Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2019

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South Dakota Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR) FY 2020 Budget Request presented to the Joint Appropriations Committee00:00:20
Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Steve Pirner, presented the budget as recommended by the governor. General funds - $6,714,350, Federal funds expenditure authority - $8,420,978, Other funds expenditure authority - $9,672,175 with 180.5 FTE's.00:02:13
1. DENR issues Surface Water Discharge Permit to Big Sioux River for $250 Million Expansion of Agropur Cheese Plant in Lake Norden - Page 400:05:00
2. DENR and EPA Open Brohm Gold Mine Superfund Site to Exploratory Drilling - Page 500:07:18
Representative Koth - question - will you research and assess the financial strength on Eagle mine, and do they have financial backing00:10:29
Representative Gross - question - what are requirements for clean-up00:12:30
3. DENR Creates an Online Flood information System for the Big Sioux River Basin - Page 600:14:33
Representative Koth - question - is this connected with FEMA as it relates to Flood Plains00:24:06
Senator White - question - is there some control down the river that they can enhance and how do you determine the drop00:27:32
Representative Post - question - Livestock cleanup fund costs 00:31:44
NPDES Fee Revisions in SB 25 Last Year Being Phased In - Page 900:32:30
Senator Maher - question - who paid $30,000 for air quality fees00:36:44
Senator Maher - question - With the passage of Senate Bill 25 tell us what the extra FTE's will be doing00:37:35
Representative Koth - question - should there be fewer regulations at the State level00:38:15
Representative Gross - question - how do you assess the importance of things if they are 2 to 3 years behind on loads, how important are those 00:41:34
DENR in Transition - Losing our Experience to Retirements00:43:15
DENR Manages Workloads and Available Budget to Replace Turnover and Retiring Employees with New People - Page 1100:44:36
Senator White - question - do you use engineering students in the summer as interns00:47:00
Representative Saba - question - how much of your budget is related to pro-active and re-active activities00:48:32
Senator Sutton - question - are you currently doing cross-training00:50:21
Senator Sutton - question - projection on which positions are filled00:51:15
Representative Hunhoff - question - are we seeing that we look at competitive market as a scale00:52:05
Representative Hunhoff - question - is there an estimated time frame for vacant positions00:52:57
Representative Hunhoff - question - was Senate Bill 25 part of the phasing in process00:53:58
Governor's Annual Omnibus Water Funding Bill - Page 12. Governor's Volkswagen Settlement Trust Mitigation Bill - Page 1300:55:30
Senator Partridge - question - who is the party to approve the plan submitted, where would the $8,000,000 go00:57:39
Senator Maher - question - what vehicles are being replaced00:58:49
Representative Koth - question - since this is federal, who decides if it's a school bus and what district and if hiway department wants to replace older equipment01:00:38
Senator Kolbeck - question - to clarify, if a county wants to replace trucks can they apply for this 01:01:59
Senator White - question - is there a deadline for requests or has a decision been made 01:02:32
Workload Graphs - Pages 14/15/16, Water Quality Graph - Page 17, Air Quality Standards Graph - Page 1801:03:50
Recap of Legislative Agenda for 2019 - Page 1901:05:10
Representative Saba, Senator Nesiba question - regarding outcome-based performance measure, on track to make the Big Sioux River swimmable01:05:54
Senator Maher - question - what's going on at Wasta with the core spill01:10:10
Senator Maher - question - update on wells, 01:11:08
Senator Maher - question - give us an update on Spy Glass and their bonding in Harding County01:11:55
Senator Maher- question - are wells leaking or not01:14:18
Senator Maher - question - is DENR responsible for the bonding and how did it lapse01:14:58
Senator Maher - question - landowner doesn't own the royalties but has the mess on top01:17:17
Senator Partridge - question - on severance tax collecting01:17:46
Representative Karr - question - what is the $30,000 bond based on01:20:42
South Dakota Department of the Military01:23:37
Major General Timothy Reisch, Adjutant General/Secretary, Department of the Military presented their budget presentation as recommended. General funds - $4,439,607, Federal funds expenditure authority - $22,427,996, Other funds expenditure authority - $29,254 with 116.4 FTE's.01:25:10
Presentation on changes in military budget - Page 301:26:32
Department of the Military FY 2020 Requested Budget $25,624,888 - Page 401:28:02
Military Budget Workforce Information Page 601:29:10
Representative Hunhoff - question - what kind of unutilized positions01:31:08
Representative Hunhoff - question - specifically what kind of positions01:31:38
Office of the Adjutant General budget - Page 701:32:35
Army National Guard Budget - Page 801:34:28
Senator Cronin - question - are you going to change strategy, please give an indication of what new training you are doing01:38:56
South Dakota's Aging Armories by Decade - Pages 10/1101:42:22
Air National Guard Budget - Page 1601:47:43
Representative Karr - question - budget briefing page 9, you are asking for $1.2 million, insight as to what this is for01:47:47
Representative Karr - question - over $1m utility cost increase01:50:10
Air National Guard Military Construction - all projects are 100% Federally Funded - Page 1701:51:56
Department of the Military One-Time Major Items Recommended - Page 1901:54:56
