Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Roll Call00:00:53
Trevor Jones, Secretary of the Department of Public Safety00:02:05
FY2016 State General Fund Budget00:03:07
Division of Highway Patrol00:03:38
The Importance of Highway Patrol Activity00:04:06
Initiatives Funded by Office of Highway Safety00:04:44
Office of Highway Safety (continued)00:06:08
Senator Omdahl question - DUI and Drug impaired driving00:06:44
Representative Romkema question - definition of DUI crashes00:07:11
Representative Hunhoff question - DUI arrests00:08:52
Colonel Craig Price, Highway Patrol00:09:30
Fatal Free 4600:10:17
I-90 Aggressive Driver Campaign00:11:20
Consolidated Dispatch Services: Effective, Cost-saving00:11:59
Incident near Kimball, SD00:12:52
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - safety campaigns00:13:47
Representative Bordeaux question - highway statistics in his District00:15:35
Senator Omdahl question - texting and driving00:18:17
Senator Tidemann question - cameras for Highway Patrol Officers00:18:58
Division of Emergency Services and Homeland Security00:20:20
Office of Emergency Management coordinated response photos00:20:42
75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Operations Center00:21:10
Representative Hunhoff question - total estimated expenses for the Rally00:23:50
Senator Parsley question - table top exercises00:25:44
State Fire Marshall00:30:26
Emergency Medical Services00:30:30
State Homeland Security Grant Award History00:31:08
Homeland Security: Securing the Nation for all Hazards00:31:29
Additional Homeland Security Projects00:32:25
Division of Legal and Regulatory Services00:33:53
Driver Licensing - "Online, not in line"00:34:03
Taking the wait out of Driver Licensing00:34:50
D.I.Y. DL Update00:35:53
Driver Licensing - REAL ID Update00:36:24
Senator Tidemann question - time limitations on REAL ID00:36:56
Jenna Howell, Director of Legal & Regulatory Division00:37:25
Senator Van Gerpen question - number of closed drivers licensing stations00:37:48
State Inspection Program00:38:33
Inspections (continued)00:38:50
Weights and Measures00:39:22
Representative Hunhoff question - State Inspection Program/fees00:39:39
Angie Lemieux, Director of Administrative Services00:41:25
Senator Omdahl question - gas pump inspections00:42:29
9-1-1 Coordination Board00:44:08
Representative Anderson question - general funds vs. other funds in budget for Weights and Measures00:44:51
Representative Anderson question - 2% increase for salaries00:47:22
Lindsey Hildebrand, Bureau of Finance & Management00:48:07
Social Media Success00:49:31
Social Media Success00:50:04
Social Media Success Stories (continued)00:50:43
Senator Omdahl question - bike safety00:51:50
Representative Hunhoff question - source of other funds in budget transfers00:52:50
Representative Partridge question - concern for federal funds going away00:56:05
Senator Heineman question - FTE variance (budgeted vs. actual)00:57:48
Colonel Craig Price, Highway Patrol00:59:52
Senator Tidemann question - minimum requirements for a Highway Patrol Officer01:01:35
Senator Tidemann question - how are counties aligned for Homeland Security01:03:00
Senator Van Gerpen comments01:05:06
Adjourn: Jensen/Omdahl01:07:05

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