peters question - Do Not Call technology00:30:53
Deb Gregg, Consumer Affairs Division00:33:09
Marcia Hultman, Secretary of Labor & Regulation00:38:05
Mission of the Department00:39:20
77% of the department funds are Federal with 20% Other funds00:39:48
Less than .1% of General Funds00:40:05
Budget request for FY16 is $48,899,672, a 0.5% increase00:41:16
Secretariat Division00:41:56
Representative Hunhoff question - performance measures00:44:58
Unemployment Insurance Division00:45:26
Re-employment Services00:46:56
Senator Haverly question - increase in federal funds00:48:30
Unemployment Insurance Division receive "Top Performer" award00:49:40
16 Local Offices00:50:49
Field Operations00:52:01
Representative Hunhoff question - effectiveness of satellite offices00:52:15
Requested increase of $166,391 in General Funds for Dakota Roots activities00:54:05
Senator Haverly question - Dakota Roots Program00:54:40
Senator Parsley question - difference between request and recommended budget00:57:56
Representative Hunhoff question - total cost for Dakota Roots Program00:58:38
Representative Bordeaux comment - Tribes and Indian communities need jobs00:59:50
Senator Haverly question - Dakota Roots reaches out to individuals01:01:26
State Labor Law Administration01:03:02
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - turn around time for complaint/conclusion01:04:30
James Marsh, Director of Labor & Management01:04:54
Representative Jensen question - are Credit Unions under Banking01:06:06
Boards and Commissions - Board of Accountancy01:08:13
Boards and Commissions - Board of Barber Examiners01:08:45
Boards and Commissions - Cosmetology Commission01:09:05
Boards and Commissions - Plumbing Commission01:09:24
Senator Parsley question - fees for increased revenue01:09:52
Boards and Commissions - Board of Technical Professions01:10:20
Boards and Commissions - Electrical Commission01:10:39
Boards and Commissions - Real Estate Commission01:11:03
Boards and Commissions - Abstractors Board of Examiners01:11:20
Boards and Commissions - Athletic Commission01:11:39
Senator Haverly question - results of Work Force Initiative project01:12:11
Representative Anderson question - contributions to the general fund01:15:14
Representative Partridge question - is Dakota Roots successful01:15:58
Representative Hunhoff question - source of "other" funds01:17:13
Senator Omdahl question - unemployment insurance vs. workers comp 01:17:33
Adjourn: Tidemann/Parsley01:20:40

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