Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2018

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Minutes - February 22 and February 2300:02:30
Ariel Hammerquist, Fiscal Analyst, Legislative Research Council, presented FY19 Budget Motion Sheets for the Department of Corrections00:05:01
Representative Howard - question - why increase pay rate for new hire correctional officers at the Mike Durfee State Prison00:08:25
Representative Hunhoff - question - what is overtime pay at the state prisons00:09:20
Representative Ahlers - commented - the women's prison and penitentiary has a high employee turnover rate00:11:21
Candy Schneider, Department of Corrections, Director of Operations, commented on lack of workforce and high turnover rate at state prisons.00:12:55
Representative Howard - question - what is the $2,000 budget for Recruitment Items 00:14:00
Senator Tidemann - comment - would like to retain employees at state prisons and support increased pay for new hires00:15:15
Senator Wiik - comment - constantly training new recruits costs money and he would like to see more retention at the state prisons00:16:15
Senator Nesiba - question - what is the average daily occupancy rate at the state penitentiary00:18:00
Senator Cronin - question - do inmates scan documents for the Department of Social Services 00:21:15
Senator Peters - question - would the inmate services budget be affected by House Bill 110900:25:10
Representative Howard - question - who are the different providers for juvenile corrections and how is their budget listed on this motion sheet00:28:55
Senator Tidemann suggested deferring certain Department of Corrections Budget Motion Sheets00:31:45
Representative Peterson - question - will South Dakota youth providers be affected by undecided outstanding bills00:32:08
Representative Anderson deferred action on Department of Corrections Budget Motion Sheets 00:33:24
Annie Mehlhaff, Chief Fiscal Officer, Legislative Research Council, presented FY19 Budget Motion Sheets for the Legislative Branch00:34:43
Senator Peters - question - does the Executive Board have the authority to adjust the program evaluations for the Legislative Budget and thought House Appropriations killed a bill which would affect this budget00:36:53
Representative Howard - question - is an FTE available for this program00:38:01
Senator Tidemann - question what is the $32,056 operating expenses fund00:39:00
Representative Peterson - question - did the Executive Board decide to fund additional FTE for program evaluations 00:40:57
Senator Tidemann - question - will it be possible to hire someone at this salary rate who has program evaluation experience00:41:25
Lucas Martin, Fiscal Analyst, Legislative Research Council, presented FY19 Budget Motion Sheets for the Bureau of Administration00:48:00
Representative Howard - question - how many vehicles and what other expenses are in the Central Services Budget Center00:49:11
Commissioner Scott Bollinger responded00:49:30
Representative Howard - question - is the State Engineer bill still outstanding00:50:51
Representative Bartels responded00:51:22
Senator Cronin - question - should we wait before deciding Maintenance and Repair since this decision happens at the end of session00:52:20
Representative Hunhoff - comment - on Risk Management Administration - Informational Budget00:54:05
Representative Peterson - comment - Risk Management Administration Budget 00:54:50
Representative Ahlers - comment - Risk Management Administration Budget00:55:36
Senator Cronin - question - how is the $500,000 in maintenance and repair federal fund expenditure authority used00:57:24
Minutes - February 26th01:04:20
Adjourn - White/Wiik01:06:00

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