Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2016

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Trevor Jones, Secretary of the Department of Public Safety00:02:09
FY17 Budget Hearing00:02:57
Department of Public Safety Organizational Chart00:05:00
FY2017 State General Fund Budget amounts to 0.2%00:05:36
Budget Reductions00:05:49
$4,507,000 reduction in Homeland Security & Emergency Services00:06:15
$980,000 reduction in Highway Patrol federal funds is in Highway Safety00:07:18
Senator Heineman question - what happens to the funds from the wine corking bill00:08:35
Representative Romkema question - highway patrol agents in northwestern South Dakota00:10:45
Senator Van Gerpen question - highway patrolman in Bon Homme County00:11:52
Colonel Craig Price responded to Senator Van Gerpen's question00:12:10
Budget request for an increase of $64,736 for the Weights and Measures Program00:12:45
Senator White question - has the Weights and Measures Program been enhanced00:14:49
Senator Van Gerpen question - overweight trucks00:17:04
Representative Hunhoff question - will the department use extended hours and different sites for inspections00:18:35
Angie Lemieux, Director of Administrative Services explained00:21:00
Representative Romkema question - why the difficulty in finding weights and measures staff00:21:55
Representative Anderson question - areas in the state that lack State Radio coverage 00:25:12
Representative Anderson question - dollar estimate and time-frame for improvements00:26:38
Senator Peters question - does the Bureau of Information & Technology have to be involved00:27:36
Senator Omdahl question - DUI and drug arrests00:30:05
DUI Arrests, Warnings, etc. statistics00:30:43
Senator Omdahl question - how many are texting and driving00:30:50
Senator Van Gerpen question - seasonal employees/reservists00:31:20
Senator Tidemann question - Highway Patrol vehicles00:32:40
Colonel Price responded regarding resale value of highway patrol cars00:33:05
Senator Tidemann question - Balance in the Motor Vehicle Fund00:33:53
Senator Parsley - Color of Highway Patrol vehicles and safety issues00:34:54
Representative Jensen question - average pay for a Highway Patrolman00:36:00
Senator Peters question - FTE increase in FY14 for Drivers License Program00:36:30
Senator Peters question - update on online license renewal00:37:05
Senator Heineman question - performance indicators00:39:08
Senator Heineman question - which performance indicator is the most important00:40:20
Supplemental Information00:42:30
Comparison of Urban and Rural Interstate Crashes00:43:10
Senator Parsley question - number of warnings issued 00:44:40
Senator Parsley question - number of rural interstate fatalities 00:46:04
Representative Hunhoff question - data on fatalities/seatbelt useage00:48:20
Senator Omdahl question - Highway Patrol applicants 00:50:53
Representative Anderson comments on Highway Patrolman's job00:52:10
Senator Van Gerpen comments on Highway Patrol force 00:53:00
Representative Cronin comments 00:53:30
Gloria Pearson, Secretary of the Department of Human Services00:56:48
Department of Human Services Mission Statement00:57:58
Department Offices and Providers00:58:28
FY17 Department of Human Services Overview00:58:58
The Department expects to serve 26,800 people in FY1700:59:04
Lloyd Johnson, Interim Budget and Finance Director01:00:20
General Fund Decrease of $67,188 is due to the FMAP01:00:35
FY16 Operating Budget and FY17 Recommended Budget01:00:37
Total decrease of $1,222,219 involving general and other funds01:00:56
General Fund Decrease of $67,18801:01:19
Increase of $4,096 due to inflation in Guardianship Program01:01:42
FY17 Total Recommended Budget for the Office of the Secretary is $1,620,89201:02:19
Senator Peters question - monthly stipend for guardianship program01:03:11
Division of Developmental Disabilities01:03:47
CHOICES Medicaid Waiver and Family Support Medicaid Waiver information01:04:10
FY17 Growth in HCBS Adults and Provider Inflation for both Waiver Services01:04:14
CHOICES Waiver expects to support 2,778 individuals in FY1701:04:31
Family Support Medicaid Waiver expects to support 1,570 individuals in FY1701:04:48
Projected Admissions of 76 and 68 Children turning 2101:05:45
Breakdown of Admissions01:07:18
Senator Heineman question - explanation of the 91 discharges01:07:37
Senator Peters question - how is funding calculated for Kids turning 2101:08:20
FY17 Total Recommended Budget: $143,301,343, a decrease of $1,771,867 from FY1601:10:13
Division of Developmental Disabilities FY17 Funding Sources01:11:05
Division of Development Disabilities budget involves $60,592,595 in general funds, $77,021,014 in federal spending authority and $5,687,734 in other funds01:12:20
