Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2019

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Mr. Kelly Hepler, Secretary, Department of Game, Fish, and Parks gave an overview of pages 1 - 5 - General Fund - $6,208,568, Federal Fund Expenditure Authority - $24,472,083, Other Fund Expenditure Authority - $60,192,779 with 580.9 FTE's00:03:10
Mr. Chris Peterson, Finance Officer gave the presentation - Page 600:07:07
GFP's FTE & Staffing Summary - Page 700:09:35
General Funds Historical Summary - Page 900:11:51
Senator Partridge - question - on bonds and bond payments, why do the general funds pay the bond payment00:14:28
FY20 General Fund Summary - Page 1000:15:23
Senator Partridge - question - what is the transfer fund00:17:15
FY20 Governor's Recommended Department Budget - Page 11 & 1200:19:23
Representative Koth - question - what percentage or what dollars on bumps in salary00:30:48
Senator Cronin - question - chemicals, fertilizers, weed spray dollars00:31:52
Senator Cronin - question - controlling weeds on your property00:32:55
Senator Cronin - question - $35,000 total gross sales tax00:37:06
Senator Cronin - question - are you raising camping rates00:37:39
Representative Post - question - does that include a tourism tax00:38:16
Division of Administration budget - page 1400:41:48
Mr. Tony Lief, Director of Wildlife - Page 1600:42:23
Wildlife Operations Graph - Page 1700:42:50
Senator Cronin - question - who controls the take line between the Missouri River and the owner00:46:38
Senator Cronin - question - between the take line down, is there weed spraying00:47:37
Senator Cronin - question - when water is down, spray is most important00:49:11
Wildlife Capital Development - Page 1800:53:43
Wildlife Capital Development graph - Page 1900:54:11
Wildlife Development major projects - Page 2000:54:43
Representative Bartels - question - wonderful shooting project near Watertown00:57:07
Senator Cronin - question - on decrease, what is being taken away and why00:58:52
FY2020 Estimated - Page 2101:00:00
Millions of Dollars - Page 2201:00:58
Senator Maher - question - collection fees of credit cards, where has the money gone, please report to staff01:02:19
Senator Maher - question - do those numbers show up in your budget01:04:26
Senator Cronin - question - second century initiative fund, where does the bounty come in01:06:12
Senator Cronin - question - what will go away01:07:17
Senator Cronin - question - decrease in $1.6 million, where did the money come from01:08:23
Senator Cronin - question - clarify back to the balance of the blue bar01:11:35
Representative Bartels - question - can we use that fund for the Governor's Second Century Fund request01:12:56
Representative Bartels - question - we're doing that on a much larger scale01:14:42
Ms. Katie Ceroll - Director of Parks and Recreation - Page 2401:15:17
Parks Operations - Page 2501:16:14
Senator Greenfield - question - camping was down, what are the long-term trends01:17:45
Division of Parks & Recreation Revenue - Page 2601:20:55
Senator Greenfield - question - on revenue page why are bond payments listed01:22:03
Senator Greenfield - question - don't understand how that is a proper accounting function01:23:12
Representative Bartels - question - give me history on why general fund is paying certain amount of salaries01:25:06
Senator Greenfield - question - any idea how much we are subsidizing entrance fees, what is the philosophy01:27:46
Representative Hunhoff - question - where do we find the income from the leases from the park01:30:50
Senator Cronin - question - problems with Oahe downstream01:31:42
Representative Hunhoff - question - how many are for sale and not operating01:32:10
Senator Cronin - question - they make an investment in it, are you trying to find someone, why isn't Oahe Downstream profitable01:32:59
Senator White - question - are they negotiating with GFP or previous concessioner01:35:33
Senator White - question - on purchase price, strictly negotiating with GFP01:36:39
Representative Hunhoff - question - Roy Lake, Spring Creek, what is the status01:38:34
Representative Hunhoff - question - any penalty if they decide they can't operate any more01:39:09
Senator Cronin - question - can we see the original contracts for all, provide to staff01:39:40
Senator Partridge - question - personnel budget, parks and rec department, what do you do to keep and retain, summarize what you are doing on that front01:40:17
Senator Partridge - question - asked about salary and market adjustment01:43:52
Senator Partridge - question - looking at adjustments, what does it mean when it says General Funds01:44:06
Capital Development - Page 2701:45:43
FY20 - Page 2801:46:20
New Developments - Page 2901:46:50
Snowmobile Program - Page 3001:48:14
Snowmobile Trails - Page 3101:48:20
Legion Lake Fire Rehabilitation - Page 3201:48:40
Amendment to Current Year FY19 Budget and Special Appropriations Bills - Page 3301:49:30
Senator Partridge - question - Second Century Initiative on page 37, using people's ideas and giving free fishing or hunting01:51:49
Senator Partridge - question - update on deer licenses01:53:33
Senator Kolbeck - question - follow up on meandered water issue, man hours, time and effort01:55:47
Senator Kolbeck - question - what has been the reaction of the property owners01:57:47
Department of Agriculture, Ms. Kim Vanneman, Secretary, General Funds - $7,641,834, Federal Funds Expenditure Authority - $7,414,280, Other Funds Expenditure Authority - $36,897,182 with 224.9 FTE's02:02:16
Structure - Page 302:04:12
Boards and Commissions - Page 4 & 502:04:33
Mr. Chris Petersen, Finance Officer - Page 602:05:59
Budget Briefing - Page 702:07:35
FTE Summary - Page 802:08:44
Unutilized FTE - Page 902:09:29
FTE break down - Page 1002:11:00
Total budget - Page 1102:11:50
SDDA Budget - Page 1202:12:40
Major Items Summary - Page 1302:13:29
Representative Howard - question - federal dollars can't be used for equipment02:21:29
Administration - Page 1402:22:47
Budget Adjustments - Page 1502:23:14
Budget Adjustments Wildland Fire 0311 - Page 1602:25:43
Representative Hunhoff - question - when did that recommendation come to convert to fire station02:26:30
Representative Hunhoff - question - when did it come up in your budget line that you were using dollars for this project02:27:50
Representative Hunhoff - question - where did you find the dollars for the project for this summer, GFP will provide numbers to staff02:28:48
Senator White - question - what property was vacated to move here02:29:40
Senator White - question - value to moving here02:30:35
Boards, Commissions, and Councils - Page 1702:31:45
Governor Noem Recommendation - Page 1802:32:57
Representative Hunhoff - question - what is the base02:35:30
Representative Hunhoff - question - what are you going to do for damage control02:35:55
Representative Hunhoff - question - resurrecting the bounty program02:37:07
Representative Gross - question - clarify number of people involved02:40:26
Proposed Legislation - Page 1902:42:18
Current Year Budget Amendment - Page 2002:43:47
Emerald Ash Borer - Page 2202:45:20
Representative Hunhoff - question - have a summary of that plan and what they have accomplished, please send to staff02:45:28
Senator Kolbeck - question - predator control, prairie dogs, bring in out of state hunters02:45:54
Representative Howard - question - back to federal grant, how long have we been receiving that grant02:47:29
Representative Howard - question - please provide breakdown to staff02:48:30
State Fair Park - Page 2402:48:56
Senator White - manager of the State Fair introduction, Ms. Peggy Besch02:50:31
Adjourn - White/Nesiba02:51:36

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