Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2019

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Introduction of Pages00:02:19
Mr. Kevin Shieffer, Board President, Board of Regents, gave introductory remarks.00:04:00
Stewardship of Public Higher Education in South Dakota - Board of Regents - Page 200:04:26
Mission Statement - Board of Regents - Page 300:04:48
Mr. Schieffer indicated the State of South Dakota is lacking in scholarships to students in need and wants to promote Dakota Promise.00:07:34
Senator Nesiba - question - do the Board of Regents conduct exit interviews to find out why students are leaving the regental system.00:09:28
Dr. Paul Beran, Executive Director of Board of Regents, made The State of Public Higher Education in South Dakota presentation to the Joint Committee on Appropriations.00:11:43
Organizational Structure - Board of Regents - Page 400:14:20
Looking Ahead - Improve student financial aid support, Tailor academic programs to workforce development and business and industry needs and foster educational environments that reflect a broad array of perspectives, which support debate, argument, dissent, and affirmation of differing and diverse opinions, viewpoints, and beliefs. - Page 500:15:05
Dr. Paul Beran, Executive Director, Board of Regents, indicated the State of South Dakota has limited funds for students in financial need. He emphasized the need to promote and fund the Dakota Promise Scholarship Program.00:15:10
65 Percent by 2025 - Board of Regents - Page 600:16:10
Higher Education in South Dakota- Economic Engine - Page 700:17:20
Higher Education in South Dakota - Attracts and generates income, draws new and expanded business, and enhances individual wealth. - Page 800:17:30
Attracts and Generates Income - Higher education brought in $270 million in federal money in FY18. - Page 900:17:45
2016 Study: Economic Impact of the South Dakota Public University System - Page 1000:18:23
Draws New and Expanded Business - Page 1100:18:50
Enhances Individual Wealth - Median Annual Earnings by Education Level - Chart - Median Annual Earnings - Page 1200:18:54
Strengthening South Dakota: Economic, Social, and Human Capital - Page 1300:21:55
Board of Regents' Goals - Student Success - Page 1400:22:40
Programs Fostering On-Time Completion - Page 1500:23:02
Senator Sutton - question - what curriculum are you reducing when credit-hours requirements are reduced from 128 to 120 hours.00:24:45
Representative Peterson - question - what topic areas have been reduced when credit hour requirements changed from 128 credit hours to 120 credit hours.00:25:41
Mr. Jay Perry, Interim System Vice President of Academic Affairs, Board of Regents, responded. 00:26:15
Representative Peterson - question - what areas have reduced academic requirements and what is required in social sciences. Representative Peterson requested additional information.00:28:45
Dual Credit Enrollments - High School Diploma Certificate Enrollments by Semester Type - Year 2014 to Year 2018 - Graph - Page 1600:32:00
Representative Hunhoff - question - how do students determine which dual credit courses to choose and do these credits transfer to all South Dakota regental schools.00:33:00
Senator White - question - what academic requirements are required for high school students to take dual credit courses and are they meeting expectations of higher education.00:34:25
Senator White - question - have dual credit students enrolled in South Dakota regental system and are there statistics to show this increased enrollment.00:35:56
Senator Wiik - question - what is the financial impact on the Regental System when high school students take dual credit courses.00:37:44
Dr. Monte Kramer responded higher education receives $150 less per credit from dual credit students.00:39:17
Improving System Completion - 19% Increase in Total Graduates Since FY11 - Graph - Page 1700:39:45
Projected Growth in High School Graduates 2019 - 2032 - Estimated South Dakota High School Graduates 2019 - 8,522 students and South Dakota High School Graduates are projected to be 10,000 in the year 2032 - Page 18 00:40:50
Math Pathways Project - Failure to pass College Algebra is one of the top barriers to student completion - Page 1900:42:40
Board of Regents' Goals - Academic Quality and Performance - Page 2000:45:03
Responsive Academic Programming - Campus Review, System Review, and Board Review and Approval - Page 2100:45:20
New and Terminated Programs - List - Last three Year - Degrees Added and Terminated Programs - Page 2200:46:20
Board of Regents' Goals - Research and Economic Development - Increase Annual Research and Contract Expenditures - Page 2300:48:57
Filling the Workforce Pipeline - Preparing South Dakotans for Tomorrows Workforce FY18 Chart - Degrees from South Dakota Public Universities - Page 24 00:49:15
Filling the Workforce Pipeline: STEM Graduates - 335 increase since FY13 - Page 2500:50:05
