Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2019

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Chief Justice David Gilbertson, Unified Judicial System, made introductory comments and gave an over view of their budget. General Funds - $45,627,626, Federal Funds Expenditure Authority - $318,489, Other Funds Expenditure Authority - $10,229,374 with 585.2 FTE's. 00:02:16
Requesting additional judge for second circuit00:03:56
Request additional funding for drug and alcohol courts in Aberdeen and Pierre00:06:44
Representative Howard - question - Rural Attorney's Program, why do we need 32 permanent programs00:08:39
Representative Karr - question - why are they leaving those locations00:10:26
Presiding Judge Robin Houwman, Second Judicial Circuit - Explained reasons for another judge - Page 1200:11:17
Distribution of State Court Caseload by Circuit, FY18 - Page 1200:13:14
Population, 2nd Judicial Circuit, South Dakota, Lincoln & Minnehaha Counties- Page 1300:14:00
Total Caseload, All Case Types, FY14/FY18 - Page 1400:14:32
Senator Cronin - question - Explain the increase in cases00:15:37
Caseload since the last new circuit judge was added in FY16 - Page 1500:15:51
Senator Cronin - question - your request is in the budget, is one judge enough, what is the plan moving forward00:18:30
Senator White - question - how many recidivism events have taken place to generate these kind of numbers00:20:38
Senator White - question - first time or seeing the same people00:23:02
Senator Greenfield - question - what accounts for the increase of cases 00:23:15
Circuit Judge Joni Cutler - explained population increase and volume of crimes00:23:52
Senator Greenfield - question - is there a reason, delineate between Class 2 and Class 100:25:26
Senator Greenfield - question - why so many people have contested citations and arrests00:27:04
Representative Hunhoff - question - what kind of outcome can we look at for adding new position 00:28:04
Senator Nesiba - question - how has increase in violence affected the workload00:30:50
Representative Saba - question - regarding funding increase for monitoring homeless people00:32:44
Representative Saba - question - prior to electric monitoring devices, is this a cost saving measure also 00:33:44
Representative Saba - question - will we see more electronic analysis of what's going on00:34:46
Representative Karr - question - backlog custody cases are priority00:36:58
Representative Karr - question - elaborate on backlog time00:37:30
Representative Karr - question - approximately 2-3 months, impact on families00:39:10
Representative Karr - question - by adding judge this will shorten time, what is the goal of shortening the backlog00:39:52
Representative Koth - question - understand time constraint, is there any cost saving by adding another judge to shorten time, save money in other areas00:42:42
Representative Koth - question - any way to quantify, specific dollars we might save00:44:50
Representative Karr - question - touched on shortening time of backlog, what is ideal time to deal with these situations00:46:44
Felony Case Filings - Page 1600:48:48
Representative Karr - question - will we realize an impact by adding one judge00:49:30
Senator Cronin - question - new governor, new legislature, why just request one judge00:50:42
Representative Bartels - question - does Minnehaha and Lincoln County have space for a new judge00:54:10
Representative Bartels - question - space for 4 new judges00:54:36
Chief Justice - balance of what you need that we ask for, asking for one judge this year00:56:17
Greg Sattizahn, State Court Administrator, problem solving courts - Page 1800:57:28
DUI Court Funding Swap - Page 1900:57:50
Brown and Meade County DUI Court - Page 2000:59:55
Chief Justice - still a substantial savings to the state of South Dakota01:01:00
Representative Howard - question - seeing a reduction in DUI's01:01:45
Combined court in other areas - Page 1801:02:25
Representative Howard - question - frustration on part of tax payers, could you combine for cost savings01:02:42
Representative Howard - question - on problem solving coordinator, is this one person, where are they stationed, what do they do01:05:33
Representative Hunhoff - question - indicated decrease in federal dollars, reallocating to different project01:07:47
Representative Gross - question - other programs federal funded that are at risk01:08:38
1.8 FTE's - move existing part-time positions to full-time - Page 2101:09:49
Representative Karr - question - touch on where those dollars are coming from01:13:22
Representative Karr - question - reversion, what is budgeted that you weren't utilizing01:14:14
Representative Bartels - question - on the million dollars, how much is from vacancies or how much is for lower salaries or undesignated 01:15:20
Senator Cronin - question - on your change in employee compensation01:16:58
Classification and Compensation - Page 2201:17:12
Cost by Classification - Page 2301:19:50
Senator Greenfield - question - 10.2% below market, what is the market you're looking at01:21:46
Senator Greenfield - question - how many people are in each of these categories01:23:11
Aaron Olson will provide info to staff01:23:42
Senator Sutton - question - how many are part-time, how many part-time are working more hours than normal - Aaron Olson will provide breakdown01:24:43
