Appropriations A/V — 2015

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Ms. Shantel Krebs, Office of the Secretary of State, introduced staff and presented the FY16 Budget and report to the committee00:01:50
Secretary of State Staff00:03:04
Election Services00:03:16
Turnout of 2014 General Election00:07:01
Business Services00:08:12
Election Services - Federal Fund Restraints00:10:32
Administrative Services00:11:48
January 2015 - State of Secretary of State Office00:14:35
Average Workload - Volume of Correspondence00:15:00
Judging Performance - Chart00:16:20
Four Year Goals 00:25:10
To Meet the Goals - computer system upgrade in Business Services - $750,00000:29:03
Parting Thoughts - Daily Cash Receipts - Chart00:37:58
Senator Parsley - requested past year receipts to make a comparison00:39:50
Representative Jensen - complimented Secretary of State for service and question on election process in Minnehaha County00:40:58
Senator Tidemann - asked what will happen if self funding can't be sustained is there a contingency plan, and is there a proposed bill for funding of computer needs00:42:18
Senator Tidemann - recommended the Secretary of State to have bill ready00:44:36
Senator Peters - suggested not to use HB 1208 for funding source for computer and recommended amending SB5500:45:13
Senator Parsley - question on the status of bill that was passed in the year 201200:47:57
Senator Parsley - question on the source of the increased workload at the Secretary of State Office 00:48:33
Senator White - question on how far behind the state is on UCC I and UCC III filings and expressed concern of delay of processing filings00:50:45
Senator Peters - question on filings from previous year versus current year00:53:46
Senator Peters - question on whether self funding is possible00:54:33
Mr. Jason Hancock, Director, The Legislative Research Council, presented the FY16 Budget and report to the committee00:56:30
Legislative Branch Organization Chart 00:59:24
Legislative Research Council (LRC) Organizational Chart01:00:05
National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL)- Audit Recommendations01:02:20
Senator Heineman - question on the new Budget Sytem 01:15:55
FY16 Budget Request Items: Legislator Per Diem Increase and Travel Reimbursement Rate Increases01:18:20
FY14 Legislature & LRC Actual Expenditures Chart01:20:10
FY16 Budget Request Items - Legislative Organization Dues01:22:09
Senator Tidemann - question on the benefits of being a member of Midwestern Higher Education Compact01:22:50
FY16 Budget Request Items01:26:20
Senator Tidemann - question about reorganization of space in LRC01:28:05
Mr. Martin Guindon, Auditor General, presented Legislative Audit FY16 Budget and report to the committee01:31:46
Auditor General Report- Page 4 - History of Legislative Audits, Assurance Services, and Information01:32:47
Page 5 - State Government Assurance Services and Local Government Assurance Services01:36:25
Senator Heineman - question regarding the agencies that would be audited01:38:15
Local Government Assistance Services - Page 601:39:28
Legislative Staffing and Assistance Services - Page 701:44:15
Quality and Productivity Measures for all Department of Legislative Audit (DLA) Services - Page 801:45:25
Representative Partridge - question on Continuing Education Workshops for CPA firms01:47:33
FY16 Budget Request - Page 1 - Contractual Services $80,000 and Personal Services $128,38301:48:45
Senator Heineman - question on how the agency will address retirement payouts01:53:20
Representative Cronin - suggested an avenue to address funding issue is to amend FY16 General Bill next legislative session01:54:15
Senator White - commented on addressing funding issue next legislative session01:55:10

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