Academic Programming for Workforce Development - Chart - 62% of all bachelor's degrees were awarded in these fields in FY18 - Page 2600:50:30
Workforce Development - Where Do Students Go? - Page 2700:50:46
Research is Job Development - FY18 Job Creation - Faculty Research Efforts - 655.9 FTE - Page 2800:51:46
Governor Research Center - Pie Chart - Research Funding - $322,821,541 - Page 2900:52:19
Governor Research Centers and Economic Development - Page 3000:53:10
Broader Impacts of the Governor Research Centers on University Research - Research Awards in Millions of Dollars - Technology Transfer - Chart - Page 3100:54:03
Research, Education, and Economic Development Network (REED) - Page 3200:55:10
Upgrading REED Network to 100G - Page 3300:55:40
Senator Maher - question - why hasn't east and west river been connected through the REED Network.00:55:45
Dr. Paul Beran, Executive Director, Board of Regents emphasized that the need for a 100 Gigabyte REED Network east to west needs to be addressed. Otherwise, research will be hampered west river.00:56:30
Senator Nesiba - question - what was funded for the REED Network last year.00:56:50
Senator Wiik - question - have there been any conversations with the Sanford Underground Laboratory to hook up with the 100G REED Network.00:58:25
Senator Wiik - question - what is the cost of the REED Network from Pierre to the School of Mines & Technology and the SURF Lab. Mr. Monte Kramer, Board of Regents, responded and will provide additional information in February 2019.00:58:38
Board of Regents' Goals - Affordability and Accountability - Page 3401:01:00
Focus on Efficiencies - A continued focus on efficiency and effectiveness - Page 3501:01:25
Funding Per Student Lowest in Region - FY17 Public Postsecondary Education - Educational Appropriations and Net Tuition Revenue Per FTE - Chart - Page 3601:03:02
State Support Impacts Affordability - FY15 and FY17 Tuition Freezes, supported by the Governor and Legislature, improved affordability for South Dakota Students. - Graph - Page 3701:03:58
Measuring Our Progress - Ensuring Accountability and Transparency - Page 3801:04:22
Representative Hunhoff - question - what type of funding supports higher education (referring to State Support Impacts Affordability Graph - Page 37).01:05:02
Mr. Monte Kramer responded all funding on the State Support Impacts Affordability graph is for teaching and learning. He explained areas such as ag experiment station and co-op extension was not included.01:06:02
Student Affordability - #1 Priority - Thank you for Supporting Tuition Freezes FY15 and FY17 - Page 3901:06:55
Representative Hunhoff - question - what happens to higher education when enrollments decline, and dual credit students aren't paying their fair share.01:08:00
Representative Gross - question - why is room and board more expensive than surrounding states.01:08:35
Affordability Measures Pay Off for Students - Potential Savings of $5,277 - Page 4001:10:22
South Dakota Advantage - Non-resident students in surrounding states - Page 4101:11:25
South Dakota Advantage - December 2018: Board of Regents approved equivalent of in-state, undergraduate tuition rates at public universities for new freshmen and new transfer students - Page 4201:12:57
Representative Hunhoff - question - how many students are required to break even and please describe how the program works.01:13:55
Representative Saba - question - how many foreign students are enrolled in the regental system.01:14:50
Representative Bartels - question - how did you determine how South Dakota Advantage Program will break even and requested break even analysis. Representative Bartels is referring to item 5 on Board Papers.01:16:08
Senator Nesiba - question - has the elimination of out-of-state tuition been considered since this program is so successful and how many students are still the higher non-resident student rate.01:19:11
Representative Saba - introduced foreign visitors who are involved in their local and national governments.01:21:15
South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship - New Recipients and Continuing Recipients - Total of 17,298 recipients over the program's lifetime - Chart - Page 4301:30:00
Overview: Board of Regents FY20 Budget Priorities - Page 4501:31:13
Representative Karr - question - are there any rule changes that will affect the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship. - Page 4301:31:15
Post-Secondary Scholarship - Scholarship Funding Available in FY19 - $284,865 - Page 4401:32:15
Dr. Beran, Executive Director, Board of Regents, emphasized the lack of scholarship funding for students in need. He indicated more funding is needed for programs like Dakota Promise. 01:32:30
Budget Priority: Salary Competitiveness - Page 4601:33:00
Dr. Paul Beran, Executive Director, Board of Regents, indicated faculty salaries in South Dakota trend below regional market and salary policy is an issue. Governor Noem did not include this in her budget.01:33:01
In the Region: Need-Based Funding per Pell Recipient - Chart - Page 4701:33:20
