Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2016

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Roll Call00:01:54
David Zolnowsky, Commissioner of the Bureau of Information and Telecommunications00:03:20
Jim Edman, Deputy Commissioner00:04:40
Major Expansions and Reductions: Web Casting and Maintenance of State Radio System00:05:05
Audio Casting Services00:05:40
Julie Overgaard, SD Public Broadcasting Director00:05:53
Request of $64,556 in ongoing funds to support the Audio Casting Services00:08:15
Request to amend FY16 budget in the amount of $174,344 in general funds00:08:42
Representative Hunhoff question - upgrading of rooms00:09:52
Senator Parsley question - developing scheduling software00:10:55
Jeff Pierce, State Radio Communications00:12:44
Request an increase of $200,000 in general funds for costs associated with maintaining and supporting the upgraded state radio network00:13:08
Representative Anderson question - areas of the state not covered by state radio00:14:55
Representative Anderson comments on what portion of BIT funds go to emergency communications00:16:43
Representative Romkema question - security of the system00:18:45
Representative Jensen question - more sensitive areas of the system00:23:25
Representative Jensen question - agencies that are not fully trained00:24:57
Representative Partridge question - FTEs00:26:35
Representative Partridge question - does South Dakota compare to other states00:29:36
Senator Haverly question - private sector cyber security00:32:20
Senator Peters question - personal services for development staff 00:34:55
Senator Tidemann question - funding for FTE vacancies00:41:30
Senator Tidemann question - REED network00:42:38
Senator Heineman question - development staff and backlog of agency projects00:45:00
Senator Heineman question - how will the backlog be addressed00:48:01
Representative Anderson question - rates for services to state agencies00:51:38
Senator Peters question - billing state agencies with vacant FTEs00:56:10
Senator Peters requested information on vacant FTEs for the past 6 months00:58:00
Senator Tidemann requested information on the type of equipment being used 00:59:08
Representative Hunhoff question - process for BIT providing services vs outside vendors01:00:44
Senator Heineman question - vacant positions for MEDX in the Department of Social Services01:01:48
Senator Heineman question - how many MEDEX positions are filled01:03:50
Representative Partridge requested information comparing South Dakota to other states01:05:07
Representative Partridge question - future of BIT, does it keep growing01:05:48
Jeff Holden, Commissioner of the Bureau of Administration01:13:28
Sale/Leaseback - Reduction of $29,238 in general funds 01:15:48
Central Services - Reduction of 3.0 FTEs01:16:05
State Fleet - Increase of $1,451,684 in other funds01:16:27
Statewide Maintenance and Repair - Increase of $6,912,494 in general funds01:16:53
Senator Tidemann question - State Fleet01:17:02
Senator Tidemann question - Highway Patrol vehicles01:17:35
Representative Anderson question - increase in lease payment amount01:18:00
Terry Miller explained the increase in the lease payment procedure01:18:23
Senator Parsley question - growth of state fleet01:19:18
John DeLoache, Director of Fleet and Travel Management01:19:40
Fleet has averaged 3,800 vehicles for last 4 years01:19:53
Vehicles are monitored for age, mileage and mechanical condition (Avg 6 yrs and 130,000-150,000 miles)01:20:30
Senator Omdahl question - who monitors vehicle useage01:21:45
Senator Haverly question - "Other" funds in the State Fleet01:22:58
Senator Tidemann question - coordination of trips01:23:55
Representative Anderson question - 2% M&R 01:29:05
Senator Omdahl question - maintenance plan for the buildings01:32:20
Kristi Honeywell, State Engineer spoke to the maintenance plan01:32:48
Representative Hunhoff question - private space vs. state space01:33:50
Senator Tidemann question - M&R project at Plankinton01:35:30
Scott Bollinger, Deputy Commissioner, spoke to the Plankinton project01:37:00
Commissioner Holden spoke to the Bureau of Administration's workforce01:38:55
Representative Partridge question - Obligation Recovery Center01:41:00
Senator Parsley question - $450,000 In/Out Fund01:45:21
Representative Hunhoff question - PEPL fund01:45:48
Senator Omdahl question - Highway Patrol facility near Sisseton01:47:46
The State Engineer will provide information regarding the Sisseton project01:48:27
Laurie Gill, Commissioner of the Bureau of Human Resources01:49:23
The Bureau's 3 divisions: Classification and Training, Compensation and Agency Support and Employee Benefits01:50:12
Representative Hunhoff question - access for state employees not located in Pierre01:54:42
BHR Workforce: 76 permanent benefited employees using 73.5 FTE01:56:30
Discussion of elimination of SD Risk Pool01:57:18
State Workforce issues01:57:42
FY17 Governor's Recommended Budget01:58:00
Decrease of $50,000 in federal fund expenditure authority and $519,569 in other fund expenditure authority eliminating the Risk Pool01:58:26
Senator Parsley question - base transfer in June of 1.5 FTE from the Risk Pool02:00:23
Mary Keeler explained the movement of FTE from the Risk Pool02:01:50
Representative Anderson spoke to the FTE issue02:05:28
Senator Heineman question - eliminating FTE from an abolished program02:06:14
Representative Anderson question - zeroing out the Risk Pool 02:10:44
At the end of FY15 $1.420 million was transferred to the general fund and $1.0 million transferred to the Legislative Contingency Fund02:11:34
Cash Balance at the end of FY16 is expected to be $3.375 million02:12:00
Senator White question - residual liability on closing out the Risk Pool02:13:17
Jill Kruger spoke regarding submitted claims and denials02:13:50
Representative Hunhoff question - appeals and run out payments02:15:00
Senator Parsley question - rush to end the fund02:16:57
Representative Anderson question - other agency taking over the claims02:18:20
Jason Dilges, Commissioner of the Bureau of Finance & Management02:23:55
Requesting over $30 million in funding for the Salary Policy contained in a Pool in BFM02:24:40
Decrease of $500,000 in general funds for Sale/Leaseback Payment02:24:55
Increase of $36,070 for software maintenance costs02:25:06
Increase of $61,000 in other fund authority to realign expenditures in the SD Building Authority02:25:33
Increase of $2,768 in other fund authority to realign expenditures in Education Enhancement Funding Corporation02:25:34
Decrease of $393 in other fund authority in the Health and Education Facilities Authority02:25:35
Discussion of staffing challenges02:26:26
CAFR is scheduled to be out on time and possibly earlier than projected02:28:45
Long-term Financial Plans were recently posted to the BFM website02:30:00
Discussion of the state's financial status02:30:35
Governor's Initiative on Internal Controls 02:32:09
Obligation Recovery Center02:34:00
Representative Partridge question - Obligation Recover Center process/procedures02:35:13
Senator Tidemann question - Tax Expenditures and Exemptions02:39:38
Senator Tidemann comments on tax exemption differences 02:44:55
Representative Anderson question - State General Funds Receipts Reports02:46:04

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