Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2019

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Shawnie Rechtenbaugh, Interim Department Secretary of Department of Human Services gave the presentation. General Funds $171,254,845, Federal Funds Expenditure Authority $248,714,877, Other Funds Expenditure Authority - $11,430,187 with 620.4 FTE's.00:03:16
Department of Human Services - Page 300:04:00
DHS Offices & Providers - Page 400:05:04
Right Sizing, Person Centered Practices - Page 500:06:02
Operating Budget - FY20 Recommended Budget - Denise Houlette - Page 600:08:30
General Fund Increase - Page 700:09:21
FY19 - Supplemental Bill - Page 800:10:44
Saba - question - info on $5,000,000 nursing home innovative grants00:16:20
Senator Greenfield - question- how many buildings exist on the Redfield Campus00:17:14
Senator Greenfield - question - money for buildings, access control amount00:17:46
Workforce Information, FTE Utilization, Vacancies - Page 900:19:12
Representative Hunhoff - question - any employees on contract00:20:16
Representative Hunhoff - question - provide to staff breakdown of classifications of staff00:21:22
Senator Sutton - question - biggest reason for vacancies00:21:58
Representative Hunhoff - question - how many direct care hours per resident are you budgeting for, send to staff00:22:56
Representative Saba - question - percentage of employees are representative of clients, data to staff00:23:35
Secretariat, FY20 Total Recommended Budget - Page 10 & 1100:25:00
Representative Howard - question - agency gives $500 for guardianship, income eligibility guidelines, give to staff00:26:06
Division of Developmental Disabilities, Home and Community Based Services - Page 12 & 1300:27:52
Representative Howard - question - explosion of growth of eligibles00:31:42
Representative Howard - question - how did you handle the growth00:35:00
Representative Hunhoff - question - allocating the same provider recommendation for an increase for the companies that are doing case management00:36:06
Representative Hunhoff - question - contracting with others, is the increase that goes to case managers or state contractors00:36:44
FY20 Total Recommended Budget - Page 1400:38:25
Representative Howard - question - total amount in savings we'll see this year00:40:48
Representative Howard - question - any pushback from smaller organizations00:42:17
Representative Hunhoff - question - savings is what the state would have paid00:43:27
FY20 Growth in HCBS Adults - Page 1500:44:26
FY20 Funding Sources - Page 1600:46:28
Representative Howard - question - 4 case management companies, what are you hearing, do they still need certain amount of funds00:46:56
Representative Howard - question - revisit that issue00:49:19
Representative Hunhoff - question - federal government requirements, eligible individuals cannot be out in public, no funds to support00:53:10
Representative Hunhoff - question - time frame for implementation of mandate00:56:06
Senator Partridge - question - Able accounts - are people using them or paying for services00:56:58
Senator Greenfield - question - net increase of 113, account for this, provide additional background on slide 1500:57:52
Senator Greenfield - question - family support, largest number, increase and dollar amount01:02:18
Representative Howard - question - why do you use the annual rate instead of daily01:03:20
SD Developmental Center - Page 1701:05:10
Key Initiatives & Successes, Challenges - Page 1801:06:34
Senator Greenfield - question - number of buildings on campus01:12:00
Senator Greenfield - question - other DOC on campus01:13:26
FY20 Total Recommended Budget for Developmental Center - Page 1901:15:03
FY20 Funding Sources - Page 2001:17:08
Long Term Services & Supports - Page 2101:17:38
Representative Howard - question - expand on Senior Citizen's Center Plans01:19:46
Representative Howard - question - did centers ask for your assistance01:20:52
Programs in Long Term Services & Supports - Page 2201:21:54
Representative Koth - question - Governor talked about providing for regulations that would allow people to stay longer in assisted living01:23:34
Dakota at Home - Page 2301:25:05
Representative Hunhoff - question - where are you on the status of E-board recommendations, provide follow up to staff01:26:30
Representative Hunhoff - question - quality and cost effective01:28:12
Rebalancing Medicaid Expenditures - Page 2401:28:44
FY20 Total Recommended Budget for Long Term Services & Supports - Page 2501:30:32
Representative Howard - question - explain the $4,000,00001:33:26
Representative Howard - question - why didn't you know that when you did your original budget01:34:20
Representative Hunhoff - question - data on private pay and when they end up on Medicaid, send to staff01:34:49
Growth in Waiver Services - Page 2601:36:24
Growth in Nursing Facility Services - Page 2701:37:32
Representative Hunhoff - question - what are you using as a basis for residents01:38:38
Representative Hunhoff - question - just what Medicaid is paying01:39:17
FY Funding Sources for Long Term Services & Supports - Page 2801:39:53
Division of Long-Term Services and Supports FY 20 Funding Sources - Page 2901:40:14
SB147 Year 2 - Assisted Living Rate Methodology - Page 3001:40:39
Representative Peterson - question - rate model used01:45:45
Representative Peterson - question - SB 147, what information is included01:46:40
Representative Peterson - question - what specific areas01:47:33
Representative Peterson - question - how you came up with numbers, what was factored in, provide to staff01:48:12
Representative Bartels - question - total new dollars giving to nursing homes, submit info to staff01:49:18
SB 173 - Nursing Home Innovation Grants - Page 3101:50:45
Representative Howard - question - what has prevented nursing homes from coming up with innovative ideas01:51:10
Representative Howard - question - why aren't they coming up with specific innovative ideas01:51:44
Representative Saba - question - bill at the request of the Governor, utilizing telemedicine into nursing homes01:52:34