Budget Priority: Dakota's Promise - South Dakota is stuck near bottom nationally for need-based scholarship support since only $229,000 is available. - Page 4801:34:05
Representative Peterson - question - will the Dakota's Promise need-based scholarship have an academic achievement requirement.01:35:55
Representative Peterson - question - should there be an additional academic requirement for students to qualify for Dakota Promise need-based scholarship since funding is limited and increase the chances of success.01:38:50
Representative Gross - question - should there be a stringent academic requirement for the Dakota's Promise Scholarship and questioned provisional acceptance into regental institutions. 01:40:25
Senator Nesiba - question - what is the level of South Dakota student debt compared to students in surrounding states, emphasized the need for Dakota Promise Scholarships, and commented financial need is a top reason why students drop out of the regental system. Senator Nesiba requested additional information how much student debt students have compared to students in surrounding states.01:41:59
Funding New Facilities and Major Renovations - Summary of Investment Since 1997 - Page 4901:43:15
Senator Maher - question - why do we invest in maintenance and repair projects (and gave Scobey Hall at SDSU as an example) and expressed concern why the Board of Regents invests in older buildings when these building are about to be demolished.01:44:20
Representative Peterson - question - is there any salvage value to demolished Board of Regents buildings.01:47:47
Funding University Maintenance & Repair: Academic Facilities - Page 5001:49:35
Funding University Maintenance & Repair: Revenue Facilities - Page 5101:49:50
Board of Regents Action Since Last Year on Maintenance and Repair - Page 5201:50:16
Representative Hunhoff - question - does this new Board of Regents action require university foundations to provide funding and maintenance of all new buildings. The universities will not be able to request additional general funds.01:50:55
Senator Wiik - question - who monitors maintenance and repair of new Board of Regents buildings.01:51:15
Overview: Board of Regents System Request & Office of the Executive Director - Page 5301:51:45
FY20 Board of Regents System Budget Adjustments - Page 5401:51:50
System FTE Utilization - Chart - FY15 to FY20 - Page 5501:53:10
Office of the Executive Director - Board of Regents - Budget Detail - Page 5601:53:42
Office of the Executive Director - Board of Regents - Budgeted Fund Sources - Pie Chart - Page 5701:53:57
Office of the Executive Director - System Support - Board of Regents - Page 5801:54:41
Office of the Executive Director - Board of Regents - The Regents Library Consortium (RLC), formerly known as South Dakota Library Network (SDLN), provides system-wide management of a hosted electronic library. - Page 5901:56:05
Representative Bartels - why wasn't there a budget reduction for the elimination of 5.0 FTE in the Regents Library Consortium (RCL). Representative Bartels requested additional information.01:56:54
Regents Information Systems (RIS) - RIS provides support to the universities and Central Office for all shared software and hardware. - Page 6001:57:59
Enrollment Services Center (ESC) - Page 6102:00:52
Maintenance and Repair (M&R) - Board of Regents - Page 6202:01:42
Representative Howard - question - how do you determine maintenance and repair replacement values for Board of Regents facilities.02:02:00
Scholarships and Grants - Scholarships, Grants, and FY20 Budget Recommendations - Page 6302:03:40
Representative Bartels - question - is the Board of Regents Central Office reviewing other areas to centralize food services, academic affairs, student services, and other areas. 02:05:00
Representative Peterson - question - what are the Board of Regents' plans to be efficient going forward and complimented Dr. Paul Beran for his work.02:07:25
Introduction of Pages02:09:00
Dr. Marge Kaiser, South Dakota School for the Deaf (SDSD) and South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (SDSBVI) made staff introductions. - Page 102:10:19
Ms. Claudeen Hluchy, Finance Office, South Dakota for the Deaf and South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, answered Joint Committee on Appropriations Questions (referred to Pages 78 and 82 of Legislative Research Council Budget Briefing) - Page 202:11:08
Senator Kolbeck - question - does SDSD and SDSBVI receive funding from 15 cent cell phone tax that goes to the hearing-impaired fund.02:13:54
Budget Briefing: Special Schools - FTE Utilization FY17-FY18 by Fund Source - Page 302:14:25
Ms. Hluchy indicated turnover rate for the South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired was 13.45% in FY18 due to 6 fully benefited employees retiring. 02:15:00
