Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2018

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Jeff Mehlhaff, LRC Fiscal staff, presented the budget for the South Dakota Retirement System - Motion Sheet G2501A00:01:50
Representative Howard question on potential litigations.00:04:32
Rob Wylie, Executive Director spoke to pending litigations.00:05:02
Representative Hunhoff question on the SD Retirement System budget approval process.00:05:35
Mr. Wylie detailed the Boards's membership and duties.00:05:53
Senator Tidemann question on financial status of the retirement funds.00:07:10
Mr. Wylie responded that the Board, the Investment Office and staff are aware of the market situation; however, because the system is so well funded, they are able to take a conservative position.00:07:22
Jason Simmons, LRC Fiscal staff, presented the budget for the Department of Environment & Natural Resources.00:09:44
Financial and Technical Assistance - Motion Sheet G2010A 00:09:57
Environmental Services - Motion Sheet G2020A 00:10:48
Regulated Response Fund - Informational Budget - Motion Sheet G2040A00:11:28
Livestock Cleanup Fund - Informational Budget - Motion Sheet G2050A 00:11:47
Petroleum Release Compensation - Motion Sheet G2061A 00:12:06
Petroleum Release Compensation - Informational Budget - Motion Sheet G2062A00:12:30
Department of Environment and Natural Resources Summary 00:12:50
Senator Wiik question on how the department is able to keep its budget flat on a continuing basis.00:13:35
Steve Pirner, Secretary of the Department of Environment & Natural Resources responded.00:14:20
Representative Karr question on what the revenue from increased fees will be used for. 00:18:05
Secretary Pirner explained the fees in SB 25. The funds are for personal services; however, there are no new FTEs requested.00:18:27
Representative Karr question on how the departmment determines the necessary number of FTE.00:22:03
Secretary Pirner explained the backlog of permits and other work due to vacancies in the department.00:22:25
Senator Peters question on what happens if fees are not raised and the positions are not filled.00:24:47
Secretary Pirner explained the federal regulations and lack of funding.00:25:18
Representative Ahlers question on federal spending authority.00:27:55
Secretary Pirner said the department has enough authority at this time. If excess revenue was generated, the department would come to the Committee to request additional authority.00:28:16
Senator Peters question does the federal government charge a fee for the permitting activity.00:29:30
Secretary Pirner said in some cases they do, most permits have a fee.00:29:55
Action was deferred on the department's budget pending the outcome of the department's fee bill.00:30:41
Lucas Martin, LRC Fiscal staff, presented the budget for the Department of Game, Fish & Parks.00:31:24
Administration - Motion Sheet G0601A 00:31:38
Wildlife - Informational Budget - Motion Sheet G0610A 00:32:22
Wildlife, Development, and Improvement - Informational Budget - Motion Sheet G0612A00:34:36
State Parks and Recreation - Motion Sheet G0620A00:35:30
State Parks and Recreation - Development and Improvement - Motion Sheet G0621A00:38:00
Snowmobile Trails - Informational Budget - Motion Sheet G0622A00:39:20
Department Summary00:39:59
Representative Hunhoff question on percentage of user fees in Other Funds. 00:43:07
Chris Petersen, Finance Officer for the Department of Game, Fish and Parks said approximately 90-95% of Other Fees is user fees.00:43:28
Representatiave Hunhoff question on general funds used for Good Earth State Park.00:43:48
Mr. Petersen said there are no general funds used on a continuing basis.00:44:10
Senator Tidemann question on funding for repair work in Custer State Park from the recent fire.00:44:38
Mr. Petersen said as of this date, the department has the necessary funding; however, the department will provide the Committee with updates at future meetings.00:45:02
Ariel Hammerquist, LRC staff, presented the budget for the Public Utilities Commission - Motion Sheet G2610A00:47:18
Representative Howard question on the source of Other Funds.00:49:58
Cindy Kemnitz, PUC Finance Manager, said most of the Other funds are in the Pipeline Safety Program.00:50:28
Senator Partridge question on how the changes in HB 1024 impacts the budget.00:51:00
Kristi Feigen, PUC Commissioner explained HB 1024.00:51:32
Senator Partridge question on the One Call budget being separate from the PUC budget.00:52:38
Commissioner Feigen said PUC would be open to that; however, HB 1024 did not have any real signifiant changes. The One Call Board has been their own agency since the 1990's. It was merely a clarification of the Board.00:52:46
Senator Peters commented on an informational budget for One Call.00:54:20

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