Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2016

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Roll Call00:03:29
Jason Hancock, Director of the Legislative Research Council00:04:36
Legislative Research Council Organizational Chart00:05:07
NCSL Audit Recommendations00:07:01
FY17 Budget Request Items00:12:35
Legislator Per Diem Increase00:12:40
Travel Reimbursement Rate Increases00:13:40
FY15 Actual Legislative Travel Expenses00:14:55
Legislative Organizational Dues00:15:45
Senator Tidemann question - legislation regarding organization dues and compact law00:16:21
Senator Tidemann comments - compact law and protecting SD's bond rating and financial responsibility00:18:13
Representative Hunhoff question - why did SD discontinue membership ub MHEC00:18:50
Senator Peters comments - providing efficiencies in government00:19:24
Senator Omdahl comments - discontinuing membership in MHEC and other organizations00:20:32
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - list all memberships00:21:48
Non-Legislative Committee Salaries00:23:43
Salaries for two additional Session Employees00:24:38
Historical Law Book Restoration00:25:31
Senator Tidemann question - how much was reverted last year by LRC, how much was encumbered and for what purpose00:25:59
Annie Mehlhaff, LRC, explained the encumberances and use of funds00:28:01
Senator Peters requested a list of items encumbered00:28:25
Senator Van Gerpen expressed concern regarding lack of space00:28:34
Senator Tidemann comments regarding improvements, space concerns and cost00:33:28
Senator Peters comments on efficiency of time/space with new rules and lack of space00:35:58
Senator Heineman comments on space 00:37:25
Senator Van Gerpen comments on the ability to meet with constituents00:38:43
Senator Tidemann requested a motion sheet for MHEC dues restoration00:39:12
Senator Peters requested a motion sheet for personnel services removed by BFM and the Governor00:39:20
Marty Guindon, Auditor General00:39:50
No additional funding requested for personnel services for FY1600:40:40
Auditor General Workforce 00:41:05
On track to have the CAFR out before January 31, 201600:42:05
Additional funds being requested00:42:52
Increase of $22,295 to fund Compensation Plan00:43:18
Increase of $3,000 for travel expenses00:44:04
Increase of $12,902 for computer services00:44:19
Representative Hunhoff question - computer services00:45:25
Representative Hunhoff question - contract maintenance costs00:46:00
Senator Peters question - adding auditors00:46:30
Senator Heineman question - FTEs in a contingency plan00:48:08
Senator Peters requested a motion sheet on additional auditors00:48:49
Representative Hunhoff question - billable costs for auditor services00:48:55
Mr. Guindon spoke regarding billing recouped through restitution costs00:49:02
Senator Tidemann comments on accountability 00:50:15
Chris Nelson, Chair of the Public Utilities Commission00:51:04
No major changes in FY17 budget request00:51:53
Discussion of past year's activities00:52:35
Senator White question - fees assessed for drilling under railroad property00:55:19
Representative Jensen question - capital investment rate hikes00:57:25
Representative Hunhoff question - one-call notification center00:58:33
Larry Janes Executive Director of the SD One-Call Board responded to the one-call question00:59:05
Shantel Krebs, Secretary of State01:01:45
Presentation of staff information01:02:00
FY2015 Review01:03:00
Reporting and Permitting01:06:22
Pistol Permits01:07:35
Budget Comparison01:08:55
Restructuring other fund fees in the Business Services Division01:11:10
A shift from federal to general funds for ineligible HAVA expenses 01:15:25
Part-time position increase .3 FTE and $13,142 in other funds01:16:15
Accurately reflect expenditures01:17:06
Budget increase for Computer Software Maintenance01:17:16
Representative Partridge question - location of staff01:18:18
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - system for credit card processing01:19:18
Budget increase for Credit Card Processing Fees01:20:33
Budget increase for Printing01:21:55
Budget increase for Postage Increase01:22:52
Budget increase for Telephone Equipment01:23:08
Budget adjustment for Computers01:23:14
Budget decrease in Federal Fund Spending Authority01:23:19
Secretary of State Fees collected01:24:00
Senator Parsley question - nonprofit corporation fees01:26:35
Tom Deadrick, Deputy of Business Services, describes nonprofit fee changes01:28:41
Representative Romkema question - who is a non-profit01:30:20
Senator Omdahl question - consolidating fees and forms01:30:42
Representative Jensen question - different fees for non-profit and for-profit01:32:48
Representative Jensen question - increasing fees for non-profit01:35:00
Representative Romkema comments on increasing fees for non-profit01:36:43
Secretary of State Legislation: SB 36 and SB 4901:39:00
Workforce: Secretary of State Staff01:40:29
Time and Metrics Studies01:41:28
Senator Peters question - allocating time personal time, sick time, etc.01:42:02
Representative Partridge question - future of trust filings01:44:37
Senator Peters question - fund transfer for personal services01:45:45
Programs: iOASIS System and UOCAVA System01:47:53
iOASIS System will be cut01:48:15
Financial Audit Summary01:49:50
Representative Jensen question - upcoming election in Minnehaha County01:53:40
Senator White comments on Secretary of State's Office recent activities01:55:39
Senator Peters question - is there a plan if the fee bill fails01:56:53
Senator Tidemann question - lobbyist information01:57:30
Steve Barnett, State Auditor02:01:15
Brief overview of State Auditor Office duties02:02:05
The State Auditor administers the Equal Access to Our Courts Fund02:02:50
The budget request includes minor adjustments in Personal Services with no inflationary adjustments or expansions02:06:40
Office Goal02:07:03
Senator Tidemann thanked the Auditor for implementing previously discussed issues02:09:55
Ryan Brunner, School & Public Lands Commissioner02:11:40
School and Public Lands Office History02:12:50
Surface Division02:13:53
Surface Division Highlights02:15:42
Senator Peters question - explain AUM02:17:50
Representative Hunhoff question - how many acres were sold in 201502:18:30
Mineral Division02:19:16
Senator Omdahl question - horizontal drilling02:20:33
Senator Parsley question - royalties received from wells02:21:50
Oil and Gas Royalty02:23:53
Permanent Trust Fund02:25:21
Asset Growth ($ in millions)02:25:52
Investment Income ($ in millions)02:25:53
Dollars to Education02:27:11
Dollars Returned to Universities02:28:54
Dollars Returned to Endowed Institutions02:29:15
FY16-17 School and Public Lands Revenue Outlook02:30:01
FY16 completed work on dams02:31:09
Elm Lake02:32:46
Hickman Dam02:34:30
McGee Dam02:36:14
Coal Springs Dam02:36:30
Tree Removal Projects02:36:35
Senator Omdahl question - Richmond Dam02:38:21
Representative Cronin question - storm damage to dams in northwest part of the state02:40:10
Representative Cronin question - average rent for SPL across the state02:42:45
Representative Cronin commented on the AUM formula02:44:41
Senator Tidemann question - are there adequate funds to take care of the School & Public Land issues02:45:35
FY17 Budget02:47:20
Senator Peters question - amendment for requested transfer/motion sheet02:49:58
Representative Hunhoff question - sale of land at Redfield 02:50:50
Special Appropriation - HB 102402:51:46
Crack Sealing02:52:50
FY16 and FY17 Planned Land Sales/Exchanges02:54:49
Senator Omdahl question - retaining mineral rights on land sales03:00:33
FY16-17 School and Public Lands Recap03:02:38
Mr. Brunner demonstrated a GPS map.03:04:42

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