Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2017

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FY18 Recommended Budget for the Department totals $204,414,7580:01:03
Major General Timothy Reisch, Adjutant General/Secretary of the Department of the Military00:02:25
Department Mission00:03:25
Department Vision00:03:45
National Awards00:03:55
Annual Economic Impact: $171,773,25600:05:57
State Investment (FY17 Budget): $4,005,42300:06:11
Department of the Military FY18 Budget Request - additional $108,742 in general funds00:06:56
FY18 Budget Request $24,866,348 - $4,114,165 in general funds00:07:20
Workforce Information - Unutilized FTE, Turnover Rates, Recruiting00:07:40
Long-Term vacant Position00:09:20
Budget Divisions: Military, Adjutant General, Army Guard, Air Guard00:10:17
Office of the Adjutant General - $604,654 (no change)00:10:33
Army National Guard00:11:40
Army National Guard - Personnel Statistics - Authorized strength is 3,00300:11:48
FY16 Strength Mission goal is 3,125 soldiers00:12:10
Full-Time federal employees: 577, down 31 from last year00:12:50
Army National Guard - $18,398,757 (increase of $172,052)00:13:57
Discussion of Budget Increases/Decreases totaling $172,052 ($132,974 in general funds)00:14:08
Senator Tidemann question on captive insurance00:19:22
Armories and Locations00:19:45
Aging Armories00:22:10
Military Construction Projects and moving up of the Rapid City Army Aviation Support Facility 00:22:35
Senator Partridge question on construction projects on how it relates to Ellsworth Air Force Base 00:25:00
Key FY18 Sustainment/Modernization/Energy Projects00:25:50
Current Deployments00:27:00
Future Deployments00:27:30
Army Guard Future Challenges00:28:10
Air National Guard - FY18 Budget request: $5,862,937 (reduction of $96,928)00:28:25
Personnel Statistics - 1,039 officers and enlisted00:29:14
357 Federal employees and 48 State employees00:29:45
26 F-16 Block 40 Aircraft, 34 pilots00:29:50
Air National Guard Military Construction - 100% federally funded00:30:40
Air National Guard Deployments00:31:50
Air National Guard Future Challenges00:32:45
Air National Challenges Ahead00:33:45
Senator Cronin question on acquiring the F35's 00:34:30
Special Appropriation Request - HB 101400:37:05
State Active Duty Responses00:38:25
SD Fallen Heros00:38:30
SDNG Joint Force Headquarters - Rapid City SD00:38:50
Senator White question on rebuilding the guard00:39:30
Larry Zimmerman, Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs00:43:10
Two Divisions: Veterans Benefits Division and Veterans Home Division00:44:50
FTE and Staffing Summary00:45:20
Representative Hunhoff question on vacant positions for RN's or direct care staff00:46:35
Senator Nesiba question on capacity: 100 bed facility - 76 nursing and 24 residential00:48:00
Senator Cronin question on housing requirements for married couples00:48:43
FY18 Budget - $11,862,957 - 16% for Veterans Benefits, 84% for Veterans Home00:49:35
FY18 Primary Funding Sources - 35% General, 27% Federal and 38% Other00:50:05
Senator Cronin question on breakdown of other funds00:50:37
FY18 Budget Recommendation: $244,300 increase00:51:50
SD Veterans by County00:52:22
Veterans Benefits Division FY18 Budget: $1,862,388, a decrease of $91,10700:53:35
Increase Outreach Travel Budget - requesting an increase of $30,477 in general funds00:54:05
County Salary Supplement Reimbursement requesting an increase of $1,87500:55:10
Funeral Honors Program - FY18 Budget recommending $45,000 reduction in other fund authority00:56:57
Senator Tidemann question on the $45,000, general funds will replace the other funds00:57:48
Senator Cronin question on Funeral Honors Program00:58:35
Aaron Pollard, Deputy Secretary explained the budget process for the funeral honors program01:01:21
Senator White comments on funeral honors program in the rural areas of South Dakota01:02:36
State Approving Agency (SAA)01:03:45
Division of Veterans Benefits Budget Increases/Decreases: A total reduction of $91,10701:05:25
Recommending a reduction in federal authority of $78,45901:05:28
Representative Peterson question on funding for the Veterans Council01:06:06
Senator Nesiba question on funding for an additional DAV van in Sioux Falls01:08:40
State Veterans Home01:10:00
Video of the State Veterans Home01:10:20
State Veterans Home FY18 Funding Sources and Uses01:15:30
Representative Hunhoff question on other fund sources/explanation of pay sources01:16:14
Representative Hunhoff question on Medicaid funding01:19:13
Connie Hohn, Director of Finance01:20:55
Senator Peters requested information on payers and funding sources01:21:20