Senator Partridge - question - benefit to funding this and getting it done01:57:54
Senator Partridge - question - $3.84 million to finish the project is that one-time general funds or does some come out of your base budget01:58:46
Senator Cronin - question - if the $3.8 million dollars is given this year, can you draw down the total dollars from Federal Government right away02:01:42
Senator Cronin - question - if you are waiting on your money from the Federal Government you get it now02:02:34
Senator White - question - does this funding or project when completed elevate our status as far as our base is concerned competition for Air Force Projects02:03:16
Senator Partridge - question - AARC, we were able to get this early, competing with Arizona but South Dakota was ready02:04:38
Civil Air Patrol - $11,244 for UAV to increase their capabilities02:07:24
Thank you to Major General Reisch02:11:42
South Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs budget presented by Secretary Greg Whitlock. General Funds - $4,294,579, Federal Funds Authority Expenditure - $3,613,189, Other Funds Authority Expenditure - $4,339,289 with 138.2 FTE's02:12:46
Senator Cronin - question - explain more on the turnover rate - Page 402:14:57
Senator Cronin - question - do you have competitive wages02:15:55
Senator Greenfield - question - budget comparison only 4 FTE's were underutilized relative to the Veteran's Home 02:16:20
Senator Greenfield - question - reconciled employees02:16:51
Senator Greenfield - question - on contractual employees 02:18:07
Senator Cronin - question - expensive to have fillers come in to work, perhaps they are listed wrong and shouldn't be contracted 02:20:11
Senator Cronin - question - break that expense account out02:22:11
South Dakota Department of Veteran's Affairs Budget Recommendation - Page 2 02:22:50
Representative Hunhoff - question - how many posts receive the $50 payments for military funeral details - Page 1602:26:42
Representative Hunhoff - question - Gather data on $50 military details for 2017/2018 and send to LRC staff 02:27:16
Representative Hunhoff - question - explain what you do in OTJ training02:28:16
Representative Hunhoff - question - keeping data on staying or leaving after training02:29:26
FY2020 State Veterans Home - Page 302:31:24
Senator Greenfield - question - will we see that in the bill that affects this year general appropriations bill or will it just happen on June 30th02:31:48
Senator Cronin - question - What percentage of 76 beds are Medicaid 02:31:52
Senator Cronin - question - How can you make that work02:32:22
Senator Greenfield - question - will we see you revert $2 million or happening on June 3002:33:54
Senator Greenfield - question - are you returning something, what source02:33:54
Senator Greenfield - question - reversions, terminology, bringing in more than spending02:34:32
Senator Greenfield - question - FY2019 you are proposing to revert $2 million and in FY2020 you are building in $2 million02:34:37
Senator Partridge - question - Follow up on Senator Greenfield's point, appropriating into Medicaid that we are giving back to ourselves later02:37:33
Senator Partridge - question - other fund source is VA per diem and resident rent02:38:30
Representative Peterson - question - with $2 million extra does this state have to put that back in02:38:50
Representative Peterson - question - deadline approaching, under the gun? Meet deadlines02:38:51
FY 2020 State Veterans Cemetery02:39:50
Representative Peterson - question - give assurance on the Jan. 31 deadline, let us know if you don't meet this02:41:05
Senator Cronin - question - on budget brief, contractual services, who are we contracting with02:41:41
Representative Peterson - question - have there been glitches in deadlines02:41:50
Representative Peterson - question - was there a hazardous study done02:42:33
Representative Peterson - Please notify us if deadline is approaching02:43:13
Representative Bartels - question - if 150 in the base, or still spending the 450 and 15002:43:19
Senator Cronin - question - On the Vet Cemetery General Funds, who do we contract with02:43:58
Representative Bartels - question - is the base now at 750, is that correct02:45:41
Representative Bartels - question - budgeting 750, is that expended02:46:19
Representative Bartels - question - majority be diverted as unspent02:46:45
one-time request change in utilities02:48:21
Representative Hunhoff - question - if it's in the base it's already there, part of FY 20 base 02:48:25
Senator Cronin - question - thought we were going to 600, and then other fund must raise dollars, need clarification02:48:46
Senator White - question - so you divide your expenditures, do they keep your locums separate02:49:27
Committee needs number of temps02:50:56
Senator White - question - how does your department calculate your FTE's02:51:12
Senator Greenfield - question - are FTE's reflected in actual numbers or personal services numbers02:53:23
Senator Greenfield - question - have a standard by which FTE's are calculated, how exactly are you accounting for your FTE's02:54:48
Representative Post - question - what percentage of nursing staff during year are temporary vs paid02:56:40
Representative Hunhoff - question - when you set FTE's, confusion of temporary employees02:57:25
Representative Hunhoff - question - you still have the same FTE allocation, just using 3 different people to fill one 2080 position02:58:25
Representative Hunhoff - question - what is the percentage of what you have are you using temps to fill those full-time positions02:59:10
Senator Greenfield - question - what is the history on veteran's homes, are there other facilities02:59:53
Senator White - question - how many veterans are housed in nursing homes03:01:03

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