Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Mr. Steve Emery, Secretary, Department of Tribal Relations, introduced staff and presented the FY16 Budget and report to the committee00:02:58
Tribal Visits00:06:18
Tribal Relations Day - January 27th and January 28th 201600:11:58
Newsletter - Monthly Newsletter Started February 201500:12:05
Representative Partridge - question on policy analysis and if information is open to the public00:16:39
Senator Parsley - question on success of Tribal Relations Event 00:17:29
Senator Omdahl - question how agency works with federal government 00:19:14
Representative Hunhoff - question about agency interaction with tribes on Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG) and other programs 00:20:00
Representative Partridge - question what are the agency's goals and measurable performance indicators00:21:25
Representative Cronin - complimented agency to encourage tribal governments to adopt UCC policy to promote outside investments00:22:55
Mr. Richard Sattgast, State Treasurer, introduced staff and presented the FY 16 Budget and report to the committee00:24:20
FY 16 Budget Briefing - Page 100:26:32
Treasury Management - Page 600:28:04
Unclaimed Property - Page 700:28:25
Ms. Lee DeJabet, Administrator, presented Unclaimed Property report00:28:35
$10.2 million of unclaimed property was returned to their owners this past year and processed 13,000 claims00:30:20
Unclaimed on-line auction will take place this year00:33:00
Senator White - question on the type of items that will be released for online auction00:33:48
Senator White - question on whether auction will be advertised state wide00:35:20
Senator White - question on whether items are available to be inspected before auction00:36:20
Senator Tidemann - question on percentage of South Dakotans who have unclaimed property 00:36:45
Senator Tidemann - question on the cost of new data management system00:37:35
Senator Tidemann - question on the source of funding for data management system00:38:20
Senator Tidemann - question on their involvement with House Bill addressing debt collection00:39:05
Senator Parsley - question on estimating future unclaimed property projections 00:40:11
Senator Parsley - requested additional information in regards to unclaimed property projections00:41:49
Senator Omdahl - question regarding the details of awarding bids for online auction00:42:06
Senator Omdahl - question on trends in other states regarding online auctions00:43:00
Mr. Jim Terwilliger, Bureau of Finance & Management, said he is revising the projections for unclaimed property and will report results at the appropriate time00:45:15
Senator Heineman - question on goals of unclaimed property00:45:45
Senator Heineman - question on the Unclaimed Property Ratio for received to claim in South Dakota and how does that compare to the industry standards00:47:15
Senator Van Gerpen- question on the procedure to claim property 00:51:45
Representative Patridge - question on the agency's involvement with College 529 Program00:54:19
Senator Heineman - question performance measures and if there was a different way to report it in Budget Book00:55:17
Senator Heineman - question if agency chose performance indicators that are listed in Governor's Budget Book 00:56:55

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