Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2019

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Marcia Hultman, Secretary, Department of Labor and Regulation, gave introductions of staff and an overview of their mission. General Funds - $1,963,362, Federal Funds Expenditure Authority - $30,913,613, Other Funds Expenditure Authority - $12,883,469 with 425.6 FTE's as recommended by the agency00:02:22
Senator Partridge - question - is there a certain group that are not part of program benefits and retirements00:25:30
Representative Saba - question - Nesiba questions, what percentage of unemployed qualify for unemployment benefits, once apply for benefits what requirements must be met00:29:26
Representative Saba - question - rename the process from unemployment to reemployment, is that an initiative that is going on nationally00:31:50
Representative Saba - question - how much will it cost to change the name00:32:56
Secretary Hultman - Second Unemployment Insurance Bill to reduce tax rates for employers00:34:38
Representative Hunhoff - question - estimate relief for taxpayers, reduction of $2.5 million00:36:38
Representative Koth - question - help me understand how board members are selected, do you meet with them 00:39:35
Representative Koth - question - do you feel like that process is currently effective or do you anticipate changes00:42:12
Representative Howard - question - apprenticeship grant, federal dollars, what assurance can you give us when this grant runs out that you won't come to us for money00:43:18
Representative Howard - question - looking for assurance you won't come back for money00:44:50
Representative Hunhoff - question - Grant programs, are grants being successful, do you follow this00:45:23
Representative Hunhoff - question - federal grants are not measurable00:46:12
Senator Cronin - question - insurance and securities division, dealing with provider, can't have certain insurance in certain county00:47:33
Senator Cronin - people moved away because of insurance plan00:49:52
Representative Howard - question - apprenticeship program, average amount of award purposes00:50:34
Representative Howard - question - average size of business that is receiving the grant money 00:50:58
Representative Howard - question - do businesses have to prove they could not afford to do this on their own00:51:29
Senator Kolbeck - question - what is your age on apprenticeship00:52:02
Representative Karr - question - job services, what percentage of jobs listed are available00:52:52
Representative Karr - question - about governor's presentation, how many jobs are listed on your site00:54:31
Representative Karr - question - why are employers coming to job service and listing those positions00:55:00
Representative Hunhoff - question - any programs for reintegration from prison, work fair at Springfield 00:55:57
Representative Hunhoff - question - we only hear about certain groups, what about employable inmates00:57:00
Senator White - question - is there a format for internal control of grants, way of tracking the expectations00:58:10
Senator White - question - is there a format for outside agency grant funds, there are usually expectations and loan agreements00:59:00
Emily Ward, Administrative Services Director - page 6 of budget, apprenticeship grant01:00:22
State labor law administration division - Page 1801:01:26
Board of Barber Examiners, division ended contract - Page 2601:02:08
Cosmetology Commission need additional staffing - Page 3001:02:42
Board of Technical Professions informational budget increase - Page 3701:03:14
Banking Division has increase of 1 FTE - Page 5301:03:44
Representative Howard - question - technical professions, what has the workload been for the increase of one FTE01:04:05
Senator Wiik - Please report answer to staff01:04:48
Representative Hunhoff - question - is it possible to get media contracts and dollar amount to staff01:05:09
Senator Maher - question - workers compensation (corrected to unemployment insurance payments by Emily) quarterly payment, where do I find a line item transfer to Governor's Office of Economic Development01:05:31
Senator Maher - question - is there any accounting mechanism in your budget01:06:46
Senator Maher - question - we should be able to see transfers where it comes in and goes out01:07:15
Senator Maher - question - what page would that be on, Page - 65, cash and investment balance, this will be on a similar page for Economic Development01:08:16
Bureau of information and Telecommunications, Commissioner Pat Snow, made introductions, presented budget and gave an overview with updates, General Funds - $7,285,678, Federal Funds Expenditure Authority - $636,704, Other Funds Expenditure Authority - $49,447,450 with 395.5 FTE's01:10:38
Administration Division, Applications Development, Data Center, SD Public Broadcasting and Telecommunications - Page 201:16:17
FY2018 at a glance, scope of BIT services - Page 301:18:52
Senator Sutton - question - DDOS attacks 01:25:38
Senator Sutton - question - foresee that you have that under control or will there be more 01:26:55
Senator Wiik - question - 1.46 petabytes of storage, do we physically have that much storage01:27:49
Larry Rohrer, South Dakota Public Broadcasting, by phone, provided their scope of services on - Page 401:29:30
FY20 Budget Recommendations, additional 5 FTE's, 3 for K12 Cyber Security and 2 for SDPB Media Specialists - Pages 5, 6, 7, 801:32:32
Representative Koth - question - budgeted FTE's over last 3 years, operating short staff currently, are the agencies you support not getting what they need, items on back burner01:35:49
Senator Partridge - question - on cyber security, if 149 school districts engaged in these services on their own without state help, can you give an estimate on what they would need to secure locally or regionally01:37:58
Senator Wiik - question - media specialist, focused radio or TV or try to work everybody together01:40:26
Senator Wiik - question - looking for new breed of somebody with creative mind to engage people as much as possible01:41:35
Representative Koth - question - that is a snapshot, why wouldn't we have an average, BIT will supply that to staff01:43:53
Budgeted FTE vs Utilized FTE Report - Page 901:44:53
Recruiting and Retention Salary Challenges - Page 1001:45:26
Representative Gross - question - examples of public sector positions01:47:09
Representative Gross - question - other examples01:47:40
Representative Howard - question - why, within state government, would one agency pay more than another if position is similar01:47:55
Senator Nesiba - question - time to look at new model for salaries01:49:20
Senator Nesiba - question - what share of workforce needs to be in Pierre, possible for people to work remotely01:50:47
Jim Edman, Deputy Commissioner and Chief Information Security Officer01:51:38
REED Network Expansion - Page 1101:54:06
Senator Partridge - question - Sanford Underground lab part of this chart as part of BHSU01:56:20
Senator Wiik - question - anyone else connected to the REED network other than the mine and the 6 campuses01:56:50
Senator Wiik - question - is there a map of REED connection, will provide to staff01:57:23
Cyber Security, Business Email Assessment - Page 1201:57:52
Representative Karr - question - regarding phishing exercise, situations where workers are not clicking on legitimate emails02:00:30
Senator Wiik - question - possibility of real messages not getting through02:01:22
Representative Karr - question - repercussions for clicking on phishing email02:02:48
Senator Sutton - question - on average, nationally, how do we compare 02:04:48
Representative Howard - question - how often do you conduct in person training and what is your average attendance02:05:35
Cyber Security - 2016 - 2018 IRS Open Audit Findings - Page 1302:07:49
Senator Partridge - question - give an update on lien engagement that you've been part of02:11:36
Deanne Booth - Development Director, went over handout on Continuous Improvement Program Development02:12:15
Representative Koth - question - as it relates, do agencies appear to be winning that rate, do you give them an estimate, or do they say we have so much02:19:23
Senator Partridge - question - in closing on lien update, getting more done with same amount of people, speaks to the fact you are really working your plan02:20:57
Adjourned - Partridge/Koth02:23:48

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