Division of Rehabilitation Services Mission Statement - Page 3201:54:14
Program Areas - Page 3301:54:53
FY 20 Total Recommended Budget for Division of Rehabilitation Services - Page 3401:55:52
Budget Request - ADLS Expansion - Page 3501:57:06
FY 20 Funding Sources for Division of Rehabilitation Services - Page 3601:58:16
Division of Service to the Blind & Visually Impaired - Page 3701:59:06
FY20 Total Recommended Budget - Page 3801:59:35
FY 20 Funding Sources - Page 3901:59:50
Representative Gross - question - 12% disability rate compared to national numbers, provide to staff02:00:25
Laura Wilson, Tieszen Memorial Home, Marion, SD, Public Testimony, self 02:02:52
Representative Gross - question - temporary services cost02:10:56
Representative Hunhoff - question - compensation will bring the workforce to your facility02:11:30
Senator Cronin - question - how many patients and what are your fixed costs02:12:18
Senator Cronin - question - between fixed and per-person staffing ratio, fixed cost of keeping facility open02:12:54
Senator Cronin - question - within standards02:14:14
Senator Cronin - question - average daily count02:14:44
Senator Kolbeck - question - maxed out in beds or able to add02:15:13
Representative Saba - question - staff retention rate02:16:11
Representative Howard - question - do surrounding communities contribute02:16:42
Representative Howard - question - you are asking for funds from taxpayers02:17:54
Mark Geak, SDHCA, gave public testimony02:18:52
Representative Howard - question - average to bring you up to, if reimbursed, would private pay come down02:22:34
Representative Hunhoff - question - have the workforce available to meet the need02:23:58
Senator Cronin - question - Medicaid reimbursement, any fault of private nursing homes too02:24:43
Senator Cronin - question - make it clear there have been bad operators in state, not just Medicaid Reimbursement02:26:00
Representative Koth - question - some of the regulations they have to deal with make no sense02:27:15
Representative Bartels - question - take $32 and give me a total shortfall number across the state02:29:09
Representative Post - question - has the blend price changed02:30:02
Senator Cronin - question - what does that make us, forward info to staff02:30:50
Senator White - question - Medicaid level, looking forward, some way to address this issue, work together to make a business base to operate in the future02:32:01
Senator White - question - address the issues up front instead of behind02:34:26
Steve Watkins, CEO, Lifescape presentation, gave Public Testimony02:36:18
Dan Cross, CSP of SD presentation, gave public testimony02:55:38
Representative Howard - question - does insurance cover any services03:01:18
Senator White - question - salary range03:01:58
Senator Cronin - question - SB 147, providers come to Department of Health to discuss costs, what changes have you made 03:03:23
Representative Howard - question - do you do fundraising or why not03:06:22
Julie Kopp, gave public testimony03:08:10
Board of Technical Education, Nick Wendell, introduced leadership, gave overview, General Funds - $29,660,417, Federal Funds Expenditure Authority - $0, Other Funds Expenditure Authority - $182,549 with 2 FTE's03:14:54
Board Members - Page 303:15:53
Technical Institutes - Page 403:15:59
Recent Recognition - Page 503:16:05
By the Numbers - Page 603:16:42
Enrollment - Page 703:16:59
Enrollment goals - Page 803:17:20
Full-Time Equivalent System - Page 903:17:54
FTE by Institution - Page 1003:18:30
Retention System - Page 1103:18:48
Retention by Institution - Page 1203:18:57
Graduate Outcomes - Page 1303:19:30
Graduate Outcomes Details - Page 1403:20:14
Senator Partridge - question - placement rate on page 13, get statement03:21:07
Maintenance & Repair Funding - Page 1503:22:26
Senator White - question - where are you on your M&R03:25:09
Representative Hunhoff - question - graduate outcome03:26:53
Tuition Assistance Program - Page 1603:27:10
Senator Kolbeck - question - how many states are students coming in from, tuition factor, info to staff03:28:18
Senator Kolbeck - question - on tuition and number of students, what is your capacity, students come in from how many states, will provide to staff03:29:17
Representative Koth - question - affordability, financial aide03:32:36
Senator Maher - question - on M&R at Western Dakota Tech03:34:11
Senator Maher - question - confusing date on chart03:36:14
Representative Hunhoff - question - average debt load of student, provide to staff03:36:47
Representative Hunhoff - question - out of state schools comparable03:36:54
Representative Hunhoff - question - provide a listing of what we're comparing too, provide to staff03:37:40
Representative Post - question - data on placement rates and starting salaries, provide to staff03:38:26
Instructor Salary Support - Page 1703:39:10
Representative Koth - question - have we followed through on instructor salaries03:42:42
Representative Koth - question - foundation is not contributing anything03:44:57
Representative Hunhoff - question - for each school, vacancy rate and turn over, provide data to staff03:45:27
Representative Gross - question - how does a tech school credit compare to four-year school credit03:46:22
Representative Gross - question - tech school starting salary higher03:47:58
Senator Sutton - question - unique programs, provide data to staff03:48:15
Senator Nesiba - question - done a tuition by-down for BOR03:48:56
Senator Cronin - question - actual board office of administration, you've hired someone, where is the money going03:49:59
Senator Cronin - question - part of that money, still contract out for the Build Dakota Scholarship03:54:40
Senator Cronin - question - send staff central office budget03:56:06
Representative Hunhoff - question - clerical staff03:56:11
Senator Nesiba question - add performance indicators next year03:56:46
Adjourned - White/Partridge04:01:18

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