Dr. Marge Kaiser, President, SDSD and SDSBVI, talked about struggles of schools to recruit qualified individuals. There is no regental school that trains teachers for School for the Deaf. The school is having difficulty filling positions. Salary policy and replacing retirements are challenges. - Page 402:16:56
Board of Regents Goals - SDBOR Strategic Goal - Student Success, Academic Quality & Performance, and Affordability & Accountability - Page 502:19:45
South Dakota School for The Deaf - Page 602:21:02
Partners in Educational Success - Page 702:21:05
Hearing and Educational Impact - Page 802:21:12
Our School Values - Page 902:22:44
Who We Serve - Page 1002:23:42
Representative Howard - question - should audiology screenings of grade school students be submitted to insurance.02:24:35
Experienced Personnel - Page 1102:26:05
How we Serve South Dakota - Page 1202:27:05
Outreach Consultation and Training - Page 1302:27:24
Critical Skills for Learners who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing - Page 1402:28:30
Summer Program - Half Day Program in Month of July for South Dakota School for the Deaf - Page 1502:29:01
Assessment and Evaluation Services - Audiological Evaluations and Educational Evaluation - Page 1602:29:53
Student and Family Support - Page 1702:30:26
Professional Development and Training - Page 1802:30:52
New Building - Plans have been put on hold and school is reevaluating what they are going to do. - Page 1902:31:20
Representative Hunhoff - question - why are students numbers growing at the School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.02:31:26
South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired - Page 102:31:50
Preparing Students to Step Forward with Confidence and a Vision of Lifetime Learning - Page 202:32:00
Vision and Learning - Page 302:32:05
Our School Values - Page 402:32:50
Who We Serve - Page 502:33:33
Representative Hunhoff - question - is detection increasing for youth who have vision loss and is that why attendance has grown at the South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.02:35:00
Experienced Personnel - Page 602:36:37
How We Serve South Dakota - Page 702:36:47
Expanded Core Curriculum Specific Skills of Blindness - Page 802:37:30
Summer Program - Page 902:38:07
Outreach Consultation - Page 1002:38:23
Student and Family Support - Page 1102:38:50
Assessment and Evaluation Services - Page 1202:39:11
Professional Development and Training - Page 1302:39:35
New Building - Page 1402:40:01
Senator White - question - how many teachers will be needed in South Dakota Special School's curriculum.02:41:40
Senator White - commended Northern State University for new opportunities for teachers to work with blind and visually impaired students.02:42:10
Senator White commended Superintendent Marge Kaiser for her work with the South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.02:45:05
Senator Greenfield - comment - commended South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.02:45:45
2019 Legislative Budget Hearing - South Dakota State University - Page 102:47:35
Dr. Barry Dunn, President, South Dakota State University (SDSU) made opening remarks and introduced staff.02:47:36
Agenda - South Dakota State University - Page 202:48:30
South Dakota State University's Academic Impact - Awarded 41% of the 5,216 undergraduate degrees and baccalaureate majors in Board of Regents system in 2018 - Pie Chart - Page 302:49:14
South Dakota State University's Research & Economic Development Impact - Pie Chart - Page 402:50:30
Representative Hunhoff - question - how is licensing revenue distributed to the professor and the university when their research results in economic development and do you have to get approval how revenue is distributed by the Board of Regents.02:52:40
Operating Budget Authority - South Dakota State University - FY19 Pie Chart - Page 502:55:15
Workforce Profile All SDSU - FY18 FTE Headcount - Page 602:55:59
South Dakota State University - Specific Legislation - HB 1038, SB40, SB43, SB44 - Page 702:58:08
Representative Post - question - will there be a different naming for the Scobey Building.03:00:24
Senator Maher - question - do you have a list of Board of Regents buildings that may be demolished in the next ten years and commented on maintenance and repair waste.03:01:08
Stewardship of State Resources - Board of Regents Measures of Efficiency and South Dakota State University Initiatives - Page 803:04:58
Mr. Dennis Hedge, Vice President Academic Affairs, South Dakota State University, gave overview of academic affairs. 03:05:00
Senator Partridge - question - does your lean consolidation promote efficiencies at South Dakota State University.03:11:37
Representative Koth - question - when does the university receive financial benefit through consolidation of programs at South Dakota State University.03:12:49
Workforce Development and Academic Quality - South Dakota State University - Agriculture and Early Childhood Education and Teacher Education - Page 903:16:40
Representative Gross - question - is precision agriculture a draw to South Dakota State University.03:18:20
