Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2019

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Announcements - Senator Wiik indicated Bureau of Information and Telecommunications presentation will be postponed to another day.00:01:52
Approval of Minutes January 9, 2019 - Bartels/Nesiba 00:02:29
Mr. Scott Bollinger, Commissioner, Bureau of Administration, introduced staff and gave an overview of the bureau. Commissioner Bollinger made FY20 Budget Request as recommended by the agency. 00:04:25
The Bureau of Administration (BOA) FY20 general funds request is $17,174,891, federal fund expenditure authority is $500,000, and other fund expenditure authority is $40,579,001 totaling $58,253,892 and includes 165.0 FTE. This budget request has increased $901,209 from FY19 for Statewide Maintenance and Repair.00:04:26
Commissioner Bollinger, BOA, said all services are rendered through the internal services fund.00:06:20
Commissioner Bollinger indicated that BOA receives used equipment from the federal government and has been affected by the shutdown.00:09:46
The Bureau of Administration manages the state's fleet of vehicles, mail, central duplicating, property management, office risk management, and records. The BOA also maintains and repairs buildings statewide.00:13:03
There are three types of statewide maintenance and repair as follows: Statewide, Capitol Complex, and Human Services. Commissioner Bollinger described each type of maintenance and repair.00:13:48
Office of Hearing Examiners - The BOA administers the staff and is not involved with the actual hearings.00:16:38
Obligation Recovery Center - The BOA manages the Obligation Recovery Center. The Obligation Recovery Center has collected approximately $3.5M last year for state agencies. Revenue has doubled since this obligation center started three years ago.00:17:19
Senator Partridge - question - would you talk about the three separate Captive Insurance areas; authority, property, and banking trust.00:18:50
Senator White - question - is the goal of the BOA to have a maintenance and repair building rate at 2% and inquired why the bureau is requesting $901,209 additional funds.00:19:33
Senator Partridge - question - would you explain why the BOA has a $720,000 authority to pay collectors that contract with the Obligation Recovery Center - (referring to Legislative Research Council Budget Briefing - Page 2).00:22:09
Senator Greenfield - question - could counties utilize the Obligation Recovery Center.00:25:25
Commissioner Bollinger explained the Obligation Recovery Center is only for the state government. Counties do not have the legal authority to restrict licenses like the State of South Dakota.00:26:48
Representative Howard - question - what the change from FY18 to FY19 is for expenses in Buildings and Grounds and Central Duplicating (referring to Page 11 of Legislative Research Council Budget Brief).00:28:20
Representative Howard - question - will there be a large reversion for Central Duplication Services this year.00:31:21
Senator Sutton - question - how many construction projects is the Office of Engineering managing.00:32:28
Senator Sutton - question - how do you prioritize construction projects.00:33:35
Representative Bartels - question - would you provide information for state engineering costs for new construction projects like the Animal Disease Research Laboratory at South Dakota State University and requested additional information.00:35:10
Senator Nesiba - question - what is the process for a debtor to lose and recover their driver's license from the Obligation Recovery Center. 00:36:21
The Bureau of Administration does not take away licenses from debtors. The BOA refers debtors to other agencies that can withhold licenses.00:38:27
Senator Nesiba - question - does the Obligation Recovery Center manage child support collections.00:40:45
Senator Nesiba - question - is there a grievance procedure for debtors of the Obligation Recovery Center.00:41:35
Commissioner Bollinger indicated a client can file a grievance through the Office of Hearing Examiners. They would determine a ruling and forward the findings to the corresponding state agency. 00:41:50
Representative Bartels - question - is there proper communication between the agency, Obligation Recovery Center, and debtor to prevent mistakes.00:43:05
Commissioner Bollinger indicated there have only been 44 hearing requests out of 92,000 Obligation Center Recovery accounts.00:44:06
Representative Peterson - question - how do you determine the maintenance and repair formula for new construction.00:44:58
Representative Peterson - question - how do you determine risk management for Board of Regents new construction and maintenance and repair for Board of Regents buildings.00:46:30
Senator White - question - does the Obligation Recovery Center charge interest to outstanding owed debts to state government.00:48:13
Representative Karr - question - would you give us a history and prospective of state building sale leasebacks.00:50:56
Representative Peterson - question - do you anticipate the Bureau of Administration's budget staying the same since Governor Noem is in office.00:54:05
Commissioner Bollinger indicated his office is proactive and would like to maintain buildings and have the Statewide Maintenance and Repair rate at 2%.00:56:20
Senator Sutton - question - does the BOA have a list of state-owned buildings and what determines which projects a priority is and requested additional information.00:56:44
Senator Wiik requested a list what buildings are funded through maintenance and repair and what buildings are not funded through maintenance and repair.00:58:52
Senator Greenfield - question - did the Kinsman Building save the Bureau of Administration money and has this savings been documented.00:59:08
Senator Greenfield - question - are there buildings still owned by the Bureau of Administration north of the truck bypass, how many buildings are there, and are they being utilized.01:00:25
Representative Koth - comment - he realizes there is a cost to owning buildings and having a maintenance and repair budget is a good idea.01:02:50
Senator White - comment - not all states have a maintenance and repair budget and having one helped the State of South Dakota receive their AAA bond rating.01:03:26
Office of Property and Management, Bureau of Administration, sells flags that can be flown over the State Capitol Building on a certain day.01:06:00
Introduction of Pages01:07:38
Announcement - Bureau of Human Resources presentation has been postponed until another day.01:08:37
Adjourn White/Cronin01:08:55

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