South Dakota Developmental Center in Redfield Services01:12:53
SDDC Population Trends01:15:03
SDDC Admissions and Discharges01:15:35
Representative Hunhoff question - options for those individuals unable to be admitted01:17:27
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - how long was the Center closed for admissions01:18:48
Senator Heineman question - are community support providers able to receive clients from the SDDC01:19:40
Representative Hunhoff question - reasons for limited admissions01:20:19
Staff recruitment/ Vacancy rate of 22%01:21:00
Staff injuries01:23:09
Senator Tidemann question - list of staff, position held and degree of training required01:24:30
Senator Peters requested a breakdown of the personnel and salaries01:26:04
Representative Hunhoff question - how many shifts are not filled on a weekly basis01:26:08
Further information on curriculum used at the SDDC in training staff01:27:50
Senator Peters question - are any of the admits from the Department of Corrections01:28:31
Jan Banghart, Director of the SD Development Center01:29:20
Senator Peters asked that information on Department of Corrections admits be provided to the Committee01:29:37
Representative Romkema question - where are the individiuals that used to be at the SDDC01:32:26
Representative Romkema question - average daily cost for a patient at SDDC01:32:49
Senator Parsley question - explain the request for reduction of 2 FTE01:34:27
Senator Parsley question - are the FTE needed or just not able to fill01:35:45
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - what is the plan to deal with turnover 01:36:58
Senator Heineman question - issues with reducing the number of clients01:38:20
Senator Parsley question - options when admitting Department of Corrections clients01:39:54
Levels of Support & Supervision - Comparing January 2013 to January 201601:40:28
Senator Peters question - is there law enforcement on staff at SDDC01:43:00
Representative Hunhoff question - how does supervision equate to number of staff01:44:35
SDDC Footprint Reduction01:45:17
Special Appropriation Request for demolition of four buildings01:46:25
FY17 Total Recommended Budget: $25,932,575 a decrease of $70,69001:47:30
Senator Heineman question - are there funds associated with the 2 FTE being eliminated01:48:55
Senator Parsley question - example of a temporary employee01:49:56
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - information on temporary employees01:50:53
Senator Peters question - what is the turnover rate at the SDDC01:51:31
Representative Romkema commented on turnover rates for Community Providers01:52:08
FY17 Funding Sources for the SDDC01:52:26
Division of Rehabilitation Services - Mission Statement01:52:55
Division of Rehabilitation Services Services01:53:00
Proposed enhancements to Assistive Daily Living Services01:54:55
Requesting 2 FTE for Conflict Free Case Management01:56:45
Requesting increased rates for Skilled Nurses and Personal Attendants01:58:00
FY17 Total Recommended Budget: $23,792,710, an increase of $616,24201:58:33
Senator Peters question - how old are the cost reports being used02:00:43
Senator Heineman question - is Conflict Free Case Management being added to all programs02:02:02
DHS Conflict-Free Case Management02:03:40
Dan Lusk, Director of the Developmental Disability Division02:04:05
DHS Conflict-Free Community Conversations02:04:09
Representative Romkema question - will the average daily rate for Community Providers be reduced02:07:56
Senator Parsley question - what happens to the Community Providers currently doing this service02:08:35
Division of Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired02:10:12
Vocational Rehabilitation Program Services02:10:28
Vocational Rehabilitation Progam Outcomes02:10:45
FY17 Total Recommended Budget: $3,949,24902:11:00
FY17 Funding Sources02:11:33
Daryl Kilstrom, Community Support Providers of South Dakota02:13:01
Representative Paula Hawks spoke to her experience as a direct support provider02:16:03
Representative Anderson question - is it a Federal Mandate without funding02:23:18
Representative Romkema question - comparison of wages between CSPs and state facilities02:23:32
Senator Peters requested average wage levels02:24:12
Representative Romkema question - average daily rate for Community Support Providers02:24:28
Lorri Bohm, Crooks - parent02:26:08
Brenda Smith, Sioux Falls - parent (on-line)02:33:25
Dee Gustaf, Sioux Falls - parent (on-line)02:36:50
Deb Docken, Sioux Falls - parent (on-line)02:37:58
Michele Burgers, Sioux Falls - parent (on-line)02:39:50
Senator Parsley question - duties of a Case Manager vs. a Community Support Provider02:41:25
Senator Peters requested information on the flow of funds re:Case Management02:44:20
