Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2018

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Representative Anderson deferred FY19 Budget Motion Sheets for the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Public Safety00:01:22
Mr. Jeff Mehlhaff, Fiscal Analyst, Legislative Research Council, presented FY19 Budget Motion Sheets for the Office of the Governor and Governor's Office of Economic Development00:02:50
Representative Hunhoff - question - would you explain the budget transfer in the Office of Research Commerce00:06:36
Scott Stern, Commissioner, Governor's Office of Economic Development, responded00:06:50
Representative Lake - question - would you explain why there are unused FTE in the Governor's Office of Economic Development00:07:35
Commissioner Stern indicated filling unused FTE's is difficult since there will be a change in administration next year and in addition, he would like to work with the Bureau of Human Resources to create a plan to provide competitive salary and have a consistent leadership team.00:09:00
Representative Ahlers - brought forward Motion Sheet Z01053A for South Dakota Development Authority - Informational Budget and Motion Sheet which was not acted upon00:14:45
Mr. Jeff Mehlhaff, Fiscal Analyst, Legislative Research Council, presented FY19 Budget Motion Sheets for Board of Regents00:21:50
Senator Cronin - question - would one-time funding for REED network affect the budget00:23:00
Senator Peters - question - would the REED network affect ongoing maintenance and repair expenses00:23:39
Senator Cronin - question - what would a $3,000,000 lease payment do for the REED network00:24:15
Monte Kramer, Board of Regents, responded00:24:30
Senator Cronin - question- would on-going lease payments increase our budget in future years 00:25:30
Senator Peters - question - what equipment is needed to update the REED network00:26:45
Representative Howard - question - why would there be a change for veterinary student Iowas State tuition fees from other funds to general funds00:27:13
Representative Karr - question - would you provide an example why it's important to increase the REED network from 10GB to 100GB00:28:05
Senator Tidemann - question - would the REED network open opportunities for the Sanford Underground Research Facility00:30:14
Representative Hunhoff - question - was this REED Network $3,000,000 lease payment in the original budget request and not recommended by the Governor00:31:00
Chair Anderson deferred action on Board of Regents Central Office Motion Sheet00:33:48
Senator Peters presented Z1517B and said there would be an additional $1,000,000 cost for Opportunity Scholarships since SB 94 would reduce scholarship requirements by requiring a 24 ACT Score 00:34:00
Representative Peterson responded there would not be a reduced ACT Score requirement and course requirements would remain the same00:34:32
Senator Partridge said SB94 influences the Opportunity Scholarship and gave an example why additional funds are needed 00:35:19
Representative Howard - comment - that Board of Regents overstepped their bounds and said SB 94 is clear what the Opportunity Scholarship requirements are and treats all students the same00:37:05
Senator White - question - would lowering the requirements from an ACT score of 28 to an ACT score of 24 influence this budget00:38:35
Paul Turman, Board of Regents, said Senate Bill 94 would affect Board of Regents Administrative Rules and has an impact on the budget.00:39:55
Senator White - question - do we anticipate expenses from Senate Bill 94 or wait and see what the effects are00:41:21
Representative Peterson - question - how would Senate Bill 94 effect anticipated operating expenses for South Dakota Scholarships through statute to statute only and not through administrative rule00:42:00
Paul Turman, Board of Regents, responded no specific date was listed on Senate Bill 94 so any home-schooled student in post-secondary education could apply 00:42:30
Representative Peterson - question - what would the additional scholarship expenses be because of Senate Bill 9400:43:50
Representative Anderson - question - how many home-schooled students would be effected by Senate Bill 94 and who determined anticipated scholarship expenses00:44:19
Mr. Jeff Mehlhaff and Mr. Lucas Martin, Legislative Research Council, responded what research was done and how anticipated expenses were determined00:44:45
Representative Peterson - comment - that none of the anticipated scholarship expenses are not close to the $1,000,000 level as presented by Senator Peters00:45:30
Representative Howard - commented that the Board of Regents Administrative Rules won't need to be changed00:46:02
Senator Peters - comment - Senate Bill 94 as written needs to have a budget starting July 1, 2018 00:47:13
Representative Hunhoff - question - could any home-schooled student in the university system apply for the Opportunity Scholarship and is that why an additional $1,000,000 is needed in this budget00:47:37
Senator Peters responded the Board of Regents anticipates an additional cost of $138,000 and if the Administrative Rules change, it could affect all qualifying students to an estimated amount of $1,000,000.00:48:00
Representative Peterson - commented - Senate Bill 94 does not warrant administrative rule changes00:48:30
Senator Tidemann - question - what is the history and rules of the Opportunity Scholarship and how does the Board of Regents administer and make rules for the scholarship00:49:00
Chair Anderson deferred action on the Board of Regents South Dakota Scholarships Budget Center00:54:30
Representative Howard - question - what is the expanded student fee revenue for at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology01:03:56
Monte Kramer, Board of Regents responded South Dakota School of Mines & Technology reduced their spending authority too much and a correction is needed01:04:28
Senator Partridge - question - why is there a request for an increase for FTE's at Black Hills State University01:09:55
Representative Howard - question - what is the transfer from federal funds to other fund spending authority for the South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired01:13:50
Adjourn Carson/Peters01:17:17

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