Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2016

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Darin Bergquist, Secretary of the Department of Transportation00:01:40
The department's use of general funds amounts to .04% of statewide general fund budget00:03:50
Total general funds is $535,00000:04:05
43.4% of the budget is State Highway Funds00:04:15
In FY15 Motor Fuel Tax amounted to $136.5 million, increase of 4.9% of FY1400:05:25
In the first 6 months of FY16, Motor Fuel Tax revenue is 32.1% ahead of FY1500:05:44
Excise Tax in FY15 was 7.1% higher than FY14 and is up 32.1% in FY1600:06:28
State Highway revenues for FY15 were $250.8 million, a 6.1% increase00:07:07
To date in FY16 revenues are 32.3% ahead of last fiscal year00:07:17
Federal Highway funds are a major part of the department's budget00:07:37
Congress passed a long-term federal highway funding bill in December 201500:08:18
The new 5-year bill is entitled "FAST ACT" (Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act)00:08:40
South Dakota retains their apportionment formula share, 0.71% of the total fund00:09:33
93% of the federal funding comes through the formula00:10:39
A portion of the funds is dedicated to small, rural states like South Dakota00:10:50
South Dakota will receive a 5.1% or $13-$14 million increase the first year00:11:05
The bill contains inflationary increases each year ranging from 2.1%-2.4%00:11:22
Highway Trust Fund is solvent under the new bill00:11:45
Approximately $70 billion in general funds was transferred into the Highway Trust fund00:12:10
Funds from the new act have been appropriated00:12:40
South Dakota may have $3 million/year available for rail projects due to changes in the bill00:13:11
Representative Jensen question - does South Dakota have a plan for the additional railroad funding00:15:04
Representative Partridge question - does the department require spending authority for the new tax revenue 00:17:00
Representative Partridge question - are there projects waiting for the funding, is there a plan00:19:15
Senator Van Gerpen commented on a local project issue00:22:06
Senator Parsley question - bids and reduced oil prices 00:27:08
Senator Parsley question - grants to county governments00:28:27
Secretary Bergquist explained the grant program under SB 100:29:08
Senator White question - amount of federal funding under FAST Act00:36:53
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - public transit funding00:38:12
Senator Omdahl question - uniformity of speed limits in western South Dakota00:40:22
Senator Heineman question - performance indicators 00:42:44
Representative Hunhoff question - how much does it cost to change a speed limit sign00:45:50
Andy Gerlach, Secretary of the Department of Revenue00:47:06
What We Do00:48:49
Organization Chart00:49:24
Office Locations00:49:40
FY2017 Recommended Budget00:51:28
Department uses 1.7% in general funds00:52:07
Comparison of FY2016 and FY2017 budgets00:52:21
Secretariat Budget00:53:15
Business Tax Budget00:54:03
Motor Vehicles Budget00:55:35
Property & Special Taxes Budget00:57:21
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - wine shipments00:59:12
Mike Houdyshell, Director of Property & Special Taxes responded re:wine shipment program00:59:45
Representative Romkema question - fiscal impact of wine shipments01:00:09
Senator Peters question - software and FTEs for the wine shipment program01:00:55
Audits Budget01:03:09
SD Lottery - Instant and On-Line Operations Budget01:05:21
Senator Peters comments regarding revenue from lottery01:06:05
Norm Lingle, Executive Director of the SD Lottery explained the lottery funding process01:07:13
Senator Omdahl question - can the lottery prize be capped01:09:15
Representative Partridge question - will HB 1048 provide additional revenue for South Dakota 01:11:35
Representative Romkema question - net revenue from Power Ball01:13:29
Representative Ring question - split of lottery funds01:15:27
Senator Heineman question - what is the Capital Construction Fund01:16:15
Senator Parsley question - net income the State realized from Deadwood gaming01:17:08
SD Video Lottery Budget01:18:38
Video Lottery is the second largest contributor to the State General Fund01:19:22
Commission on Gaming01:19:49
Representative Hunhoff question - changing technology on video lottery machines01:21:52
FY2016 Budget Changes01:24:06
2016 License Plate Re-Issue01:24:22
FY16 Budget Amendment - requesting a $3,092,745 increase in other fund authority 01:27:09
Representative Dryden question - where is the money coming from01:28:35
Representative Hunhoff question - total amount requested01:29:08
Senator White question - cost to make a set of license plates01:30:15
Senator Parsley question - does the cost of the plate get passed on to the consumer01:32:14
Representative Anderson question - proposed change to having one license plate01:33:11
Representative Partridge comments on the one-license plate issue01:33:50
Senator White comments on one-license plate issue01:34:11
Senator Heineman question - performance indicators01:37:00
Senator Van Gerpen question - sales and use tax exemptions01:42:45
Doug Schinkel, Business Tax explained the 10-day and 28-day tax exemption rule01:43:50
Representative Ring question - update on the marketplace fairness act01:46:35
Representative Partridge question - internet taxes01:49:30
Marcia Hultman, Secretary of the Department of Labor and Regulation01:51:45
Primary Funding Sources01:52:42
Introduction of staff01:54:36
Appropriation Budget Request01:57:00
Budget requested is $44,339,733 and 424.3 FTE01:57:18
Budget changes involve decreases of $5,526,600 and 27.4 FTE01:57:40
Federal Grant Awards01:58:15
Federal funds have decreased 4.8% from FY12 to FY1602:00:15
Senator White question - reason for the decrease02:00:50
Senator Heineman question - do programs decrease along with funding02:02:20
Representative Hunhoff question - are the same number of people being served02:03:40
Senator Peters question - list of required federal programs 02:04:48
Federal Grant Expenses02:06:12
Cost Control Measures Implemented02:06:52
Senator Parsley - explain FTE reduction02:09:53
Senator Omdahl question - how many offices were closed02:10:35
Senator Omdahl question - has overtime increased due to FTE reductions02:11:18
Representative Bordeaux question - how are services provided in Winner02:11:48
Senator Heineman question - how do the vacant FTEs affect the FY16 budget02:13:25
Emily Ward explained the FTE issue02:14:32
Secretariat Administration Budget02:15:48
Changes include an increase in general funds of $52,40102:16:16
Unemployment Insurance Budget02:17:18
Proposed fee increases are to support the unemployment insurance division02:18:00
Senator Parsley question - does the budget anticipate the bills passing02:18:35
Representative Dryden question - why the large decrease in federal funding02:18:54
Representative Jensen question - will programs be cut due to lack of funding02:19:43
Senator Parsley question - are federal funds being cut or fluctuating due to unemployment02:21:16
Senator Parsley question - are we processing more or fewer unemployment claims02:22:48
Unemployment Insurance budget request is $5,055,173 and 79.0 FTE02:23:50
16 Local Offices02:24:31
Senator Parsley question - difference between agency request and Governor's recommendation02:25:26
List of services provided in field offices02:27:20
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - information regarding on-the-job training program02:29:31
Field Operations02:30:10
Requesting an increase of $472,071 in general funds02:30:39
Senator Heineman question - does the department receive funding to support state initiatives02:31:35
Representative Hunhoff question - performance indicators02:32:39
Senator Parsley question - what anticipated costs affect performance indicators02:36:53
State Labor Law Administration Budget02:39:12
Securities 02:40:25
Boards and Commissions02:41:42
Senator Omdahl question - duties of the FTEs on the Plumbing and Electrical Commissions02:42:24
Representative Hunhoff question - how does the department measure outcome of services02:44:13

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