Representative Karr - question - how many of the 69 are from out-of-state and requested additional information.03:19:20
Workforce Development and Academic Quality - South Dakota State University - Healthcare - Nursing, Pharmacy, and Medical Laboratory Science - Page 1003:20:41
Representative Hunhoff - question - do your pharmacy graduates go to rural South Dakota and is your medical laboratory science program the only in the State of South Dakota and requested additional information.03:23:20
Workforce Development and Academic Quality - South Dakota State University - Counseling - Page 1103:24:20
Workforce Development and Academic Quality - South Dakota State University - Engineering and Construction Management - Page 1203:25:18
Representative Howard - question - what is the actual engineering pass rate for South Dakota State University.03:25:57
Value and Efficiency - 2018 - 2019 Price of Resident Degree: Five Land Grant Universities Comparison - Page 1303:26:51
Stakeholders Asked SDSU to be a leader in agriculture, meet business needs, create workforce ready, stackable degrees, and certificates, and address healthcare challenges - Page 1403:29:20
Wokini Initiative - Five-year plan to advance American Indian student success - Main Components and Additional Funding Sources - Page 1503:31:15
Representative Saba - question - how will you use the Secretary of Tribal Affairs to enhance your Wokini Initiative and are there any statistics for this program. Representative Saba requested additional information.03:32:40
Senator Maher - question - are you tracking how many Native American students attend SDSU and is the great distance from the reservation a problem.03:34:20
Senator Nesiba - question - other states are competing for Native American Students and is the State of South Dakota doing enough to promote higher education for Native American Students03:34:36
Representative Howard - question - is the school addressing racial relations and do Native American students feel isolated at the institution.03:36:20
Senator Nesiba - question - what would it cost to waive tuition for Native American Students and commented other schools competing for Native American students.03:37:58
Representative Howard - question - how many Native American Student were enrolled in the Wokini Initiative and what was the average scholarship for Native Americans to attend South Dakota State University.03:39:20
We Are in the Business of Creating the Future - Questions and Answers? - Page 16 & 1703:40:21
Senator Maher - question - how are we working with research centers and making it a reality in the marketplace.03:41:26
Representative Saba - question - what is the economic impact of foreign students attending regental schools.03:43:15
SDSU Extension - 2019 Legislative Budget Hearing - Page 1803:46:00
Ms. Carla Trautman, Interim Director of SDSU Extension, gave overview of SDSU Extension Program 03:46:04
Who We Are - SDSU Extension - Page 1903:46:25
Senator Maher - question - are you utilizing local vendors to distribute healthy foods in Native American Communities03:46:35
Creating the Future - Annual 4-H Participation - Page 2003:47:11
Family Outreach - SDSU Extension - Page 2103:48:28
Expanding Tribal Relationships - SDSU Extension - Page 2203:49:32
Senator Maher - question - how are you implementing the SDSU Extension Tribal Relations Program at Cheyenne River and Standing Rock Reservations.03:50:05
Workforce Development - SDSU Extension - 34 certification and training programs - Page 2303:51:33
Representative Hunhoff - question - does the SDSU Extension program partner with other agencies of state government for their programs.03:51:45
Looking Forward - SDSU Extension - Every Acre Counts Initiative and Digital Ambassadors Model - Page 2403:53:35
Questions and Answers? - SDSU Extension - Page 2503:55:22
Senator Maher - question - what is SDSU Extension doing west river since the year 2010.03:55:33
Senator Maher - question - does the SDSU Extension offer food safety instruction.03:57:10
Representative Howard - question - how often does SDSU Extension review priorities and does their mission conflict with other programs.03:58:30
Dr. Bill Gibbons, Interim Experiment Station Director, South Dakota State University Research, gave overview of South Dakota State University Research Facilities. - Page 2604:00:20
Who We Are - South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station - 71.1 FTE and FY19 Budget $39.1M - Page 2704:01:02
What We Do - Agriculture Experiment Station - Grants & Sponsored Program Awards - Chart - Page 28 04:03:00
Capital Infrastructure Update - ADRDL and Raven Precision Agriculture Center - Page 2904:04:01
Creating the Future - SDSU Research - Page 3004:05:10
Senator Maher - question - who from SDSU Research is responsible for the cleanup of the cross fencing for the Antelope Facility.04:11:20
Questions and Answers? - Page 3104:12:13
Adjourn - Partridge/Greenfield04:12:55

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