Paul Register, Redfield, former SDDC employee02:45:30
Gerri Gallup, Redfield, former SDDC employee02:45:45
Senator Parsely question - crisis training for SDDC staff02:52:10
Senator Parsley question - behaviorial issues of clients02:54:43
Representative Cronin question - when was the petition delivered to the department02:56:00
Representative Cronin question - has there been increased training or changes since the petition02:57:33
Senator Peters question - workman's compensation claims02:59:04
Senator Tidemann comments on GOAC03:02:20
Jayme Akin, City of Redfield03:04:02
Senator White question - Host Family Program 03:08:59
Secretary Pearson closing comments03:10:18
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - total number of assaults, average workers compensation claim03:13:40
Senator Heineman question - specifically what did the petition say03:14:52
Senator Peters requested information on corrective action taken as a result of the petition03:16:00
Laurie Gill, Commissioner of the Bureau of Human Resources03:17:51
State of South Dakota Workforce03:18:26
Kevin Forsch, Bureau of Human Resources03:19:13
Workforce Demographics03:19:18
Age, Years of Service and Generation03:20:10
Workforce by Location03:21:46
Workforce Turnover03:22:52
Representative Hunhoff question - do turnover rates include HSC, SD Prisons, and Redfield State Hospital03:23:50
Senator Tidemann question - turnover information for the Board of Regents03:26:10
Kayla Bastian, Board of Regents Human Resource Director03:27:30
Senator White question - turnover rates compared to larger corporations03:28:35
State Employee Compensation03:30:45
FY16 Compensation Highlights03:30:56
New General Pay and Medical Occupation Salary Structures03:31:08
Updated Law Enforcement Structure03:31:10
Market value for all pay grades are set to the 50th percentile of market data03:31:57
Pay Structures: General, Medical and Law Enforcement and Career Bands03:32:12
Salary Policy Components: Market Adjustment03:32:52
Salary Policy Components: Movement Toward Market Value03:34:00
Representative Anderson question: does the 2.7% go to the base03:35:08
Representative Anderson question: source of data for market increases03:36:47
FY16 Career Band Pay for Performance03:37:59
Career Band Statistics03:38:47
77.2% of career band employees are below market value03:38:57
27.8% are at least 10% below market value03:39:03
16.8% are at market value03:39:18
6.0% are above market value03:39:20
Salary Policy Recommendations03:39:28
Senator Heineman question: is Pay for Performance on top of the 2.7%03:39:34
FY17 Salary Policy Proposal: 2.7% for Market Adjustment and 2.5% movement toward Market Value03:40:40
Senator Heineman question: how long before new employees hit market value03:41:28
FY17 Salary Policy Proposal03:42:35
Senator Tidemann question: does the base salary go up 2.7%03:42:49
General Pay Structure - increase in pay range minimum for Pay Grades D-G to 85% of true market minimum03:43:24
Career Bands - Market Adjustments03:45:39
Career Bands - Movement Toward Market Value03:46:15
Looking Forward03:46:35
Senator White question - do all employees receive a performance review03:47:26
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - do part-time or temporary employees receive a performance review03:48:16
Senator Heineman question - are Career Band employees eligible for the 2.7%03:48:35
South Dakota State Employee Health Plan03:52:00
Tom Steckel, Employee Benefits Director03:52:46
Health Plan Overview03:52:50
Health Plan Challenges03:53:55
FY17 Health Plan Options03:55:25
Senator Tidemann question: difference between Health Savings Account and Health Spending Account03:56:28
Qualifications for the $750 Deductible Health Plan03:59:12
Health Plan Participation04:01:33
Senator White question - are employees that opt-out reimbursed 04:01:35
Senator Omdahl question - who opts out04:02:27
Senator Heineman question - how is the cost of the opt-out reconciled04:02:49
Health Plan Members by County04:03:22
FY17 Health Plan Strategic Initiatives04:04:19
Termination of Tier 1 contracts04:04:42
Implementation of alternative strategies 04:05:00
Implementation of member health plan education and decision support tool04:05:02
Representative Hunhoff question - health homes04:05:59
Health Plan Full Accrual Basis Financial Statement04:08:50
Mary Keeler, Bureau of Finance and Management04:08:56
Comparison of FY2015, 2016 and 201704:09:45
Senator White question - is there a limit to the reserves for the Health Plan04:11:54
Representative Hunhoff question - what resulted in the reserve balance04:12:46
Senator Tidemann question - will co-pays remain the same04:15:30
Senator Tidemann encouraged more education on Health Savings account04:16:00

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