FY18 Veterans Home Division Budget: $10,000,569, a $335,407 increase01:23:00
FY18 Major Budget Increases/Decreases01:23:12
Senator Cronin question on the BIT charges01:24:05
Gloria Pearson, Secretary of the Department of Human Services01:28:23
Mission Statement01:29:35
Organizational Chart: 4 Divisions, 3 Councils and 2 Boards01:29:50
Department Office and Provider locations01:30:15
FY18 Department Overview - Total Projected People Served in FY18 is 27,87601:30:45
Darryl Millner, Budget & Finance Director01:32:20
The FY18 Recommended Budget totals $204,414,758, an increase of $3,586,07001:33:00
General Fund Decrease totals $452,716, primarily due to a change in FMAP01:33:20
FY18 Total Recommended Budget: $1,686,733, a decrease of $54,566 in general funds01:34:40
Division of Developmental Disabilities-Home and Community Based Services01:35:17
CHOICES Medicaid Waiver Services01:35:40
Family Support Medicaid Waiver Services01:36:22
FY18 Recommended Budget: $147,561,814, an increase of $3,175,51501:37:06
The increase includes $97,535 in general funds01:37:20
Representative Anderson question on increases and FTE01:39:08
Representative Anderson question on 4 new providers01:41:08
FY18 Growth in HCBS Adults - 97 discharges vs. Admissions nets a growth of 12 adults01:42:00
This FY18 projected growth requires a request of $1,148,01501:43:50
Representative Bartels question on budgeting for admissions01:44:10
FY18 Funding Sources: $61,122,677 general, $5,663,174 other funds and $80,775,963 in federal funds01:45:05
Key Initiatives, Successes, Challenges01:45:30
Division of the SD Developmental Center01:49:05
Services provided at the Developmental Center01:50:00
SDDC Population Trends - 122 individuals currently at the Center01:52:00
Discharges exceeded Admissions in the past year (2016)01:52:07
28 individuals are waiting placement with community providers01:53:23
Reducing the SDDC's Footprint01:53:38
Representative Ahlers question regarding maintenance cost savings01:54:22
Key Initiatives, Successes, Challenges01:55:15
FY18 Recommended Budget: $26,118,967, a decrease of $432,538 primarily in general funds01:57:50
FY18 Funding Sources: $11,308,269 in general funds, $794,724 in other funds and $14,015,974 in federal funds01:59:20
Division of Rehabilitation Services01:59:48
Overview of Programs and Services02:00:33
Senator Partridge question on number of Vocational Rehabilitation counselors02:02:35
Key Initiatives, Successes, Challenges02:03:48
South Dakota has the highest employment rate for people with disabilities02:04:00
FY18 Recommended Budget: $25,025,862, an increase of $897,659, primarily in federal funds02:07:00
FY18 Funding Sources: $4,699,326 in general funds, $2,852,695 in other funds and $17,473,841 in federal funds02:10:10
Division of Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired02:10:50
Services Provided and Occupations of Individuals02:11:09
Independent Living Services - Older Blind Program02:12:00
Key Initiatives, Successes, Challenges02:12:33
Representative Hunhoff question on skill level for the needed positions02:14:33
Gaye Mattke, Service to the Blind & Visually Impaired Director02:15:05
FY18 Total Recommended Budget: $4,021,382, no change from FY1702:15:55
FY18 Funding Sources: $953,407 in general funds, $381,555 in other funds and $2,614,287 in federal funds02:16:10
Representative Hunhoff question on the number of unfilled positions in this division02:16:40
Long Term Services and Supports Reorganization02:16:56
Senator Nesiba question on turnover rates in the department and supporting organizations02:18:44
Representative Peterson question on difficulty with transitiions/placements02:21:38
Representative Bartels question on other funds02:23:00
Representative Peterson question on liability due to lack of staff02:24:44
Testimony given by Dan Cross, Community Support Providers of South Dakota02:27:09
Testimony given by Robert Asheim, Belle Fourche, parent of a supported person02:31:38
Testimony via telephone - Mary Frank, direct care provider02:36:18
Testimony given by Kitty Kinsman, Lifescape02:40:20
Senator Nesiba question on high turnover rates for providers02:47:55
Senator Partridge comments on Northern Hills Training Center02:48:58
Representative Peterson question on programs that have closed02:49:30
Testimony via telephone - Brenda Smith of Sioux Falls, parent of a supported person02:51:18
Testimony via telephone - Deb Docken of Sioux Falls, parent of a supported person02:57:35
Testimony via telephone - Elaine Roberts of Sioux Falls, former community support provider03:04:17