Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2019

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Dr. Ben Jones, Interim Secretary, Department of Education, introduced staff, made FY20 budget request as recommended by the Governor and gave department overview.00:02:35
South Dakota Department of Education Presentation - FY20 Budget Hearing - Page 100:03:25
Mission: The South Dakota Department of Education is dedicated to enhancing learning through leadership and service. Vision: All students will leave the K-12 education system college, career and life ready. - Page 200:03:27
State Library Mission: The South Dakota State Library provides leadership for innovation and excellence in libraries and services to state government. State Historical Society Mission: The South Dakota State Historical Society collects, preserves, interprets and promotes the history of the people of South Dakota. - Page 300:05:19
College, Career, and Life Ready - All Students Graduate College, Career, and Life Ready - Page 400:06:32
How do we Accomplish these Goals? - Page 500:07:12
Establish Standards - Content Standards, Certification and Professional Practices, and Accreditation of Schools - Page 600:08:05
Support for Teachers - New funding formula and focus on teacher salaries - Page 700:09:27
South Dakota Average Teacher Salary - FY16 - FY19 - Chart - Page 800:10:03
South Dakota: District Norms Teacher Average Starting/Base Salary - Chart - Page 900:10:57
Teachers: Average Years of Experience School Year 2017-2018 - Pie Chart - Page 1000:11:29
Statewide Mentoring Program - Established as part of 2016 Blue Ribbon Package - Page 1100:12:12
Statewide Mentoring Program - Chart - SY 2016-17, SY 2017-18, SY 2018-19 - Mentors and New Teachers - Page 1200:14:03
National Board Certification and Professional Development Opportunities - Page 1300:14:50
Support for School Leaders - Aspiring School Leaders Event and Principal Leadership Development Program - Page 1400:15:36
Support for Children and Students - Virtual School, Dual Credit, College Readiness Coursework, SDMyLife, School breakfast and lunch programs, and Birth-to-Three Program - Page 1500:16:12
Initiatives - New Graduation Requirements - Approved July 2018 - Base diploma with three endorsements and Flexibility and Engagement - Page 1600:18:46
Secretary Jones referred to Department of Education Handout - South Dakota High School Graduation Requirements00:19:07
Representative Howard - question - why aren't students required to take science and math courses every year during high school.00:19:57
Senator Greenfield - question - would you review what the old graduation versus the new graduation requirements and requested additional information.00:22:56
Senator Greenfield - question - are schools requesting distance learning to help meet needs.00:25:57
Senator Kolbeck - question - are the number of courses required to graduate changed.00:27:00
Representative Howard - question - have we eliminated math common core content and commented common core isn't successful.00:27:20
Representative Hunhoff - question - are students required to take advanced honors courses to qualify for the Opportunity Scholarship.00:32:47
Representative Hunhoff - question - how many courses do technical students need to take to qualify for the Opportunity Scholarship.00:33:13
Representative Howard - question - does the endorsement from the Department of Education have a monetary cost.00:34:05
Representative Karr - question - are students required to choose one of these required paths set out by the Department of Education.00:35:04
Representative Karr expressed concern for students who didn't know what they wanted to do.00:35:15
Representative Howard - question - can students chose a different path to graduate other than the three options and is geometry required.00:36:29
Workforce Education Fund Grants - Provided to districts for Career and Technical Education Programs - Six Grant were award for a total of in FY18 $388,377. - Page 1700:38:00
Representative Howard - question - what budget unit is the Workforce Education Fund Grants.00:38:37
Cultural Empowerment Efforts - Page 1800:39:35
Project AWARE - Five year $8.7M grant from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to address Mental Health - Page 1900:42:00
Representative Howard - question - how will the State of South Dakota fund Project AWARE when the federal grant expires in five years.00:43:30
Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) - Differences: Every Student Succeeds Act replaces No Child Left Behind - Page 2000:45:00
Organizational Chart - Department of Education - Page 2100:49:15
FTE Utilization FY17 and FY18 - Page 2200:50:24
Budgeted FTE History - Graph - Page 2300:50:45
Five Year History of State Aid Fall Enrollment - Chart - Page 2400:50:56
Limited English Proficiency Students - Chart - Page 2500:51:25