Senator Sutton - question - because of pay rate, how many need to increase their hours01:25:34
Workforce Information FY18 - Page 2401:27:06
Court Automation Fund (CAF) - Page 2501:28:15
Court Automation Fund - Page 26 01:29:22
Condition Statement - Page 2701:29:33
Rural Attorney Recruitment Program - Page 2801:29:55
Map - Page 2901:30:15
$150,000 to continue program - Page 3001:30:48
Representative Hunhoff - question - Court Automation Fund, please break out what other dollars are going to other departments and provide to staff01:32:35
Senator Sutton - question - who pays for interpreters01:34:41
Jason Ravnsborg, Attorney General, made introductions and presented the FY20 Budget, General Funds - $11,877,948, Federal Funds Expenditure Authority - $4,000,987, Other Funds Expenditure Authority - $11,638,623 with 101.5 FTE's01:36:19
Overall budget - Page 2, slide 101:38:12
Breakdown of budget - Page 3, slide 201:39:00
Questionable items in dispute - Page 4, slide 301:39:18
Civil Litigation - Page 5, slide 401:40:27
Cases handled in FY18 - Page 6, slide 501:42:08
Civil Prisoner Litigation - Page 7, slide 601:42:42
Consumer Contacts - Page 8, slide 701:43:12
FY18 Tobacco Activities - Page 9, slide 801:43:28
2018 Civil Division Summary - Page 10, slide 901:44:12
Notable Criminal Cases - Page 11, slide 1001:44:32
Notable Criminal Cases - Page 12, slide 1101:46:00
Notable Criminal Cases - Page 13, slide 1201:47:39
Medicaid Fraud Control Unit FY18 - Page 14, slide 1301:49:10
Appellate Division Briefs - Page 15, slide 1401:49:35
Notable Appellate Decisions - Page 16, slide 1501:49:48
Notable Pending Appellate Litigations - Page 17, slide 1601:50:47
Division of Criminal Investigation - Page 18, slide 1701:51:06
DCI Comparison - Page 19, slide 1801:51:12
Controlled Substances, Meth stats - Page 20, slide 1901:51:40
2018 Methamphetamine - Page 21, slide 2001:52:10
Senator Sutton - question - clarify map on meth labs - Page 21, slide 2001:52:16
Drug Case Manager Program - Page 22, slide 2101:53:16
Emerging Trends - Heroin, investigated cases - Page 23, slide 2201:53:58
Representative Karr - question - on slide 21, E911 request01:54:21
Representative Howard - question - difference between technical services unit and drug task force, what is the overlap - Page 22, slide 2101:56:24
Representative Howard - question - allow drug task force to work drugs, why technical services involved01:57:10
Emerging Trends - Fentanyl - Page 24, slide 2301:58:07
Representative Howard - question - had incidences with contact with Fentanyl01:59:15
Emerging Trends - Fentanyl - Significant SFADTF Case - Page 25, slide 2402:00:09
Internet Crimes against Children - ICAC - Page 26, slide 2502:01:38
Representative Hunhoff - question - working with other groups in SD 02:02:04
Elder Abuse - Page 27, slide 2602:03:12
Elder & Disabled Adult Abuse trend - Page 28, slide 2702:04:34
Officer Involved Shootings - Page 29, slide 2802:04:46
Drug Control Fund - Distributed to Law Enforcement - Page 30, slide 2902:05:34
DNA/Serology - Page 31, slide 3002:06:06
Representative Hunhoff - question - initial funding requested, what kind of outcomes were we anticipating02:06:47
Representative Hunhoff - question - investigations, how many turned over to be criminal proceedings02:06:47
Representative Hunhoff - question - benchmark for turn around02:07:43
2018 CODIS Hits - Page 32, slide 3102:08:29
SAVIN - 2018 - Page 33, slide 2202:09:08
REACH - Respond Educate Advocate Counsel Heal - Page 34, slide 3302:09:46
Senator Greenfield - question - Medicaid Fraud Control, representative of all dollars, Medicaid is a combination of state and federal funds, if the match is returned at same rate - Page 14, slide 1302:10:31
Kay McClain will get info to staff02:12:10
Representative Saba - question - Texting while driving is a misdemeanor, no points taken off driver's license, would it deter the crime if there were points taken off 02:12:25
Representative Hunhoff - question - Medicaid Fraud, break out who the abusers are02:13:48
Representative Gross - question - Consumer protection - where does the enforcement of that kind of law fit in to the AG's scope02:14:23
Representative Gross - question - does it take a formal complaint to initiate02:15:11
Senator White - question - consumer contacts from emails, phone system, is there something we can do to educate or bring other offices in to the consideration02:15:42
Senator White - question - with technology today, would hope someone can work between law enforcement and different agencies to address issues02:18:58
Senator Kolbeck - question - uninsured motorists, serious look to protect those people02:20:04
Senator Kolbeck - question - vehicle carries registration, furnish policy dates to treasurer, is it fraud if wrong info02:22:27
Senator Kolbeck - question - what is the penalty02:23:50
Representative Howard - question - drug control fund, negative balance02:24:16
Representative Howard - question - negative balance in drug control fund, is this an unusual occurrence02:25:21
Senator Partridge - question - drug control fund, revenue generated into funds and allocated out02:25:39
Senator Partridge - question - what is the process to distribute these funds02:27:14
Representative Bartels - question - transfer from local savings to other funds, how much in savings account02:28:33
Representative Bartels - question - maximum on savings account02:29:15
Representative Hunhoff - question - input into budget, governor did not recommend, comments on prioritizing02:29:40
Representative Hunhoff - question - upgrades to equipment on page 14, governor did not support02:31:04
Representative Hunhoff - question - educate this committee on rentals sharing office space with Pennington County02:32:30
Representative Hunhoff - question - feds still supporting02:33:01
Representative Hunhoff - question - describe separate offices then consolidated, give history02:33:37
Representative Hunhoff - question - source of startup dollars, federal or general02:34:47
Representative Howard - question - clarification on page 13 budget brief, elder abuse task force analyst, one prosecutor and one investigator02:35:32
Representative Howard - question - expansion and workload for an additional analyst02:36:05
Representative Howard - question - who's currently handling this02:37:01
Criminal Justice Initiatives, Unified Judicial System, Department of Corrections, Department of Social Services02:38:27
Craig Sattizahn, Unified Judicial System, Juvenile Justice02:38:42
Youth on Probation and Violations Filed - Page 302:39:12
Reasons Discharged from Probation - Page 402:41:28
Recidivism numbers - Page 502:43:15
Senator Partridge - question - is it working, SB73 has worked02:46:05
Senator Partridge - question - overall, subunits working better together02:48:31
Senator Sutton - question - does this include mental health issues and what percentage02:50:26
Juvenile Justice Public Safety Improvement Act, Kristi Bunkers02:51:20
New Admissions - Page 702:51:22
Diversion Fiscal Incentive - Page 802:53:20
Representative Howard - question - what is series numbers and colors02:56:22
Average Length of Stay in Residential Placement - Page 902:56:52
Amount Paid to Providers for DOC Performance Based Contracts - Page 1002:59:55
Aftercare Revocations - Page 1103:01:19
Representative Gross - question - expand in-state paid group care, in-state residential treatment, state facilities, private facilities, what type of arrangements are involved03:03:03
Senator Sutton - question - maximum occupancy in group care03:04:40
Senator Sutton - question - age breakdown by facility03:05:32
Senator Greenfield - question - difference between 2 facilities, Falls Academy and Sequel Transition Academy03:06:21
Senator Greenfield - question - same location03:08:16
Senator Greenfield - question - what is the difference from what we have there and what we had previously out west03:08:34
Juvenile Justice Public Safety Improvement Act, Department of Social Services, Tiffany Wolfgang - Page 1203:10:15
JJRI Services - Page 1303:10:25
Referrals to JJRI Services by Source and Fiscal Year - Page 1403:12:22
Clients Served by Program and Fiscal Year - Page 1503:13:09
Budget Overview - Page 1603:13:38
Key Takeaways - Page 1703:14:50
Representative Gross - question - positive feedback from schools and neighbors03:15:45
Senator White - question - getting along with residential treatment centers, ability to staff and operate03:16:52
Senator White - question - place residents in Our Home in Huron03:17:40
Senator White - question - meeting your expectations as far as treatment, successful effort on both sides03:18:12
Senator White - question - being able to take as many people as you send03:19:15
Senator White - question - expecting a lot of treatment centers, is that two-way street comfortable between state and their expectations03:19:34
Public Safety Improvement Act, Craig Sattizahn03:20:48
Felony probation supervision in the community increased 20 percent since FY 2013 - Page 1903:20:59
Judges deviated from presumptive probation 20 percent of the time in FY 18 - Page 2003:21:42
The number of participants in the HOPE Probation program has grown since FY14 - Page 2103:22:36
Problem Solving Courts - Page 2203:23:23
Senator Partridge - question - do you foresee, or should we go back to look at Senate Bill 7003:24:11
Public Safety Improvement Act, Department of Corrections, Kim Edson - Page 2303:25:54
The prison population is below pre-PSIA 2012 performance goal - Page 2403:26:11
The majority of people entering prison are nonviolent - Page 2503:26:54
Detainments and Community Transition Program admissions are the most common prison admission - Page 2603:28:04
The end of the year standing parole population increased 5.5%, The average agent caseload is increasing, but still below pre-PSIA levels - Page 2703:29:01
Since the passage of the PSIA, parole has discharged a total 9,579 years of unnecessary supervision through earned discharge credits - Page 2803:29:49
Senator Nesiba - question - incarcerated choose treatments03:31:52
Representative Gross - question - norm include everybody03:32:31
Public Safety Improvement Act, Department of Social Services, Tiffany Wolfgang - Page 2903:33:18
Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Substance Abuse (CBISA) - Page 3003:33:20
Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) - Page 3103:34:12
Budget Overview - Page 3203:34:38
Key Takeaways - Page 3303:34:46
Senator Partridge - question - R is Reconation, work for adults and save money03:35:59
Representative Saba - question - how much do you spend on telehealth services03:36:38
Will send info to staff03:36:52
Adjourned - Partridge/Greenfield03:38:04

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