Child Count Percent of Overall K-12 Census - Chart - Page 2600:52:45
FY19 Recommended Budget Changes - Page 2700:53:18
Mr. Matt Flett, Director of Finance and Management, Department of Education, presented FY20 budget recommendation as recommended by Governor Noem.00:53:25
FY19 Recommended Budget Changes - 1) State Aid to General Education - Reduction of $6,903,895 since there are 365.4 less students than projected and $4,598,705 higher than expected local property tax effort, 2) Dual Credit - Increase in General Funds $358,742 and $96.67 cost per credit hour plus 3,711 in additional credit hours 3) Project AWARE Increase of $1,532,286 in federal funds expenditure authority and addition of 1.0 FTE - Page 2800:54:47
Representative Howard - question - what is the impact of the 2.5% increase for teacher pay recommended by Governor Noem.00:55:20
Representative Howard - question - what would it take a statute change for the State of South Dakota to increase their portion of contribution to the funding formula00:55:30
Senator Greenfield - question - why the Department of Education child-count is off each year.00:56:37
Representative Howard - question - would you consider reducing the state portion of cost for Dual Credit.01:01:31
Representative Howard - comment - Dual Credit reimbursement policy.01:02:40
FY20 Recommended Budget - Page 2901:03:32
FY20 Recommended Special Appropriations - None - Page 3001:03:39
FY20 Recommended Budget - FY20 Daugaard Recommended - Page 3101:04:01
FY20 Recommended Budget - FY20 Noem Recommended - Page 3201:04:30
FY20 Recommended Budget - FY20 Changes from Daugaard Recommended to Noem Recommended Budget Summary - Page 3301:05:25
FY20 Recommended Budget - Fund Source Breakdown - Pie Chart - Page 3401:06:39
FY20 Recommended Budget - Budget Breakdown - Pie Chart - Page 3501:06:59
FY20 Recommended Budget - FY20 Summary of Noem Recommended Changes from FY19 Budget - Page 3601:07:15
Representative Howard - question - how many kids are participating and what is the cost of the Career Readiness Program and requested additional information.01:08:25
FY20 Recommended Budget - Division of the Secretariat and Division of Finance & Management - Page 3701:09:30
FY20 Recommended Budget - Workforce Education Fund - Page 3801:10:41
Representative Hunhoff - question - where and how much were funded through CTE Grants and requested additional information.01:11:19
FY20 Recommended Budget - Division of Career & Technical Education, Division of Accountability Systems, Division of Educational Services & Support, and Division of Learning & Instructions - Page 4101:11:32
FY20 Recommended Budget - National Board of Certified Teachers and Counselors - Page 3901:11:45
Representative Howard - question - did the Blue-Ribbon Task Force mandate the National Certified Teacher Program and requested additional information01:12:40
FY20 Recommended Budget - Education Resources - Division of Career & Technical Education, Division of Accountability Systems, Division Educational Services & Support, and Division of Learning and Instruction - Page 4001:12:56
Representative Hunhoff - question - would you provide additional information how many teachers have signed up for the Career Readiness Program01:13:00
FY20 Recommended Budget - Education Resources - Continue - Page 4101:13:53
FY20 Recommended Budget - History - Page 4201:14:24
FY20 Recommended Budget - Library Services - Page 4301:14:53
Representative Hunhoff - question - what is the source of other funds under the Department of History and requested additional information.01:15:11
Representative Peterson - question - which division falls under each budget unit in the Department of Education.01:17:24
Representative Peterson - question - why does the State of South Dakota have a central data repository and what is the cost savings to the Department of Education. Representative Peterson requested additional information.01:19:07
Senator Maher - question - why are small schools frustrated with Department of Education Accreditation standards.01:22:45
Senator Maher - comment - His constituents are frustrated with the accreditation process.01:24:00
Senator Partridge - question - could smaller schools use larger schools to share services for administrative and contractual services.01:25:30
Mr. Matt Flett, Department of Education, shared National Board of Certified Teachers participation and costs. Senator Wiik requested information on a sheet of paper. 01:28:15
Senator Partridge - question - the State of South Dakota is paying 60% of State Aid costs to Department of Education and do you think this is fair and appropriate.01:28:58
Secretary Jones said he would check surrounding states to see how much their states fund education and make a comparison.01:30:17
FY20 Recommended Budget - State Aid to General Education - Change from FY19 Budget - State Aid to General Education $9,922,491, Technology in Schools $329,389, and Sparsity $26,805 - Page 4401:30:34
FY20 Recommended Budget - State Aid to General Education - Technology in Schools: 1) $304,389 in General Funds to fund 3 new FTE in BIT to assist school districts with Cyber Security and 2) $25,000 in general funds to cover cost of cyber security video licenses - Page 4501:31:05
Representative Howard - question - has the State of South Dakota been addressing cyber security and are there insurance requirements for the Department of Education.01:32:18
Senator Wiik commented that the Department of Education needs cyber security protection for insurance and the Bureau of Information and Telecommunications will administer safe guards.01:33:27
FY20 Recommended Budget - State Aid to General Education Calculation - Noem Recommended versus Daugaard Recommended - Page 4601:36:35
FY20 Recommended Budget - State Aid to General Education Calculation - Governor Noem's recommendation - Page 4701:40:00
Senator Partridge - question - does the federal money for schools such as Hill City and Rapid City Douglas affect State Aid.01:43:25
Representative Koth - question - how does the wind farm energy tax influence state aid.01:44:40
Senator Partridge - question - what was your interpretation of SB131 to state aid formula.01:47:25
Senator White - question - what are they going to do with wind farm energy taxes and what are the implications.01:49:42
Senator Greenfield - comment - how local economic development and state economic development taxes should be distributed.01:52:00
FY20 Recommended Budget - State Aid to Special Education Calculation - Page 4801:53:19
FY20 Recommended Budget - State Aid to Special Education Calculation - Governor Noem versus Governor Daugaard Recommendations - Page 4901:56:19
Representative Howard - question - why is there a need to go beyond inflation factor for special education.01:57:32
Senator Partridge - question - what is the funding difference overall to education between the 2.3% Governor Daugaard recommendation and the 2.5% Governor Noem recommendation.02:00:17
Representative Howard - question - is there an increase in the mill levy and 02:02:44
Senator Nesiba - question - does the Department of Education support Special Education rebasing bill.02:03:09
Senator Nesiba - question - does the Department of Education support changes to Extraordinary Cost Fund.02:03:34
Senator White - question - is this additional funding enough to address special education needs since autism and other categories have been added.02:06:48
Derek Johnson, Bureau of Finance and Management, explained how the State of South Dakota determines the student head count and how it affects state aid to special education.02:07:00
Senator White - question - is special education funding reviewed annually.02:09:50
Representative Hunhoff - question - how much of the Extraordinary Cost Fund was used and requested additional information.02:10:33
Department of Education - Sparsity Payments - School District List - Page 5002:11:15
Representative Hunhoff - question - what is the enrollment trend for the past 3 years doing in the sparsity school district list. 02:12:20
Representative Koth - question - has the number of School Districts that are on the Sparsity Payment list increasing.02:13:17
Questions - Department of Education - Page 5102:13:50
Representative Peterson - question - how does the Department of Education help individual students.02:14:15
Representative Peterson - question - what can we do to reduce remedial rates in higher education.02:15:50
Senator Partridge - question - how many students are ready for higher education.02:17:30
Representative Peterson - question - does the Department of Education follow the mission of the State Constitution.02:19:30
Representative Gross - question - what is the Department of Education promote excelling students.02:22:15
Representative Gross - question - are dual credit students needing higher education remedial work. 02:24:07
Senator Greenfield - question - how much do these assessments cost for home schooled students.02:24:11
Senator Greenfield - question - how many students are home schooled or attending private school and requested additional information.02:24:59
Senator Greenfield - question - how much do all assessments cost for alternative learning and requested additional information.02:25:31
Senator Greenfield - question - what Senate Bill addresses assessment of home-schooled students.02:28:11
Representative Karr - question - what is the definition of success of the Dual Credit Program and commented this program is almost free and should this money be used to prevent remediation.02:28:50
Senator Sutton - comment - there is a need for more creative thinking in the United States and hopes the Department of Education will address this issue.02:32:48
Introduction of Pages 02:37:20
Adjourn Partridge/Howard02:38:10

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